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Current Photo Dave Malmberg

KEEY-FM (102.1) - "The Swing Years" with Dave Malmberg broadcast on May 17, 1980 - 27 MB

(provided by the family of Raymond and Muriel Harrington)

Includes newscasts by Jim West and Tal Bartell. Plus commercials for Wally McCarthy's Lindahl Olds.



KDWB-FM (101.3) - Chris Edmonds profiled in 1982 (provided by Curt Lundgren)

(click on image to view the video)



WCCO-FM (102.9) - Tim Russell and Carl Lensgraf profiled in 1982 on WCCO-TV's PM Magazine (provided by Curt Lundgren)

(click on image to view the video)


On Tuesday night (July 14), Blackout, a one hour documentary on the July 13, 1977 New York City power blackout, will air on PBS. An audio clip from RadioTapes is included in that program. The blackout plunged seven million city residents into darkness. By the time power was restored, stores and businesses had been looted and burned and thousands had been arrested. Blackout airs at 9 pm in the Twin Cities on TPT. Here is a link to the full CBS Radio News audio clip.


WLOL-FM (99.5) 1987 New Year's Eve Music Montage (edited) - (12/31/1987) This was a popular New Year's feature consisting of

music clips through the decades - 28 MB (provided by Jennifer Foxhoven)

Click here for more Music Montage airchecks.


Alan Stone Recent Photo

KQRS AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) - Alan Stone from June 12, 1973 (20 MB)

Includes newscasts and commercials for the Guthrie Theater, Schell's Beer, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Blue Oyster Cult: Tyranny and Mutation album, Grain Belt Beer, and Everynight Shampoo.

List of music played: Yes: And You and I (Live), Taj Mahal: Annie's Lover, Taj Mahal: Happy Just to be Like I am, The Temptations: Masterpiece, Paul McCartney: Live and Let Die, Lighthouse: Sunny Days, Boz Scaggs: Monkey Time, Mike Bloomfield - John Paul Hammond - Dr. John: I Yi Yi, Traffic: You Can All Join In, George Harrison: Don't Let Me Wait Too Long, Faces: Bad 'N' Ruin, Faces: Silicone Grown, Eagles: Twenty-One, Eagles: Out of Control, and Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away.



WLOL-FM (99.5) - David Christian - August 8, 1986 - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Includes commercials for Brainerd International Raceway, California Cooler, Ragstock, Titus MacDuff, A Fine Mess (movie), and Sears,


Recent photo of David Christian posted to the left.


WYOO-AM/FM (U100 - 980 / 101.3) Brother Bob Hall - December 21, 1974 - 5 MB (provided by Mark Hopkins)

Includes commercials for Dynamite (album) from K-Tel, Trident Sugarless Gum, Schick Flexamatic and JC Penney Record Department.

Bob Rivard sent the photos below. When he found the previously posted U100 bus billboard image, he knew he had to have one for his 1977 era HO scale model railroad. Paul reduced the image to exact HO scale. Here it is on his GMC “fishbowl” 4B Johnson-Bryant HO scale bus. 



Randi Kirshbaum taken at her current stations: WCLZ-FM and WPOR-FM in South Portland, ME

KQRS AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) - Randi Kirshbaum from June 10, 1973 (14 MB)

Includes commercials for Pepsi (sung by Ann Duquesnay), The Flame Bar, and Led Zeppelin at the St. Paul Civic Center

List of music played: Jimi Hendrix: Castles Made of Sand, Seals and Crofts: We May Never Pass This Way (Again), Tom Rush: Child's Song, Cat Stevens: On the Road to Find Out, Canned Heat: Framed, Hot Tuna: Hesitation Blues, Doc Watson: Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Mike Bloomfield - John Paul Hammond - Dr. John: Sho Bout to Drive Me Wild, Ten Year After: Woman Trouble, Bonnie Raitt: Since I Fell for You, George Harrison: That is All, Bonnie Koloc: Charmer, The Allman Brothers Band: Don't Want You No More, The Allman Brothers Band: It's Not My Cross to Bear, Led Zeppelin: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away, and Beck & Bogert & Appice: Lady.


KDWB-AM (630) True Don Bleu - June 5, 1976 -14 MB (provided by Bruce Thalhuber)

Includes commercials for Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo, Schaak Electronics, Dayton's, Coppertone, Pepsi, Schlitz Beer, Sun In, Mudd, Minnesota Dragways, H. Salt Fish & Chips, Spokes and Sports, and White Castle.


KDWB-AM (630) - Bill Gardner (his final show) - December 14, 1973 - #1 16 MB -  #2 12 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes Michael J. Douglas with Weatherball weather and newscast. In addition, commercials for Jim Croce - I Got A Name (album), JC Penney, Beneficial Finance, Neil Diamond: Jonathan Livingston Seagull (album), Listerex, Dial Finance, Isabel Rosé Wine, Northwestern Banks, Surdyk's, Delmonico's House of Stereo, and Genie Garage Door Opener. 




Read more about the May 6, 1965
tornado outbreak - click here

1965 Tornado Coverage Scoped Highlights:  #1 10 MB#2 10 MB

WCCO Radio staff covering the 1965 tornado. Left to Right : Dick Chapman (anchorman), Bob Tibbitts (newsman), Charlie Boone (announcer) and Rob Brown (public service department who took calls). WCCO Radio received numerous awards for their coverage and credited with saving many lives.

Fifty years ago on May 6, 1965, the worst tornadoes in Twin Cities history struck the western and northern metro area. There were five tornadoes in the metro area, with another tornado just to the west in Sibley and McLeod Counties. Four of the tornadoes were rated F4 on the Fujita Scale, one was an F3 and another was an F2. There hasn't been a day since in Minnesota when there were four F4 tornadoes in a single day. Thirteen people were killed and 683 were injured.

Listen to five hours of continuous and dramatic coverage below!

WCCO-AM (830) – Coverage of the Twin Cities tornado outbreak from 7:10 pm to 12:12 am with Charlie Boone, Dick Chapman, Chuck Lilligren and others: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - #9  (mp3 files range 21 to 40 MB)


KSTP-FM (94.5 - KS95) Pat McKeever - August 8, 1986 - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Includes commercials for The Connection, Canterbury Downs, United Stores., and Primary Mental Health Care.


Photo credit: Twin Cities Radio People (Past and Present)

KQRS AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) - Brian McNee from June 9, 1973. 23 MB

Also includes Randi Kirshbaum providing a list of “what’s going on” events at the end of the recording. 


Commercials: Dayton’s Super Sound Sale, Grain Belt Beer, Schell’s Beer, Schell’s Beer, Everynight Shampoo, Sons of Champlin - Welcome to the Dance (album), Northwestern Bell, Guthrie Theater, Delmonico’s House of Stereo, Grain Belt Beer, and Jethro Tull at the Met Sports Center (tickets $4.50/$5.50/$6.50).

List of music played: Taj Mahal: Going Up to the Country Paint My Mailbox Blue, Paul McCartney: Medley – Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands Of Love/Power Cut, Traffic: Rock ‘N’ Roll Stew, Rick Bloomfield & John Paul Hammond & Dr. John: Last Night, Seals and Crofts: We May Never Pass This Way (Again), John Prine: Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore, Cat Stevens: Heard Headed Woman, William Russo / Corky Siegel / Seiji Ozawa and the San Francisco Symphony: Russo Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony, Tom Rush: Kids These Days, and Peter Frampton: All Night Long.


KDWB AM/FM (630 / 101.3) True Don Bleu - 1976 - 8 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Rudy Luther's Hansord Pontiac, Ronco's "I Love Music" album, Froggies Family Restaurant, WCCO-TV The Scene Tonight, Texas Sweet Grapefruit and Midwest Federal.


WAYL-FM (93.7) - Beautiful Music format with Dan Davies - June 30, 1988 - 7 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Though WAYL-FM Beautiful Music has been gone for many years (format dropped in 1988), it appears that the WAYL-mobile, which was used in parades and public events, is still around (see photo), at least as of a year or two ago.

Includes commercials for K-Mart Photo Finishing, Buck's Unpainted Furniture, Rainbow Foods, Health East, and Sears.


KQRS AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) - Dan Pothier from June 9, 1973 (29 mb)

At this time, KQRS featured a freeform rock format.    (Note: Announcer last name has been updated/corrected since original posting.)

Features newscasts including Earth News and Zodiac News and commercials for Everynight Shampoo, Bar Lee Liquors (?), Blue Oyster Cult: Tyranny and Mutation album, Montgomery Ward: “Bloodshot” album by J. Geils Band, Bachman Turner Overdrive (album), Led Zeppelin at the St. Paul Civic Center (tickets: $5.50/$6.00), Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Bikeways, Dulonos Pizza, Schlitz Beer (sung by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition), The Store Front, Montgomery Ward: “Down the Load” album with Stephen Stills and Manassas, Electric Fetus, and Schmitt Beer.

List of music played: Sons of Champlin: Welcome to the Dance, Jesse Ed Davis: Keep Me Comin', Uriah Heep: Tales, Neil Young: Old Man, Jefferson Airplane: Ballad of the Chrome Nun, Steely Dan: Reelin’ in the Years, Chris Youlden: Standing on the Corner, Lou Reed: Lisa Says, David Bowie: Let’s Spend the Night Together, Carly Simon: Waited So Long, Joy of Cooking: Honey Let’s Have Some Fun, Bob Seger: Stealer, Derek and the Dominos: Got to Get Better in a Little While, Bruce Springsteen: It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City, Eddie Matal: Old New Hampshire (?), Chicago: A Hit by Varese, King Curtis: Memphis Soul Stew (Live @ Fillmore West), Bachman Turner Overdrive: Don’t Get Yourself in Trouble, and Elton John: Have Mercy on the Criminal.


Find more WLOL-FM / Hines & Berglund airchecks at the


WLOL-FM (99.5) - John Hines and Bob Berglund (and Roger, too) Airchecks - all provided by Troy Woodruff

  • September 1983 / H&B Anniversary Show Live at Grandma's Saloon - #1 (8 MB) - #2 (11 MB)

Includes Karen Wong (at the studio) and commercials for Powers (JR Style), Twin Cities Olds Dealers, Eddie and the Cruisers (movie), Gregory's Bar, Powers (JR Style), Circus Entertainment Centers, Rapid Oil Change, Great Luggage, and Country Stores.


  • April 24,1984 (24 MB)

    Includes newscast with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, traffic with John Lundell, "Up Your News" feature, Breakfast Quiz,

    and commercials for Arby's, Zantigo, Budget Power, Dayton's/Levi Jeans and Chrysler.


  • January 4, 1985 - #1 (30 MB) - #2 (27 MB)

Includes newscast with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, traffic with John Lundell, "Up Your News" feature, Breakfast Quiz,

and commercials for Minnesota Strikers, JC Penney, Bermans, Giants Ridge, Chrysler, WCCO-TV 10 PM Report, Indian Head, Tom Thumb, Highland Hills, Dodge of Burnsville, Budget Power, Dial Lawyers and Hopkins Dodge.


  • January 7, 1985 - #1 (29 MB) - #2 (22 MB)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, "Up Your News" feature and commercials for Michigan Travel Bureau, Learning Tree, Twin City Tours, Burnsville Dodge, Burnsville Sports Center, Tom Thumb, Minnesota Strikers, KITN-TV (channel 29), WCCO-TV 10 PM Report, Giants Ridge, Budget Power, Nexxus Shampoo, and Dial Lawyers.

  • May 16, 1985 - #1 (24 MB) - #2 (28 MB)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, "Up Your News" feature and commercials for Minnesota Beef Council, Valleyfair, OJ Orange Juice, Burnsville Sports Center, Big Wheel Rossi, Nautilus Swim and Fitness Center, The Connection, Levitz Furniture, Sea & Ski, Nair, Audio King, Coca Cola, Plywood Minnesota and News 11.


  • October 16, 1985 - #1 (21MB) - #2 (12 MB)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, traffic with John Lundell, weather with Paul Douglas, "Ask Hines & Berglund," and commercials for Minnesota Beef Council, Royal Nissan, Northland Divers, KITN-TV, Precision Tune and Main Motors.


WLOL-FM music surveys below provided by Kirk Morgan:






























































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