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WYOO AM/FM (U100 - 980/101.3) - Demo Tape from 1975 featuring Captain Billy, Jerry Brooke, Brother Bob, Rob Sherwood, Chucker Morgan and Steve (U.S.) Steele. - 9 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Listen to an extensive collection of U100 airchecks, from the first day to the last - HERE.



WTCN-AM (1280) "Twin Cities at Night" interviews by Bill Diehl on Sputnik 1 with calls from listeners including one listener playing audio from Sputnik 1 as heard on his shortwave radio. Sputnik 1 audio can be heard about 4:20 into the recording. 5 MB. (provided by Helen Diehl)

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on October 4,1957, orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died, then silently for two more months before falling back into the atmosphere.





REMEMBERING WLOL-FM 99 1/2 - 1981 to 1991

The following new recordings have been provided by Dan Seeman.

  • 1982 Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Pete Thomson, Karen Wang, Brian Acker - 11 MB
  • 1984 Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Bob Lange, Bill Lee, Phil Huston, Paul Douglas, Karen Wong,
  • Buddy Hollis - 19 MB

  • 1985/1986 Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Bob Lange, Buddy Hollis, Paul Douglas, Phil Huston, Karen Wong

    - 5 MB

  • 1988 Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Karen Wong, Jon Drew, Dr. Dave, Denny Shaffer, David Christian, Pam Lewis

    - 14 MB

  • 1989 WLOL Go Twins with John Hines and Bob Berglund - 2 MB
  • 1990 Kick-off of the "New WLOL for the 90s" - 11 MB
  • 1990 Profile - including Mike Miller, Eleanor Mondale, John Hines, Pam Lewis, Jeff St. John, Greg Thunder, Alan Kabel, Kelly Fox - 11 MB
  • 1990 "Vote" Election Spot - 1 MB





  • Jay Philpott - "Hot Hits Countdown"  - 12 MB (provided by Drew Durrigan)
  • Bill Lee's First Show - 12 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)
  • Tac Hammer - 2 MB              
  • Karen Wong - 1 MB (provided by Paul Bergly)
  • Bob Lange- 13 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)
  • John Hines & Bob Berglund Anniversary Show Live at Grandma's Saloon - #1 (8 MB) - #2 (11 MB) (by Troy Woodruff)
  • Countdown '83 with Jay Philpott - counting down the top songs of 1983. Songs 36 to 1 including "Year in Review" segments with Bob Berglund and a New Year's countdown at midnight - 30 MB (provided by Ron Gerber and Eric P.)  



  • John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (30 MB) - #2 (27 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)
  • John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (29 MB) - #2 (22 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)
  • John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (24 MB) - #2 (28 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)
  • John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (21MB) - #2 (12 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)


  • Paul Westby - #1 (14 MB) - #2 (8 MB) (Part 1 provided by Jay Philpott and Part 2 provided by Dan Gulino)
  • David Christian - August 8, 1986 - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


  • Get Me Up Jingle - 1987 Jingle (:60) - 1 MB
  • David Christian with a portion of the "Hot Hits Countdown" from February 1987 - 6 MB (provided by Dave Olson)
  • Dave Thomson with Paul Magers, Paul Douglas, Tom Ryther, Don Shelby - 22 MB (provided by Jim Schrader)
  • John Hines and Bob Berglund - "Kids Day" - 23 MB               
  • Denny Shaffer - 4 MB (provided by C. Vainio)
  • 1987 New Year's Eve Music Montage (edited) - (12/31/1987) This was a popular New Year's feature consisting of music clips through the decades - 28 MB (provided by Jennifer Foxhoven)



  • JJ Fly and Tiffany - 29 MB (provided by Tom Wollenberg)
  • John Hines and Bob Berglund – 4 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)
  • Pam Lewis – 2 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)
  • John Hines and Bob Berglund -  #1 19 MB - #2 22 MB - #3 20 MB - #4 13 MB (provided by John Hines)
  • John Hines & Bob Berglund - 26 MB (provided by Tom Wollenberg)
  • John Hines & Pam Lewis - This aircheck was recorded a few days after the abduction of Jacob Wetterling and includes a message and song for Jacob that many Minnesota radio stations aired at the same time.  23 MB - (provided by Tom Wollenberg)
  • Countdown '89 with Denny Shaffer and John Drew - counting down the top 99 songs of 1989 (scoped) including a New Year's countdown at midnight - Songs 99 to 63 26 MB - Songs 63 to 27 28 MB - Songs 27 to 1 26 MB (provided by Ron Gerber and Eric P.)


  • Jammin' in the 90s  #1 10 MB  -  #2 11 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)




(airchecks provided by Brian Person)

1969 - Alan Stone - Includes KQ Newsbeat with details on Vietnam War demonstrations throughout Minnesota and announcements/commercials

for YES - Emergency Referral Telephone Service, McGoos Bar, The Beatles Abbey Road for $3.99 at Dayton's, The Labor Temple, and Musicland. Plus a brief speech by the Reverend Ralph David Abernathy. - 16 MB

1971 - Alan Stone - Includes a newscast and commercials for the Guthrie Theater, Certs, Rosedale Center, Musicland/The Mamas and

the Papas, Theodore Hamm Company and Coca Cola Midwest Recycling Center, Clairol Long and Silky, Ribnick Furs, People's Record Shop, and International Custom Auto Fair at the Minneapolis Auditorium. - 15 MB

1972 - George Donaldson Fisher - Incudes two newscasts, And a spot for YES - Emergency Referral Telephone Service - 7 MB

1972 - John Fine - Includes commercials for Hansord, Yes and The Eagles at the Minneapolis Armory, Midwest Mountaineering, Pan Am,

Bobby Whitlock, Mr. G, United Stores, The Band: Rock of Ages, Bikeways, Wayne and Ron's Record Store, Slaughterhouse-Five, Orin Thompson Homes and a newscast including Richard Nixon, Goerge McGovern, Watergate, etc.. - 18 MB

1972 - Unidentified Announcer - Includes a newscast and commercials for Argent, One Groveland, Movie: Brother Sun, Sister Moon,

Delmonico’s House of Stereo, Grain Belt Beer, Freedom Electronics, and Certs. - 14 MB

1973 - Randi Kirschbaum - Includes a newscast about Spiro Agnew, Watergate, etc. Plus, commercials for Eveready Batteries, Grain Belt Beer,

Vinegar Joe, Sear Auto and Tires, Dayton's Records and Tapes, and Jeff Beck. - 11 MB

1974 - Alan Stone - Includes Randi Kirschbaum with events news, newscast and commercials for Schlitz Beer, Maplewood Bowl,

Grain Belt Beer, AMC Dealers (Gremlin auto), STP, Bronco Bar, Burnsville Bowl, Movie: Out Time, Minnesota Auto Specialists, Twin City Federal, Dayton's Adventures in Learning Typing Class, 10,000 Auto Parts, and Movie: Italian Graffiti. - 23 MB



On October 1, 1994, KDWB celebrated its 35th anniversary with former and current station personalities.

Watch a 74 minute video of the reunion (click on photo to watch)

KDWB-FM: Airchecks from the 1994 on-air celebration including appearances by: Mark Anderson, True Don Bleu, Chuck Buell,

Lou Buron (General Manager), Bill Dorweiler (Chief Engineer), Paul Hedberg,"Bullet" Bob Lang, Jeff McKee, Donald K. Martin, Don Michaels, Barry McKinna (Barry Siewert), Lou Riegert  (Lou Waters), Domino Rippey, Chris Roberts, Jackson Ross, Rob Sherwood, Sam Sherwood, Mike Sigelman and Bobby Wilde.   

#1 27 MB - #2 21 MB - #3 20 MB - #4 18 MB - #5 24 MB - #6 15 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)



Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969. Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface; Aldrin joined him afterwards. They spent about two and a quarter hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 47.5 pounds of lunar material to bring back to Earth. Command module pilot Michael Collins flew the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon's surface. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21.5 hours on the lunar surface at a site they named Tranquility Base before rejoining Columbia in lunar orbit.

  • July 16, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS Radio - Launch of Apollo 11 with CBS Radio's Reid Collins - 11 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)
  • July 16, 1969 - KSTP-AM / NBC Radio - Coverage of the third stage separation - 8 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)
  • July 20, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS Radio - Moon landing CBS Radio Reid Collins & Stuart Novins - 35 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)
  • July 20, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS Radio - First hourly newscast after coverage of landing - 5 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)
  • July 20, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS Radio - First steps on the moon - Reid Collins & Neil Strawser 10 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)
  • July 21, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS RadioLunar Liftoff - 29 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)
  • July 21, 1969 - Group W Radio - Lunar Liftoff - 3 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)
  • July 24, 1969 - WLOL-AM / Mutual Radio - Return to Earth - 5 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)
  • July 24, 1969 - WCCO-AM / CBS Radio - Splashdown - 16 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)
  • July 24, 1969 - NBC Television (audio) - Splashdown - 19 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)

Find airchecks/coverage of Apollo 1 Tragedy, Apollo 12, and Apollo 13 - HERE


WWTC-AM Airchecks from 1981 Featuring B. J. Crocker

Coca Cola Golden Top 40 Countdown with B. J. Crocker broadcast on July 25, 1981 featuring music from July 25, 1965 

#1  #2 (18-22 MB)

Includes a Mutual Radio newscast and an interview with Jim Donna from the Castaways, plus the following commercials: Coca Cola (Bill Cosby), Shaak Electronics, Dannon Yogurt, Paulson Bumper to Bumper Stores, Dayton's Furniture, Menards, St. Paul's Salute to Rock and Roll, Budget Power, Super America, Visa, Kelloggs, Eagle Mill Restaurant, Kris Kristofferson at Northrup Auditorium, Pioneer Car Stereo, Amoco, Lone Star Beer, Brookdale Shopping Center, Waterbed Gallery, Ultra Brite Toothpaste, NSP and Elko Speedway.

Coca Cola Golden Top 40 Countdown show with B. J. Crocker broadcast on July 11, 1981 featuring music from July 11, 1959 - 12 MB


B. J. Crocker Interviews from 1981 with Paul Revere - Cory Wells - Chubby Checker - Del Shannon - Tommy Roe

B. J. Crocker Demo Tape - 2 MB

B. J. Crocker Show (approximately 1981) - 6 MB

Find more airchecks of B. J. Crocker and WWTC's Golden Rock HERE.



KOLM-AM (Rochester, MN) from 1967 featuring Don Erdman

"The following recordings are from KOLM-AM 1520 in Rochester, MN recorded in 1967 .Back in 1967, KOLM was a quintessential example of what radio once was – Mom and Pop owned, decidedly local, and very much live. They ran a tight show considering their limited resources in a small market. Don Erdman, was one of the first employees taking on the dual roles of announcer and Chief Engineer. He also had a limited role in sales. He was a graduate of Brown Institute for both broadcasting and electronics with an FCC Radiotelephone First-Class Operator License. As engineer he built out the studio and performed routine maintenance at the studio and transmitter. As announcer he did the morning drive as a one-man show including spinning his own records, rip and read news, weather, commercials, and of course announcing." (provided by Peter Erdman)


KOLM-AM Broadcast from February 1967 (duration 13:24) - 18 MB

0:00 Announce: : Local event calendar Don Erdman
0:47 Announce: time and temperature Don Erdman / Jingle: KOLM 1520
1:01 Scoped Music: Melodie d'amour Ray Conniff and his Orchestra and Singers
1:30 Scoped Music: Love is Here and Now You’re Gone The Supremes
1:52 Announce: Cut music short since it is News time! Don Erdman
2:13 Commercial: Blickle Jewelers Agency produced with live tag by Don Erdman
2:44 Intro: News Don Erdman
2:48 News Room: Don Erdman

  • Rochester School Board meeting
  • Rochester Park Board planning for a new community auditorium
  • Norton Hotel fire update
  • Metal studded snow tires
  • Constitutional amendment for Presidential succession
  • Honeywell strike

5:00 PSA: See and be seen Agency produced
5:31 Weather: Feed from Rochester Weather Bureau Jim Anderson
6:12 Announce: current weather conditions Don Erdman
6:34 Jingle: Now back to music…
6:39 Scoped Music: A Single Girl Sandy Posey
6:48 Announce: welcome aboard to the Don Erdman show Don Erdman
7:04 Commercial: Greater Rochester’s Surplus Stores Unknown and Don Erdman
7:35 Announce: tongue-in-cheek thanks to the commercial guys Don Erdman
7:41 Jingle: The tunes are all hits…
7:58 Commercial: Sears Kenmore gas dryers (live read) Don Erdman
8:39 Scoped Music: Lovin’ You Bobby Darin
8:50 Announce: time and temperature Don Erdman
9:03 Commercial: H&R Block Agency with John Cameron Swayze + tag by Don Erdman
10:03 Intro: Quickie Quiz Don Erdman
10:32 Announce: Quickie Quiz contest Don Erdman
10:47 Scoped Music: The Green, Green Grass of Home Tom Jones
10:58 Announce: quiz contest winner Don Erdman
11:28 Commercial: Andy’s Furniture (live read) Don Erdman
12:01 Announce: current weather conditions (with fumble) Don Erdman
12:28 Music: unknown song Les Baxter the Chorus and Orchestra
12:44 Jingle: KOLM 1520
12:55 Announce: temperature Don Erdman
13:01 Promo: Joe Fine Show Agency produced
13:26 Scoped Music: Look What You’ve Done Pozo-Seco Singers

KOLM-AM Collection of 19 Jingles (duration 5:21) - 7 MB

0:00 The four/fore most letters…
0:22 The swingin’ one…
0:36 Stay with us for the news…
0:54 In Rochester…
1:06 The station that really cares…
1:20 From the sunny side of the dial…weather
1:30 If you follow a sport…
1:52 We are your kind of people…
2:18 Now back to music…
2:32 The only way to fly… (jazzy)
2:48 We have amused you…now it’s time to news you…
3:09 Totally informed…Completely entertained…
3:31 KOLM…1520
3:43 No work and all play makes for the perfect blend…
4:03 KOLM…1520
4:12 The tunes are all hits…
4:28 This was a record that was…the station that made it big
4:44 KOLM gets you up, up, up…
5:02 The one with the fun…it’s Don Erdman





The Monkees were in the Twin Cities for a concert and broadcast from KDWB's "Secret City" with a remote from the hotel where the band was staying. Featuring Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones.


The recordings feature candid, silly and serious moments from The Monkees - a wonderful collection of recordings during the two days The Monkees took over the radio station.


August 3, 1967 to 4 am on August 4, 1967: Starting with coverage of the Monkees' airplane arrival at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport followed by Michael, Peter, Micky and Davy broadcasting from "Secret City" playing records, performing a skit, and some candid comments by Micky about criticism concerning the group not playing all instruments in their songs, thoughts about The Beatles, and more. Includes KDWB personalities Charlie Brown, Earl Trout, Tac Hammer, Bobby Davis and newscast by Robert Davis. #1 30 MB - #2 21 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


August 4, 1967 (3:00-6:00 pm): Mostly featuring Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork spinning records with Michael having fun insulting KDWB advertisers including Dayton's and J A Gerber Jewelers and Peter playing the banjo. Includes newscast by Don Miller.    #1 16 MB - #2 23 MB - #3 19 MB - #4 8 MB    (provided by Phil Kitchen and Jeanne Anderson)

Includes commercials for J A Gerber Jewelers, Durkee Seasoned Spices, Ray Conniff "This is My Song" album, Pedwin Shoes, Baskin-Robbins, Preparation H, Heileman Old Style Beer, Minnesota Dragways, NCC Drive-In Theaters, "The Big Mouth" with Jerry Lewis (movie), Dad's Root Beer, Mobile, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Schlitz Beer, Coca Cola (sung by Ray Charles), STP, Summer Blonde Hair Spray, Honda and Hamm's Beer.


KQRS-FM (92.5) - Alan Stone's final day broadcast on January 11, 1980 - 6 MB (provided by David Carlson)

1/13/2019 + 1/16/2019

Coverage of the Disappearance and Location of Jayme Closs

KQRS-FM (92.5) - Coverage of the disappearance of Jayne Closs and the murder of her parents (Oct. 16, 2018) - 3 MB

(provided by Jacob Hammond)


WCCO-AM (830) - Coverage on Jayme Closs including breaking news that she had been located including an interview with

Patty Wetterling (Jan. 10, 2019) and two news conferences (Jan. 11, 2019). - 27 MB


KNOW-FM (91.1) - Coverage on Jayme Closs being located (Jan. 11, 2019) - 2 PM

KQRS-FM (92.5) - Coverage on Jayme Closs being located (Jan. 11, 2019) - 9 MB (provided by Jacob Hammond)





These shows brought in national stars and were attended by thousands of listeners and fans. The Aquatennial shows

originated from the Minneapolis Auditorium and the Winter Carnival show originated from the St. Paul Auditorium.

1949: WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Bob Hope, Arthur Godfrey and Monica Lewis - 14 MB

1950: WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Garry Moore, Eddie Cantor, Janette Davis, Tony Grise and more - 14 MB

1951: WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Ken Murray and more - 7 MB

1953: WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Clellan Card, Victor Borge, George Jessel, The McGuire

Sisters, Jeanne Arland, Tony Grise, Joan Iden, Minneapolis Choraliers, Wally Olson and more.  #1 28 MB  -  #2 35 MB


1954: WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Art Linkletter, Jack Carson, Helen O'Connell, Ramona

Gerhardt, Minneapolis Choraliers, Wally Olson and more.  #1 29 MB - #2 38 MB


1955: WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Bob Crosby (brother of Bing Crosby), Jan Murray

(who was host of the television game show "Dollar A Second"), Guy Mitchell and much more.  #1 22 MB - #2 22 MB


1956: WCCO Winter Carnival Show with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Johnny Carson, Steve Lawrence, Warren Hull

(host of the CBS television show "Strike it Rich") Richard Hayman, Mindy Carson, The Red River Band, Burt Hanson and others.   #1 24 MB  -  #2 30 MB (audio is a bit rough at times due to the poor condition of the transcription records)



The Following Airchecks are Featured on the Special Postings Page. Check them out!

  • WCCO-AM Severe Weather Coverage (1939 to 1991)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Recordings/Airchecks (1946-1978)
  • WCCO Radio Civil Defense Announcements (1961)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (1968)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1968)
  • Coverage of the Apollo 1 Tragedy (1967)
  • Coverage of the Flights of Apollo 11, 12 & 13 (1969-1970)
  • Coverage of Watergate and the Fall of President Nixon (1973-1974)
  • Coverage of the Vietnam War (1964-(1975)
  • Coverage of the Death of John Lennon (1980)
  • Coverage of the Shooting of President Ronald Reagan (1981)
  • Coverage of the Falklands War (1982)
  • Coverage of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster (1986)
  • Coverage of the Twins World Series Celebrations and Victory Parades (1987 & 1991)
  • Coverage of the Start of Operation Desert Storm (1991)
  • Coverage of 9/11 Attacks (2001) and Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
  • Coverage of 35W Bridge Collapse (2007)
  • Coverage of the Death of Michael Jackson (2009)
  • Coverage of the Tucson Shootings (2011)
  • Coverage of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011)
  • Coverage of the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012)
  • Boston Marathon Bombings (2013)
  • Coverage of the Death of Prince (2016)
  • Election Coverage (2016)
  • Minnehaha Academy Explosion (2017)

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