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We have learned that Dave Dworkin, who did afternoons on KQRS in the late 70s and early 80s, has passed away. 


Dave Dworkin - First Show on KQRS - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Dave Dworkin and Hal Hoover - 11 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)  


Dave Dworkin and Heidi Kramer with a music montage for "Election '84" - 5 MB (provided by Jim Schrader)


Tributes to Dave Dworkin on KQRS-FM:  Tom Barnard & John Lassman - 14 MB      Tom Barnard & Wally Walker - 11 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - John Hines broadcasts his final regular show (from the WCCO Radio Broadcast Center at the Minnesota State Fair) on

September 3, 2018 and is joined by many special guests including Bob Berglund, Tom Barnard and others9-10 AM (14 MB) - 10-11 AM  (28 MB) - 11 AM-12 PM (29 MB).


WCCO-FM (1982) - Video

Tim Russell Carl Lensgraf

PM Magazine

WCCO-FM  (1981) - Photo

The Rude Awakening

Tim Russell, Carl Lensgraf

(Provided by Curt Lundgren)


We have learned that Carl Lensgraf, who previously worked at WCCO-FM, WCCO-AM and KSTP-FM (KS95), has passed away.


WYOO-AM: Bill Lake (aka Carl Lensgraf) - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf with Captain Buzz Studley 5MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)



WCCO-FM: "The Rude Awakening" with Tim Russell and Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)


KSTP-FM: Carl Lensgraf and Michael J. Douglas. Plus weather with Karen Filloon and traffic with Art Reeder - #1 17 MB - #2 15 MB



KLBB ceased broadcasting on March 31 as the 3.6 acres of land in Stillwater, which has been the location of the station's radio tower, has been sold.

KLBB-AM (1220) - Stan Turner's final Wolf Brewing All Request Show

broadcast on March 30, 2018  #1   #2  #3  #4  (25-28 MB files)

KSTP-TV Coverage KARE-TV Coverage

KLBB-AM - Final minutes before the station signed-off including an announcement by the owner, Dan Smith -  March 31, 2018 - 5 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - Ray Scott and Grady Alderman Minnesota Vikings play-by-play call of Tommy Kramer's "Hail Mary" pass to Ahmad Rashād resulting in a dramatic win over Cleveland on December 14, 1980 - 1 MB (provided by Steve Aggergaard).

Steve Aggergaard writes:: "As I recall the story, Grady jumped out of his chair and dropped his headset on the press box's floor. The thumping sound you hear is Grady fishing around for his headset while trying to watch the field."


With the false alarm of a missile heading to Hawaii that took place on January 13, 2018, we are reminded of the Big EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) mistake that took place in 1971.

WCCO-AM (830) - EBS False Alarm - A rare recording - as it sounded on WCCO during the Howard Viken Show on February 20, 1971 with follow-up reports and coverage on 'CCO Radio and CBS Radio. See below for more details. - 6 MB

WOWO-AM (1190 Fort Wayne, IN) EBS False Alarm - February 20, 1971  (courtesy of the History of WOWO)

On the morning of Saturday, February 20, 1971, Wayland S. Eberhardt, a civilian teletype operator, was going about his routine duties at the National Emergency Warning Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. One of the functions of “the Mountain” during this era was to send out the weekly Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) test directive to the nation’s radio and television stations. They were also responsible for sending out the real warning. When stations received these messages they compared it against a card to determine what action to take. At 7:33 a.m. local time on that fateful Saturday, Mr. Eberhardt, a fifteen-year veteran of his job, fed the wrong tape into the transmitter. He was later quoted by the New York Times as saying “I can’t imagine how the hell I did it.Text source.


Below are breaking news airchecks of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings as heard on WCCO Radio. Twenty children between six and seven years old and six adult staff members were fatally shot. These recordings are very difficult to listen to, which is why they were not previously posted. Due to many requests, and for historical purposes, they are posted below. President Obama's news conference can be heard near the end of audio segment #3.

WCCO-AM (830) - WCCO and CBS breaking news coverage of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.  #1  #2  #3  #4  (mp3 file sizes between 26 to 29 MB)



WDGY-AM (1130) - Bill Diehl Show from January 6, 1958 - 9 MB (provided by Helen Diehl and Tom Oszman

of TCMediaNow)

Includes commercials for Hi-Spot Lemon Soda from Canada Dry, Dodge Dealers and Red Devil Soot Remover.

A wonderful tribute to Bill Diehl has been posted on RadioTapes' Facebook page by Richard Bann.



It is with sadness that we report the death of former WCCO Radio personality and farm director, Chuck Lilligren. Chuck passed away on November 3, 2017. Chuck’s career included nearly 24 years at WCCO-AM as their Farm Director. Afterwards, Chuck worked at KSTP-AM and KLBB-AM.

WCCO-AM (830) - Chuck Lilligren with the Pioneer Seed Spotlight, live from Farm City Day broadcast in

Hutchinson, MN on November 22, 1982 - 5 MB

WCCO-AM (830) - Complete Farm City Day broadcast from Hutchinson, MN on November 22, 1982

including Chuck Lilligren, Roger Erickson, Curt Zimmerman, Bill Endersen, Dean Spratt, Denny Long, Joyce Lamont, Ray Christensen and others including #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6  (mp3 files range 21-28 MB)


WCCO-AM (830) - Morning show with Chuck Lilligren on Feb. 2, 1984 -13 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)

WCCO-AM (830) - Weather report with Chuck Lilligren - Undated -1 MB

Lilligren and Jimmy Carter


Chuck Lilligren Obituary (Star Tribune)



Reports on Roger Erickson's passing on

WCCO-TV: 5 am, Noon,

5 pm, 6 pm & 10 pm newscasts - 10/31/2017

Reports on Roger Erickson's passing on KARE-TV:

11 am, 4 pm & 5 pm



Reports on Roger Erickson's passing on

KMSP-TV FOX 9: 5:30 pm & 6 pm newscasts - 10/31/2017

Story on Roger Erickson's passing

TPT Almanac


Roger Erickson - 1998

"This is Your Life" video

Roger Erickson school closings WCCO-TV 1/18/96

(rough video quality)

KARE-TV WCCO-TV KSTP Roger Erickson retires 1988

Roger Erickson interviews

his pig, Sheldon - 2004

WCCO-AM - 2009

Aired on TPT Almanac

Boone/ Erickson - 50 yrs

WCCO-AM - 1994

Good Morning Show 1994 Roger Erickson - KMSP-TV


Aired on KARE-TV


wcco-am - may 1987 - kare-tv copy.jpg


Aired on KARE-TV



WCCO-AM - 1984

Aired on WCCO-TV

60 Years Strong



Aired on KARE-TV

Boone & Erickson - 1987


Roger Erickson Profile on the

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website

Roger Erickson Obituary (Star Tribune)

WCCO-AM Article on Roger's Passing

Star Tribune Article on Roger's Passing

Pioneer Press Article on Roger's Passing

Minnesota Public Radio Article


Boone and Erickson

Minneapolis Tribune in 1981



It is with sadness that we report the death of former WCCO Radio personality, Roger Erickson. Roger passed away on October 29, 2017.

The man who made school closing announcements an art form, Roger Erickson may be best remembered as a member of one of the most successful partnerships in Minnesota radio. He grew up on a farm near Winthrop and studied speech and theater at the University of Minnesota, where he appeared in productions such as Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and wrote and produced programs for in-school listening at the university station, KUOM. He joined WAVN Stillwater in 1951, served two years in the US Army, returned to WAVN, and moved to WCCO-AM in 1959, serving as an announcer, and also appearing as "Bozo the Clown" on WCCO-TV. For many years listeners woke up with his 5:00 AM program. In 1961 he hosted an afternoon show airing just before Charlie Boone's program. The two began to chat and trade jokes on each other's shows, and a great radio team was born. "Boone and Erickson" was a perfect vehicle for his storytelling, acting, and writing talents, and for many years was one of the most popular programs in the region. After years of getting up before 4:00 AM, Roger retired in 1998, but remained active in numerous community activities and events. (Roger Erickson tribute courtesy of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting).

Services have been set for longtime WCCO Radio personality Roger Erickson, who died at age 89.His daughter, Tracy Anderson, says his memorial service will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 10, at the Lafayette Club in Orono. She expects people who worked with him will be speaking. It will be open to the public. Erickson died of natural causes at his home in Plymouth on Monday after fighting dementia for around 10 years. He ruled Minnesota’s morning airwaves along with on-air WCCO partner Charlie Boone for 38 years before he retired in 1998. The Erickson family requests that instead of flowers, memorials go to the theater or agricultural departments at the University of Minnesota, or a department of the donor’s choice. (Associated Press)

All airchecks/recordings from WCCO-AM (830) unless noted.

Roger Erickson announcing school closings on Jan. 18, 1996 (audio of the above video)  #1 16 MB  #2 20 MB

Boone & Erickson Show Theme Music ("Swing That Music")

Good Morning Song

Boone & Erickson Skits and More - From the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s

Britons reflecting on Americans

Buckingham Palace Hotel

Caesar and the Coliseum



John Houseman gives Boone & Erickson interview coaching

Martha Stewartville Christmas Special

Never on a Sunday: Minnesota bars closed on Sundays

President Reagan

Political Kids Stories: Lyndon Johnson/Barry Goldwater election

Presidential Showdown: Johnson/Goldwater election

Postal Dog Fighter

Send in the Plows

"Sid the Musical" from the Minnesota State Fair

The "Jimmy" Carter Family

The Queen and the Intruder

World Wide News

Worst Jokes



Boone & Erickson Show. Roger and Charlie present their show in a fun Shakespeare style. - 10 MB


Roger Erickson and Charlie Boone interview Jimmy Hoffa


Top of the Morning Show with Roger Erickson and Maynard Speece - #1 15 MB - #2 15 MB

(provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)


Roger Erickson and Charlie Boone Lutefisk Lament - 1980


Roger Erickson and Charlie Boone- Ma Perkins skit - Charlie and Roger crack up in this aircheck - 6 MB 

(provided by Todd Kosovich)

October 1987

Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series Victory Parade including Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson

broadcasting live from the WCCO Radio van at the front of the parade, Howard Viken, Ruth Koscielak, Herb Carneal, John Gordon, John Rooney, Harmon Killebrew, Bruce Hagevik, Eric Eskola, Jan Jirak, Dean Spratt, John Lundell and others.  #1    #2    #3    #4   (mp3 files range from 26 to 29 MB)


Boone & Erickson - The Iron Ranger skit (The Iron Ranger was a parody on Minnesota Governor

Rudy Perpich) - 3 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)


Roger Erickson & Charlie Boone Morning Drive Scoped Demo - 5 MB


Final Boone & Erickson Show / Roger Erickson retires - #1 21 MB - #2 31 MB


KYMN-AM (1080 AM Northfield, MN) Wayne Eddy interviews Roger Erickson

#1 10 MB - #2 15 MB - #3 13 MN - #4 10 MB



Dave Lee announces the passing of Roger Erickson including a montage of recordings - 7 MB


Dave Lee, Mike Lynch, Eric Eskola and Steve Murphy reminisce about Roger Erickson - 11 MB


Steve Simpson and former 'CCO Radio Program Director, Jon Quick, remember Roger Erickson - 6 MB


Chad Hartman and Dave Lee reminisce about Roger Erickson - 8 MB


Chad Hartman and Steve Murphy reminisce about Roger Erickson - 7 MB


Boone & Erickson Audio Montage broadcast during the Al Malmberg Show - 5 MB


Roger's daughter, Tracy Anderson, appears on the Paul Douglas & Jordana Green Show - 7 MB


KNOW-FM (91.1) Report on Roger Erickson's passing - 7 MB


KQRS-FM (92.5) Tom Barnard tribute to Roger Erickson - 2 MB


KSTP-AM (1500) Joe Soucheray tribute to Roger Erickson - 5 MB (courtesy of Jacob Hammond)


KLBB-AM (1220) Roger's daughter, Tracy Anderson, appears on the Stan Turner Show - 11 MB


1988 - 4 MB

Late 1980s - MN State Fair - (Herb Carneal, John

Gordon, Paul Flatley) - 9 MB

1990 - WCCO Radio Marketing Department - 7 MB

8-17-1991 - 3 MB

8-23-1991 - MN State Fair - 9 MB

8-30-1991 - MN State Fair - 5 MB

11-22-1991 - Broadcast from Willmar - 5 MB

1-8-1993 - 4 MB

1994 - Broadcast from Winthrop, MN - 6 MB

4-1-1994 - 5 MB

1995 - 4 MB

3-19-1995 - John Gordon - 4 MB

9-1-1995 - MN State Fair William Christopher - 5 MB

10-27-1995 - 4 MB

11-24-1995 - 4 MB

Sept. 1996 - 4 MB

3-14-1997 - Live audience - 6 MB

7-12-1997 - Broadcast from New Ulm, MN - 9 MB




The Round Mound of Sound, The Swami, Howard Cosell and Willie Griffin are just some of the names that were synonymous with the very talented talk show host and leader of the Don Squad, Don Vogel. Don worked at KSTP-AM from 1984-1987 and 1992-1995. Don passed away in 1995.


Don Vogel - Final show before leaving for Chicago - #1 22MB - #2 22 MB (provided by

Irwin "Irv" Schreiner) - #3 30 MB (provided by Brian Veys)


Don Vogel & Tom Mischke - #1 11 MB  -  #2 11 MB (provided by David Ocar)


Show from June 1992 #1 25 MB   #2 28 MB


Show from 1992 #1 25 MB   #2 28 MB (provided By Kenny Olson)


Don Vogel - 21 MB (provided by Retro Radio Rangers)

June 1995

Don Vogel tribute aired shortly after his death with Bruce Gordon, David Ruth

and Patrick Reusse (June 1995) - #1 17 MB    #2 18 MB    #3 22 MB (by Tom Oszman - TC Media Now)


Best of Don Vogel - #1 23 MB  -   #2 22 MB (provided by Tom Oszman - TC Media Now)

Don Vogel Segments:


Can I Gain Weight By Breathing

Chief of Police Scam

Dare Line

Heaven Hotline Richard Nixon

Hey Dave Cold or Cool

Howard Cosell Montage

Killing Off Characters

Larry King Hello


Mr. Slob

Phantom Caller

Presidential Debate

Rules of Conduct


Vomit Vomi Vomit

Willie Sings the National Anthem



KSTP-AM (1500) - Jesse Ventura Show - 1995 - #1 15 MB - #2 14 MB (provided by Aircheckairwaves)

KFAN-AM (1130) - Jesse Ventura - The day after he was elected Governor of Minnesota on November 4, 1998 - 25 MB

KNOW-FM (91.1) - Interview with Gary Eichten on January 5, 1999 - #1 23 MB - #2 22 MB (provided by Bryan Olson)

WCCO-AM (830) - Interview with Moose Miller on January 21, 1999 - 11 MB (provided by Bryan Olson)

KQRS-FM (92.5) - Parody Skits: X-Mas Carol - Mission Accomplished - At Harvard Defends Tyrell - Jesse Golf

Jesse, Gore and Coach Green (mp3 files 1 to 2 MB) (some skits contain adult language)




KXXR-FM (93.7 - 93X) - Patrick Olsen - Various airchecks/demos from around 2010 - #1 - #2 - #3 (mp3 files range from 2-3 MB)





WCCO-AM (830) - WCCO's Cedric Adams interviews Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin in 1952 - 7 MB

8/19/2017 (updated on 8/25/2017, 9/1/2017, 9/10/2017)


WCCO-AM (830) - A collection of Minnesota Hospital skits with Charlie Boone, Roger Erickson, Dave Lee, Sid Hartman,

Eric Eskola, Mike Lynch, Tim Russell, Mike Max, Herb Carneal, John Gordon, Paul Flatley, Roger Strom, John Rash, WCCO Marketing Department, and more.

Minnesota Hospital Open and Close Theme Music - 1 MB


(updated on 8/26/2017 with interviews with John Tesh, Bobby Goldsboro and Baby from Dinosaurs)

(updated on 8/27/2017 with Lassman/Chucker interview in 2014)

(updated on 9/2/2017 with The Chucker interviewing John Chancellor and gets radio tips from a DJ named Steve)


"THE CHUCKER" as heard on KQRS-FM (92.5)


Thanks to John Lassman and Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow

for many of these hilarious recordings of The Chucker

on P-P-Power 92! 

Mp3 file sizes range from 2 to 5 MB


Interview with John Lassman (The Chucker) on the KQRS Morning Show

on March 21, 2014 - #1 29 MB - #2 30 MB - #3 22 MB

Greetings from Chuckerland

Alan Ray (comedian)

Amy Block Joy (nutritional science)

Andy Andrews (Christian comedian)

Baby from Dinosaurs

Barry White (musician)

Benny Andersson (musician - ABBA)

Bernie Koppell (actor - The Love Boat, etc.)

Bob Dylan (trying to reach))

Bob Guccione (founder of Penthouse)

Bob Lurtsema (athlete - former MN Viking)

Bob Schwartz (author)

Bob Weir (musician - Grateful Dead)

Bobby Goldsboro

Buddy Hackett (comedian)

Calvin Griffith (former owner MN Twins)

Carl Reiner (comedian)

Carl "The Truth" Williams' Brother

Carrot Top (comedian - Scott Thompson)

Chef Tell (Friedemann Paul Erhardt)

Chinese Acrobats (translator)

Chris Ocasek (musician)

Chuck Woolery (trying to reach)

David Crosby (musician)

David Fisher (author)

Dennis Miller (comedian)

Dennis Miller (comedian)

Dick Van Patten (actor)

Dick Wilson (Mr. George Whipple)

Donald Trump (trying to reach)

Dr. Dean (hypnotist)

Dr. Judy Kuriansky (sex therapist)

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist)

Eddie Albert (actor)

Eddie Murphy (actor)

Eric Beanstalk (author)

Fred Savage (actor)

Gary Coleman (actor)

George Carlin (comedian)

George Lindsey (actor)

George Takei (actor)

Geraldo Rivera (reporter)

Herschel Walker

Imelda Poppins

Irwin Blye (author, private eye)

James Brown's Brother (Joseph)

James Buster Douglas (boxer)

James Kottak (musician)

Janet Jackson (singer, song writer)

Jeopardy! (trying to reach Alex Trebek)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jesse Jackson (civil rights activist)

Jim Baker

Jim Nabors (actor)

John Chancellor (news anchor/reporter)

John Tesh

Kathleen Turner

Ken Berry (actor)

Keanu Reeves (actor)

King Boreas (Winter Carnival)

King of Iraq

Leo Buscaglia (author)

Leslie Nielsen (actor)

Mama June (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)

Maury Povich (talk show host)

Michael Jackson

Michael Storm (actor)

Mick Jagger

Mike Farrell (actor)

Mike Reilly (game show host)

Mikhail Gorbachev

Morton Downey Jr. (talk show host)

Edwin Moses (athlete)

Naura Hayden (actor, author, singer)

Olga Korbut (athlete)

Ozzy Osbourne

Planet Hollywood Premier

Paul Hogan (actor)

Paul Shaffer (musician)

Pearl Bailey (actor)

Phil Lamar (MAD TV)

Phyllis Diller (actor)


Red Strangland (radio broadcaster)

Rob Schneider

Rob Lowe (actor)

Robert Conrad (actor)

Ron at Power 92

Sam Kinison (comedian)

Sandra Margot (porn star)

Star Search

Steve (DJ) Gives The Chucker Radio Tips


Victor Brooks (dancer Chippendales)

WCCO Radio Audition

Will Steger (actually Paul Schurke)

Woody Harrelson (actor)

We Will Rock You

Yakov Smirnoff

Playhouse Farewell


Breaking news coverage: Minnehaha Academy Explosion on August 2, 2017

WCCO-AM (830) - #1 28 MB - #2 27 MB - #3 37 MB

KNOW-FM (91.1) - Coverage - 27 MB

KTLK-AM (1130) - Newscasts - 2 MB (provided by Jacob Hammond)




August 1, 2007

  • KSTP-AM (provided by Tom Ring) - All files 14 MB 

6-7 PM (first news report airs 25 minutes into this aircheck)  7-8 PM  8-9 PM   9-10 PM  10-11 PM  11 PM-MID


  • WCCO-AM - Live Coverage: Composite starting with the first report - 24 MB
  • KNOW-FM - Live Coverage - #1 5 MB -  #2 22 MB -  #3 26 MB -  #4 26 MB -  #5 29 MB

August 2, 2007

  • KSTP-AM (provided by Tom Ring) - All files 14 MB 

MID-1 AM    1-2 AM    2-3 AM   3-4 AM    4-5 AM    5-6 AM   6-7 AM   7-8 AM   8-9 AM   9-10 AM   10-11 AM

11 AM-12PM  12PM-1 PM  1-2 PM  2-3 PM  3-4 PM  4-5 PM  5-6 PM  6-7 PM  7-8 PM (Disaster on the River)


  • WCCO-AM - 8-9 am (entire hour) - #1 28 MB  - #2 29 MB

August 3, 2007

August 4, 2007

KARE-TV First two hours of coverage of the 35W Bridge Collapse - August 1, 2007: 6:30-8:30 PM


Pioneer Press Obituary

Star Tribune Obituary

Bill Diehl Profile



It is with sadness that we report the death of former WDGY and WCCO Radio personality, Bill Diehl.

WDGY-AM (1130):


Bill Diehl - 23 MB


Bill Diehl - 8 MB (provided by Phil Kitchen) -

February 1964

Bill Diehl interviews Bob Reed and Tony Andreason from The Trashmen (a popular 1960s Twin Cities rock & roll band) - 5 MB


Bill Diehl - 5 MN (provided by Curt Lundgren)

WCCO-AM (830):


Announcement of the death of Halsey Hall with Bill Diehl interviews with Calvin Griffith, Paul Giel, Charlie Johnson, Rollie Johnson and Dr. E.W. Ziebarth.  #1 28 MB  - #2 28 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)


Bill Diehl - "The Class of 1969" - 10 MB


Viking Feedback (post-game show) with Bill Diehl, Paul Flatley, Paul Giel & Dick Enroth - 20 MB (provided by Kurt Rosselit)



Bill Diehl - Wally McCarthy's Lindahl Olds Commercials - 7 MB (provided by David Ocar)






WDGY-AM (1130) - Johnny Canton interviewing John Lennon on October 8, 1974 - 14 MB

(provided by Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow)


It is with sadness that we report the death of former WDGY, KDWB and KRSI personality, Jimmy Reed.

10/21/1967 - KDWB-AM

Jimmy Reed - 12 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

1971 - WDGY-AM

Jimmy Reed - 8 MB

October 1978 - WDGY-AM

Jimmy Reed - 5 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)




Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and WCCO-AM featured on NBC's Sunday Today Show broadcast on March 5, 2017 (click on photo to play video)



WCCO-TV Mark Rosen and WCCO-AM Sid Hartman commercial broadcast during Super Bowl programming on WCCO-TV on February 7, 2016 (click on photo to play video)




KDWB-AM (630) - True Don Bleu (March 31, 1972) - 7 MB

Including commercials: Super America, K-Tel 20 Dynamic Hits, Coke (Quincy Jones & Orchestra), Cycle Rama at the St. Paul Armory, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Clairol, Ford (Pintos, Mavericks and Mustangs), Earl Brown Farm Apartments (remote with Michael J. Douglas), Milk, Certs, and Purple Barn.



It is with sadness that we report that Ray Christensen, the longtime voice of Gopher football and basketball, has passed away.

WCCO Radio - Ray Christensen Airchecks:

WCCO-TV Report 2/6/2017

KMSP-TV Report 2/6/2017


KNOW-FM Report

Pioneer Press Report

Star Tribune Report

Star Tribune Obituary

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting



(Canton appearance in

the 1970 movie Airport)


It is with sadness that we report that Johnny Canton has passed away, apparently after suffering a stroke.

From The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website: When Johnny Canton visited a Warrensburg, Missouri, radio station as a teenager, it inspired him to begin a broadcasting career that has lasted nearly fifty years and has made him an important figure in Twin Cities radio and television. He got his first on-air job at age 16 at KLEX AM in Lexington, Missouri, and for the next several years worked in radio at stations in Colorado, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Rochester, and Cleveland. In 1966 he joined the staff of WDGY as music director and became a much-loved and widely popular rock ‘n’ roll disc jockey and concert emcee. After 11 years at WDGY, he moved to WCCO FM (WLTE 102.9 Lite FM). The former host of Bowling for Dollars on KSTP TV and Bowlerama! on KMSP TV, he has appeared in numerous national and regional television and radio commercials, as well as such films as Airport and Mad Dogs and Englishmen. He has participated in many charity golf tournaments and other community events, and has been president of the advertising and production firm Canton Communications. One of his many claims to fame is that he was the first DJ to play John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

A video and photos of Johnny Canton, who was inducted into the MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2006, can be found on the Pavek Museum website.

Star Tribune Story       Star Tribune Obituary



The Following Airchecks are Featured on the Special Postings Page. Check them out!

  • WCCO-AM Severe Weather Coverage (1939 to 1991)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Recordings/Airchecks (1946-1978)
  • WCCO Radio Civil Defense Announcements (1961)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King (1968)
  • Coverage of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1968)
  • Coverage of the Apollo 1 Tragedy (1967)
  • Coverage of the Flights of Apollo 11, 12 & 13 (1969-1970)
  • Coverage of Watergate and the Fall of President Nixon (1973-1974)
  • Coverage of the Vietnam War (1964-(1975)
  • Coverage of the Death of John Lennon (1980)
  • Coverage of the Shooting of President Ronald Reagan (1981)
  • Coverage of the Falklands War (1982)
  • Coverage of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster (1986)
  • Coverage of the Twins World Series Celebrations and Victory Parades (1987 & 1991)
  • Coverage of the Start of Operation Desert Storm (1991)
  • Coverage of 9/11 Attacks (2001) and Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
  • Coverage of 35W Bridge Collapse (2007)
  • Coverage of the Death of Michael Jackson (2009)
  • Coverage of the Tucson Shootings (2011)
  • Coverage of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011)
  • Boston Marathon Bombings (2013)
  • Coverage of the Death of Prince (2016)
  • Election Coverage (2016)

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