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WCCO Radio personality, Dick Chapman, passed away away after an extended illness. During his 37-year tenure at WCCO Radio, he broke and reported on a number of big stories, including the 1965 tornado in Fridley (aircheck posted below). He is also well know for hosting one of 'CCO's most remembered shows from the 1960s, Honest to Goodness (a sample of shows also posted below).


December 5, 1963: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman 13MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

February 15, 1964 : Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

November 30, 1964: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 28 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

December 28, 1964: Dick Chapman &  Charlie Boone - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

January 11, 1965: Dick Chapman & Charlie Boone - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

January 23, 1965: Dick Chapman & Charlie Boone - 59 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

April 19, 1965: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

May 1965: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 23 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

November 3, 1965: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

November 15, 1965: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

November 30, 1965: Dick Chapman & Charlie Boone - 51 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

December 28, 1965: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 8 MB (provided by Larry Haeg, Jr.)

January 12, 1966: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 56 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

March 22, 1966: Dick Chapman & Randy Merriman - 55 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

December 1, 1966: Dick Chapman & Bob DeHaven - 51 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

February 26, 1967: Dick Chapman & Bob DeHaven - 51 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury)

Some of the above airchecks may have incorrect dates listed (taken from the tape or transcription record label). If you discover that any of the dates are wrong, please contact us. Thank you to those who have notified us.


Dick Chapman, Charlie Boone and others. (mp3 files range from 21 to 40 MB)

#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - #9

  • 1965 tornado coverage scoped highlights -  #1 10 MB#2 10 MB
  • Read more about the tornado outbreak - click here


WCCO-AM (830) - CBS Radio coverage of Super Bowl I (opening and closing). The First AFL-NFL World Championship

Game in professional football was played on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The National Football League champion Green Bay Packers defeated the American Football League champion Kansas City Chiefs by the score of 35–10. Audio quality is poor, but we thought this would still be of interest. - 8 MB




KTWN-FM (96.3) - Start of new format, Go 96.3. (1/5/2015) - 4 MB

12/29/2014 (Updated 1/5/2015)


Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Joyce Lamont Hall of Fame Page

Star Tribune Article

Star Tribune Obituary

Minnesota Public Radio Article

Pioneer Press Article

WCCO 4 Report/Article

KARE 11 Report/Article

KLBB-AM (1220) - Above tribute hosted by Reed Hagen - 1/5/2015  #1  #2 (40 MB each)


Joyce Lamont passed away on December 28, 2014.

Joyce Lamont received as many as 10,000 letters a month, more than any other broadcaster at WCCO Minneapolis/Saint Paul, even though when she started she was not allowed to say her name on the air. Her career began in 1950, on the other side of the microphone. As WCCO's continuity director, she wrote copy for others to read on the air. Pressed into service as a substitute host on the air, she eventually became the voice of "Dayton's Musical Chimes" and other programs, sharing news, music, recipes, community events, and travel notes with the radio audience, and becoming one of the best loved personalities on the most successful station in the region. In her more than fifty years in broadcasting, she has been like a part of the family for millions of listeners throughout the Midwest, and a role model for women in the industry. She has worked with many of the best known personalities in Minnesota broadcasting, and rejoined some of her old colleagues when she moved to KLBB Minneapolis/Saint Paul in 1989. (from the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website)


Broadcast Date


First Bank Notes with Joyce Lamont and Ed Viehman - 4 MB - Recording is scratchy

October 1985

Joyce with "Special Events News"  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  - cuts range 1 to 2 MB (provided by David Ocar)

October 1985

Joyce reading Oreck Vacuum Commercial - 1 MB each (provided by David Ocar)

October 1986

Joyce Lamont and Paul Stagg with "Special Events News" - 10 MB (provided by David Ocar)


Joyce's Final Day on WCCO Radio - 13 MB


Joyce Lamont - WCCO Radio 80th Anniversary Appearance  - 10 MB


Joyce Lamont Montage - 2 MB







(Joyce & Jergen Nash)






Photos provided by

Paul Bergly


WCCO-AM (830) - As heard on WCCO Radio, CBS Radio live coverage of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler's speech from

Berlin Sportspalats before 15,000 cheering attendees demanding that Czechoslovakia hand over Sudeten territory to Germany as broadcast on September 29, 1938. Includes translation and analysis by H.V. Kaltenborn, a brief speech segment by Joseph Goebbels, and a WCCO Radio station ID during part six. This recently discovered historical recording is one of the most complete of this speech known. #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6 (mp3 files from 14-16 MB) (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)

In honor of those who perished during WWII, here is a link to the United States Holocaust Memoriam Museum.






WYOO AM/FM (U100 980 / 101.3) Halloween Special with Rob Sherwood and US Steele - 1974 - 7 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)


Gregg Powers, Grace Lorenzi, Pete Thomson

KFMX-FM 1979


We have learned that Grace Lorenzi has passed away. Grace was with Disco 104 KFMX-FM where she did morning drive, and with partner Kelly Loring (a.k.a. Cyn Bolsta) was one the first female duos in that daypart in Minneapolis/St. Paul and possibly the country. She later worked at Metro Traffic Control as a market wide traffic reporter appearing on several stations and later exclusively as an air personality on KS95 (KSTP-FM).

KFMX-FM (104.1) Grace Lorenzi - Jan 1979 - 1 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

KFMX-FM (104.1) Grace Lorenzi, Pete Thomson at Payne Reliever

remote broadcast 1979 - 2 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

KFMX-FM (104.1) Grace Lorenzi - February 1, 1980 - 4 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

Michael J. Douglas, Grace Lorenzi, Chuck Knapp - KS95 (KSTP-FM)


Pat McKay


WYOO-AM/FM - U100 (980 / 101.3) - "Great Record Battle" with Pat McKay (1974) - 7 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes newscast plus commercials for Knights Formal Wear and Triangle Bar.


Donovan & John Lennon

Donovan & Kirby Puckett


Dan Donovan (Blaine Harvey) passed away following a massive heart attack on August 31.

Born in Philadelphia, Donovan got interested in radio growing up in Gettysburg, PA. He began his career there at WGET, later moving to WSBA in York, PA. After studying journalism at Penn State, he moved on to WICE Radio in Providence, RI, in the early 1960s. He then moved to WMEX in Boston and WCBM in Baltimore before beginning a ten-year run at WFIL AM in Philadelphia. Donovan came to KS95 FM in the Twin Cities in 1979, and joined KOOL 108 FM in 1991, bringing the enthusiasm and style that have made him one of the region’s best known and best loved DJs to his popular afternoon drive and Sunday oldies shows. Donovan was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2006. (Above text and photos courtesy Pavek Museum of Broadcasting).


Dan Donovan - (WMEX-AM/Boston, WFIL-AM/Philadelphia, KSTP-FM/Twin Cities, KQQL-FM/Twin Cities) - 3 MB

(provided by Curt Copeland)


WMEX-AM (Boston, MA)

Dan Donovan - 1966 - 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


WSBA-AM (York, PA)

Dan Donovan - 6/14/1967 - 10 MB (provided by Scott Lowe/Matt Seinberg)


WFIL-AM (Philadelphia, PA)

Dan Donovan - 1971 - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

Dan Donovan - Donovan (Aug. 71) + Jim O'Brien crossplug (Feb. 1976) - 3 MB

(provided by Jay Philpott)

Dan Donovan - 1971 - 2 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

Dan Donovan - 1/25/1977 - 5 MB (provided by Scott Lowe/Matt Seinberg)

Dan Donovan - 9/9/1977 - 14 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)



Dan Donovan - 1/14/1983 - 5 MB (provided by Paul Bergly)

Dan Donovan - October 1985 - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)



Dan Donovan - 1998 - 9 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Dan Donovan - 1999 - <1 MB (provided by Curt Copeland)

Dan Donovan - 2006 - 3 MB (provided by Caleb Hanson)

Dan Donovan Tribute/Outtakes for a KQQL holiday party that never aired -

produced by Curt Copeland and Lee Michaels (they wish to stress that Dan loved this montage of his work). Contains adult language. 4 MB (from Jay Philpott)



Dan Donovan tribute video

produced by Dan Riggs


Obituary: Star Tribune

Donovan (left) MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame with Chuck Knapp



File sizes listed next to the airchecks are approximate and have been rounded.


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