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KNMB-FM (102.9) - Buz'n 102.9 rebranded as 102.9 The Wolf on December 3, 2018 featuring country music hits from then and now. Here is an aircheck of the start of the new format. - 7 MB

Just recently, iHeart Media introduced "The Wolf" on KEEY 102.1 HD-2. Here is an aircheck of a legal ID. - 1 MB



We have learned that Dave Dworkin, who did afternoons on KQRS in the late 70s and early 80s, has passed away. 


Dave Dworkin - First Show on KQRS - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Dave Dworkin and Hal Hoover - 11 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)  


Dave Dworkin and Heidi Kramer with a music montage for "Election '84" - 5 MB (provided by Jim Schrader)


Tributes to Dave Dworkin on KQRS-FM:  Tom Barnard & John Lassman - 14 MB      Tom Barnard & Wally Walker - 11 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - John Hines broadcasts his final regular show (from the WCCO Radio Broadcast Center at the Minnesota State Fair) on

September 3, 2018 and is joined by many special guests including Bob Berglund, Tom Barnard and others9-10 AM (14 MB) - 10-11 AM  (28 MB) - 11 AM-12 PM (29 MB).


WCCO-FM (1982) - Video

Tim Russell Carl Lensgraf

PM Magazine

WCCO-FM  (1981) - Photo

The Rude Awakening

Tim Russell, Carl Lensgraf

(Provided by Curt Lundgren)


We have learned that Carl Lensgraf, who previously worked at WCCO-FM, WCCO-AM and KSTP-FM (KS95), has passed away.


WYOO-AM: Bill Lake (aka Carl Lensgraf) - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf with Captain Buzz Studley 5MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)



WCCO-FM: "The Rude Awakening" with Tim Russell and Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)


KSTP-FM: Carl Lensgraf and Michael J. Douglas. Plus weather with Karen Filloon and traffic with Art Reeder - #1 17 MB - #2 15 MB



KLBB ceased broadcasting on March 31 as the 3.6 acres of land in Stillwater, which has been the location of the station's radio tower, has been sold.

KLBB-AM (1220) - Stan Turner's final Wolf Brewing All Request Show

broadcast on March 30, 2018  #1   #2  #3  #4  (25-28 MB files)

KSTP-TV Coverage KARE-TV Coverage

KLBB-AM - Final minutes before the station signed-off including an announcement by the owner, Dan Smith -  March 31, 2018 - 5 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - Ray Scott and Grady Alderman Minnesota Vikings play-by-play call of Tommy Kramer's "Hail Mary" pass to Ahmad Rashād resulting in a dramatic win over Cleveland on December 14, 1980 - 1 MB (provided by Steve Aggergaard).

Steve Aggergaard writes:: "As I recall the story, Grady jumped out of his chair and dropped his headset on the press box's floor. The thumping sound you hear is Grady fishing around for his headset while trying to watch the field."



The Following Airchecks are Featured on the Special Postings Page. Check them out!

  • WCCO-AM Severe Weather Coverage (1939 to 1991)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Recordings/Airchecks (1946-1978)
  • WCCO Radio Civil Defense Announcements (1961)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (1968)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1968)
  • Coverage of the Apollo 1 Tragedy (1967)
  • Coverage of the Flights of Apollo 11, 12 & 13 (1969-1970)
  • Coverage of Watergate and the Fall of President Nixon (1973-1974)
  • Coverage of the Vietnam War (1964-(1975)
  • Coverage of the Death of John Lennon (1980)
  • Coverage of the Shooting of President Ronald Reagan (1981)
  • Coverage of the Falklands War (1982)
  • Coverage of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster (1986)
  • Coverage of the Twins World Series Celebrations and Victory Parades (1987 & 1991)
  • Coverage of the Start of Operation Desert Storm (1991)
  • Coverage of 9/11 Attacks (2001) and Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
  • Coverage of 35W Bridge Collapse (2007)
  • Coverage of the Death of Michael Jackson (2009)
  • Coverage of the Tucson Shootings (2011)
  • Coverage of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011)
  • Coverage of the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012)
  • Boston Marathon Bombings (2013)
  • Coverage of the Death of Prince (2016)
  • Election Coverage (2016)
  • Minnehaha Academy Explosion (2017)

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