Jingles and commercials (the station's format at that time was a mix of classical/middle-of-the-road/jazz). - 2 MB

Commercials/announcements: Twin Cities Auto Dealers, O.I. Borton Motors, and A Look into the Future in 1974





Dick Driscoll and a "middle-of-the-road" music format - 5 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren).

Includes commercials for The Cork & Fork Restaurant, Kiefer for Men, and Twin City Federal (read by Jack Benny).



Bruce Lee - 7 MB (provided by Steve Brown) 


Alan Stone - Includes KQ Newsbeat with details on Vietnam War demonstrations throughout Minnesota and announcements/commercials for YES - Emergency Referral Telephone Service, McGoos Bar, The Beatles Abbey Road for $3.99 at Dayton's, The Labor Temple, and Musicland. Plus a brief speech by the Reverend Ralph David Abernathy. - 16 MB  (provided by Brian Person)


George Fisher - 10 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Alan Stone - Includes a newscast and commercials for the Guthrie Theater, Certs, Rosedale Center, Musicland/The Mamas and the Papas, Theodore Hamm Company and Coca Cola Midwest Recycling Center, Clairol Long and Silky, Ribnick Furs, People's Record Shop, and International Custom Auto Fair at the Minneapolis Auditorium. - 15 MB (provided by Brian Person)


Don Duchene - Starts with newscast - 2 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


George Donaldson Fisher - Incudes two newscasts, And a spot for YES - Emergency Referral Telephone Service - 7 MB (provided by Brian Person)


John Fine - Includes commercials for Hansord, Yes and The Eagles at the Minneapolis Armory, Midwest Mountaineering, Pan Am, Bobby Whitlock, Mr. G, United Stores, The Band: Rock of Ages, Bikeways, Wayne and Ron's Record Store, Slaughterhouse-Five, Orin Thompson Homes and a newscast including Richard Nixon, Goerge McGovern, Watergate, etc.. - 18 MB (provided by Brian Person)



Unidentified Announcer - Includes a newscast and commercials for Argent, One Groveland, Movie: Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Delmonico’s House of Stereo, Grain Belt Beer, Freedom Electronics, and Certs. - 14 MB (provided by Brian Person)


Alan Stone interviews American folk music singer-songwriter, Steve Goodman - 25 MB (provided by Alan Stone)


Aircheck of Randi Kirshbaum - 14 MB

Includes commercials for Schell's Beer, Uncle Sam’s, and Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

List of music played: Edgar Winter: Tobacco Road; Ben Sidran: Have You Heard the News; The Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday; Jerry Jeff Walker: Hill Country Rain; Moriah: Spooky Tooth; Paul Kanter, Grace Slick and David Freiberg: Your Mind Has Left Your Body;  Derek and the Dominos: Keep on Growing; Joni Mitchell: Willy; Paul Simon: Something So Right; Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Down by the River; Ruben and the Jets: Dedicated to the One I Love; Foghat: Maybelline; Paul McCartney: My Love; Carly Simon: Summer’s Coming Around Again; Herbie Mann: Hold On, I’m Comin’; Yes: And You and I; Joe Cocker: Feelin Alright; The Joy of Cooking: Laugh Don't Laugh; The Pointer Sisters: Cloud Burst; Elton John: Come Down In Time; Judy Collins: In My Life; and The Byrds: Full Circle.

Randi can be heard weekday middays and Saturdays on WRNR-FM in Annapolis, Maryland.

February 1973

Quadraphonic Broadcast - Introduction of a Blood Sweat and Tears concert taped at the Minneapolis Orpheum Theater - 1 MB

Quadraphonic sound uses four channels in which speakers are positioned at the four corners of the listening space, reproducing signals that are (wholly or in part) independent of one another. Quadraphonic audio was one of the earliest consumer offerings in surround sound. It was a commercial failure due to many technical problems, which were solved too late to save the technology from disaster. The format was more expensive than standard two-channel stereo. It also required extra speakers, and suffered from lack of a standard format for LP records. The rise of home theatre products in the late 1980s and early 1990s brought multi-channel recording formats back to the forefront, although in a completely different form. (source: Wikipedia)


Photo credit: Twin Cities Radio People (Past and Present)

Brian McNee - 23 MB   Also includes Randi Kirshbaum providing a list of “what’s going on” events at the end of the recording. 


Commercials: Dayton’s Super Sound Sale, Grain Belt Beer, Schell’s Beer, Schell’s Beer, Everynight Shampoo, Sons of Champlin - Welcome to the Dance (album), Northwestern Bell, Guthrie Theater, Delmonico’s House of Stereo, Grain Belt Beer, and Jethro Tull at the Met Sports Center (tickets $4.50/$5.50/$6.50).

List of music played: Taj Mahal: Going Up to the Country Paint My Mailbox Blue, Paul McCartney: Medley – Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands Of Love/Power Cut, Traffic: Rock ‘N’ Roll Stew, Rick Bloomfield & John Paul Hammond & Dr. John: Last Night, Seals and Crofts: We May Never Pass This Way (Again), John Prine: Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore, Cat Stevens: Heard Headed Woman, William Russo / Corky Siegel / Seiji Ozawa and the San Francisco Symphony: Russo Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony, Tom Rush: Kids These Days, and Peter Frampton: All Night Long.


Dan Pothier - 29 MB

At this time, KQRS featured a freeform rock format.  

Features newscasts including Earth News and Zodiac News and commercials for Everynight Shampoo, Byerlys Liquors, Blue Oyster Cult: Tyranny and Mutation album, Montgomery Ward: “Bloodshot” album by J. Geils Band, Bachman Turner Overdrive (album), Led Zeppelin at the St. Paul Civic Center (tickets: $5.50/$6.00), Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Bikeways, Dulonos Pizza, Schlitz Beer (sung by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition), The Store Front, Montgomery Ward: “Down the Load” album with Stephen Stills and Manassas, Electric Fetus, and Schmitt Beer.

List of music played: Sons of Champlin: Welcome to the Dance, Jesse Ed Davis: Keep Me Comin', Uriah Heep: Tales, Neil Young: Old Man, Jefferson Airplane: Ballad of the Chrome Nun, Steely Dan: Reelin’ in the Years, Chris Youlden: Standing on the Corner, Lou Reed: Lisa Says, David Bowie: Let’s Spend the Night Together, Carly Simon: Waited So Long, Joy of Cooking: Honey Let’s Have Some Fun, Bob Seger: Stealer, Derek and the Dominos: Got to Get Better in a Little While, Bruce Springsteen: It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City, Eddie Matal: Old New Hampshire (?), Chicago: A Hit by Varese, King Curtis: Memphis Soul Stew (Live @ Fillmore West), Bachman Turner Overdrive: Don’t Get Yourself in Trouble, and Elton John: Have Mercy on the Criminal.


Randi Kirshbaum taken at her current stations: WCLZ-FM and WPOR-FM in South Portland, ME

Randi Kirshbaum - 14 MB

Includes commercials for Pepsi (sung by Ann Duquesnay), The Flame Bar, and Led Zeppelin at the St. Paul Civic Center

List of music played: Jimi Hendrix: Castles Made of Sand, Seals and Crofts: We May Never Pass This Way (Again), Tom Rush: Child's Song, Cat Stevens: On the Road to Find Out, Canned Heat: Framed, Hot Tuna: Hesitation Blues, Doc Watson: Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Mike Bloomfield - John Paul Hammond - Dr. John: Sho Bout to Drive Me Wild, Ten Year After: Woman Trouble, Bonnie Raitt: Since I Fell for You, George Harrison: That is All, Bonnie Koloc: Charmer, The Allman Brothers Band: Don't Want You No More, The Allman Brothers Band: It's Not My Cross to Bear, Led Zeppelin: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away, and Beck & Bogert & Appice: Lady.


Alan Stone Recent Photo

Alan Stone from - 20 MB

Includes newscasts and commercials for the Guthrie Theater, Schell's Beer, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Blue Oyster Cult: Tyranny and Mutation album, Grain Belt Beer, and Everynight Shampoo.

List of music played: Yes: And You and I (Live), Taj Mahal: Annie's Lover, Taj Mahal: Happy Just to be Like I am, The Temptations: Masterpiece, Paul McCartney: Live and Let Die, Lighthouse: Sunny Days, Boz Scaggs: Monkey Time, Mike Bloomfield - John Paul Hammond - Dr. John: I Yi Yi, Traffic: You Can All Join In, George Harrison: Don't Let Me Wait Too Long, Faces: Bad 'N' Ruin, Faces: Silicone Grown, Eagles: Twenty-One, Eagles: Out of Control, and Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away.


Randi Kirschbaum - Includes a newscast about Spiro Agnew, Watergate, etc. Plus, commercials for Eveready Batteries, Grain Belt Beer, Vinegar Joe, Sear Auto and Tires, Dayton's Records and Tapes, and Jeff Beck. - 11 MB (provided by Brian Person)


Alan Stone - Includes Randi Kirschbaum with events news, newscast and commercials for Schlitz Beer, Maplewood Bowl, Grain Belt Beer, AMC Dealers (Gremlin auto), STP, Bronco Bar, Burnsville Bowl, Movie: Out Time, Minnesota Auto Specialists, Twin City Federal, Dayton's Adventures in Learning Typing Class, 10,000 Auto Parts, and Movie: Italian Graffiti. - 23 MB (provided by Brian Person)


National Lampoon Radio Hour Christmas Special - #1 -  #2  (provided by Mark Rotenberry)


Kevin St. John (1978)


KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John aircheck from 1975 - #1 28 MB - #2 28 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

The aircheck includes newscasts, Earth News, and the the following commercials: Embers, Sound of Music, The Launching Pad, Knights Formal Wear, Becklund Jewelers, The Coffee House Extempore and Tim Weisberg at Northrup Auditorium.

Includes the following music (scoped): Lonesome L.A. Cowboy by the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Till The Morning Comes by the Grateful Dead, You Just Can't Stop It by The Doobie Brothers, I Just Can't Give You Up by the Average White Band, Hold On I'm Coming by Rita Jean Bodine, Sweet Little Sixteen by John Lennon, Rock and Roll Doctor by Little Feat, Amy by Elton John, Hey Queen by Barefoot Jerry, The Man Who Couldn't Afford to Orgy by John Cale, Pay the Price by Buffalo Springfield, Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, Eco-Catastrophe Blues by Brewer & Shipley, Davey Blue by Herbie Mann, Just too Many People by Melissa Manchester, Darlin' Dear by Chicago, I Feel the Same by Esther Phillips, Midnight Rider by Gregg Allman, Penguin in Bondage by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, The Noonward Race by the Mahavishnu Orchestra Feat/John McLaughlin, Mother Goose by Jethro Tull, Apple Cider Re-Constitution by Al Stewart, Just That Wind by Heartsfield, The Hobo Song by Old & In The Way, This Troubled Mind by Arlo Guthrie, Wild Bird by Michael Murphy, The Train That Carried My Girl from Town by Doc & Merle Watson, Love Song to Me by Johnny Winter, You Told Me Baby by Bonnie Raitt, Leaving Whipporwhill by Leon Russell, Monkey by Brian Protheroe, and Oh Well Parts I & II by Fleetwood Mac.

November 1976


KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John interviews Brownie McGhee - 32 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

Walter Brown "Brownie" McGhee was an American folk music and Piedmont blues singer and guitarist, best known for his collaboration with the harmonica player Sonny Terry.



KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John interviews Papa John Kolstad - 16 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

In the 60s and 70s Papa John Kolstad sang and played his 12-string guitar in Minneapolis coffee houses. He performed at New England folk festivals and on "A Prairie Home Companion." He was also popular on the midwest community college circuit.

Kevin St. John was a DJ, a news director, and a music director at KQRS from 1974-78.





KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John final free form radio show as the station switched to controversial highly structured format with music chosen by a consulting firm in Atlanta. #1 20 MB - #2 20 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

    Article from the August 3, 1977 Minneapolis Star about the format change at KQRS.

The aircheck includes the following commercials: The Cabooze Bar, Little River Band's Diamantina Cocktail album, Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial sung by The Spinners, Moody Blues Caught Live + Five album, Knights Formal Wear, Schmidt Beer, America and Poco at the Civic Center Arena, Bob Seger's Night Moves album, Frankie Miller's Full House album, Sound of Music, Fire Sale movie, Wrangler Jeans, Coca Cola, Paramount Marine, Bronco Bar, EMS Lob Pine, MTC Bus, Greater Minneapolis Area, Board of Realtors, Schmidt Beer, and MGM/NBC/ABC Liquor Warehouses. Plus a KQRS Speakout Citizen Editorial.

Includes the following music (scoped):  Christmas and Beads of Sweat by Laura Nyro, Trouble by Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Light Shine by The Youngbloods, Hard Times by Danny O'Keefe, Natural to be Gone by John Hartford, Kow Kow Calqualator by Steve Miller Band, Scarecrow's Dream by Dan Fogelberg, Lady of the North by Gene Clark, Buzzin' Fly by Tim Buckley, Cyprus Avenue by Van Morrison, Spoon River by Steve Goodman, Teardrops Will Fall by Ry Cooper, That Song About the Midway by Joni Mitchell, Sin City by Emmylou Harris, See You Later I'm Gone by The Marshall Tucker Band, song by Richard Torrence, Traffic Jam by James Taylor, Two Mile Pike by Barefoot Jerry, They Can't Take Away Our Music by Eric Burdon & War, Can You Hear the Music by The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones, St. Stephen (Live at The Filmore West San Francisco) by the Grateful Dead, The Heart of the Battle by Roy Buchanan, Wild Dogs by Tommy Bolin, Words (Between The Lines of Age) by Neil Young, and Time Run Like a Freight Train by Eric Andersen.


Alan Stone - 10 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Dave Dworkin - First Show on KQRS - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Current Photo

KQRS-FM (92.5) - Benjie Mchie airchecks from 1978:

April 14, 1978 - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Keepsake Diamond Rings, 7-Eleven Star Wars Slurpee Cups, REO Speedwagon "You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish" album, Twin City Honda, Powers Department Store, Rabbit Test (movie), Al Di Meola at the State Theater, Löwenbräu, and Dairy Queen.

October 11, 1978 - 9 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the St. Paul Civic Center, Minnehaha Lanes featuring the The Del Counts, Midwest Mountaineering, The Longhorn, Doc Holiday's featuring Johnny Mayo, and Crown Auto.



KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John interviews Gordon Lightfoot - 5 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

Gordon Lightfoot is a Canadian singer-songwriter guitarist who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music. He is credited with helping to define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He is often referred to as Canada's greatest songwriter and is known internationally as a folk-rock legend.

Kevin St. John was a DJ, a news director, and a music director at KQRS from 1974-78.



KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John interviews David Bromberg - 5 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

David Bromberg is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. An eclectic artist, Bromberg plays bluegrass, blues, folk, jazz, country and western, and rock and roll. He is known for his quirky, humorous lyrics, and the ability to play rhythm and lead guitar at the same time. Bromberg has played with many famous musicians, including Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Jorma Kaukonen, Jerry Garcia, Rusty Evans (The Deep) and Bob Dylan. He co-wrote the song "The Holdup" with former Beatle George Harrison, who played on Bromberg's self-titled 1972 album. In 2008, he was nominated for a Grammy Award. Bromberg is known for his fingerpicking style that he learned from Reverend Gary Davis.

Kevin St. John was a DJ, a news director, and a music director at KQRS from 1974-78.


Tac Hammer -   #1 15 MB   -   #2 18 MB  (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Dolphin Waterbeds, Bob Short for Senate, Larry Reids Bloomington Chrysler Plymouth, Brandy's Restaurant, Jackson Brown at the St. Paul Civic Center, Clairol Short & Sassy, Todd Chevrolet, Excedrin, Team Electronics, Dayton's Hi-Fi Sale, Bonnie Bell at Dayton's, Audio Warehouse, Loudon Wainwright III at the Guthrie, McDonalds and Lancer. Plus Zodiac News with Nancy Rosen.


Alan Stone and Hal Hoover  - 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 

May 1978

Marci Bolter - All Night Album Replay, news from Pacific News Service, sports update, etc. - 11 MB (provided by Stuart Held)

May 1978

Karen Wong - 10 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Composite #1 7 MB  - #2 10 MB: Tac Hammer, Alan Stone, Hal Hoover, etc. (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Kevin St. John - 18 MB (provided by Alan Stone)

Includes commercials for Sound of Music, Venus Waterbed Stores, Schlitz, Del Counts at Minnehaha Lanes, Schaak, Up in Smoke (movie), The Blue Chip Disco, Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, High Rapids Records, Audio Innovations, Leather Unlimited, Brothers Deli, and Aqua Knight Waterbeds.


“KQ Scope” with General Manager  Dick Poe - #1 18 MB -  #2 15 MB -  #3 18 MB -  #4 22 MB (by Jay Philpott) 



KQRS-FM (92.5) - Kevin St. John interviews Roy Buchanan - 21 MB (provided by Kevin St. John)

Leroy "Roy" Buchanan was an American guitarist and blues musician. A pioneer of the Telecaster sound, Buchanan worked as a sideman and as a solo artist, with two gold albums early in his career and two later solo albums that made it to the Billboard chart. He never achieved stardom, but he is still considered a highly influential guitar player.

Buchanan has influenced many guitarists, including Robbie Robertson, Gary Moore, Danny Gatton, Arlen Roth, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Jerry Garcia, Mick Ronson, Jim Campilongo, and Steve Kimock. Beck dedicated his version of "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" from Blow by Blow to him. His work is said to "stretch the limits of the electric guitar," and he is praised for "his subtlety of tone and the breadth of his knowledge, from the blackest of blues to moaning R&B and clean, concise, bone-deep rock 'n' roll." In 2004, Guitar Player listed his version of "Sweet Dreams," from his debut album on Polydor, Roy Buchanan, as having one of the "50 Greatest Tones of All Time." In the same year, the readers of Guitar Player voted Buchanan #46 in a top 50 readers' poll. (courtesy Wikipedia)


Dave Dworkin and Hal Hoover - 11 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)  


Alan Stone - Final day broadcast - 6 MB (provided by David Carlson)


"KQ Scope" - Lynn Wells taking listener questions about the radio station  - #1 25 MB  - #2 16 MB (by Stuart Held)


Judy & Steve - 4 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


KQ Scope with GM Dick Poe and PD Doug Sorenson - #1 20 MB  -  #2 20 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Cat & Kincaid (Tom Barnard & Mesa Kincaid) - #1 15 MB   -   #2 18 MB  (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Rapid Oil Change, Boyd's, City Pages, Gingiss Formalwear, Agree Shampoo, Maplewood/Burnsville/Hopkins/Apple Valley Bowl, Institute of Industrial Launderers, Rapid Sports Center, Minneapolis Community College, Trenchcoat (film), WCCO-TV (coverage of the State High School Hockey Tournament) and U.S. Army.


Cat and Kincaid (Tom Barnard and Mesa Kincaid) - 23MB (provided by Aircheckairwaves


Mark Seger - 3 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)  


Dave Dworkin Heidi Kramer and a music montage for "Election '84" - 5 MB (provided by Jim Schrader)


John Lassman - 5 MB (provided by Tom Oszman - TC Media Now) 


Station Composite-Tom Barnard, Tom Culhane, Jack Hicks, Wally Walker, John Lassman, Nancy Rosen & Terri Trane - 9 MB (Stuart Held) 


"Polka For The Pennant" by Craig Schumacher - 1 MB


KQRS-FM (92.5) - Tom & Dan Show (Tom Barnard and Dan Culhane) the morning after the Twins won the 1987 World Series including Mark Rosen and a Twins highlight tape produced by Culhane. 25 MB (provided by John Oleson)

Includes commercials for Millstone Coffee, St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center and NutriSystem.


Programming composite  - 16 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Tom Barnard with Mark Rosen's Sports Update and a "Worst Date" segment - 9 MB


Win a date with Playboy Playmate Karen Foster spot – 1 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)

Late 1980s

Worst Date Segment with Tom Barnard - 4 MB 

Late 1980s

The KQ Morning Show including Tom Barnard, Jeff Passolt and a funny interview with John Miller, who was a play-by-play broadcaster for the Baltimore Orioles when this interview was broadcast - 11 MB (provided by Martin Jacobson)



KQ Morning Show the day after the Minnesota Twins won the World Series ... with Tom Barnard, Terri Traen, Bob Sansevere, Jeff Passolt, Tony Lee - 20 MB (provided by Todd Fairbanks)

Listen to more recordings when the Minnesota Twins won the 1987 World Series and 1991 World Series. Click here.


Tom Barnard hangs up on Andy Rooney - 3 MB (provided by Brian Keenan) (contains adult language) 


Morning Show's strange interview with Whitley Strieber - 16 MB (provided by Brian Keenan) 

1998 (approximately)

Harry Caray Interviews (impersonator) - #1 3 MB - #2 5 MB


Lisa Miller - 3 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Tom Barnard - 10 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Wally Walker - 2 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Jay Roberts - 6 MB (provided by Jason Karnitz)


Morning Show with Joan Rivers - 7 MB


Morning Show - Jesse Ventura Bits  X-Mas Carol 2 MB - Mission Accomplished 2 MB - At Harvard 2 MB - Defends Tyrell 1 MB (contains adult language)

2002 (approx.)

Morning Show prank phone calls - Mr. Burns  2 MB - Hank Hill 4 MB - Arnold Schwarzenegger 3 MB - Samuel L. Jackson 3 MB


KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard, Terri Traen, Mike Gelfand and Phillip Wise including discussion on Super Bowl XXXVIII which was played the day before, Janet Jackson's half-time show costume malfunction, The Chucker calls Detroit Lions backup quarterback Mike McMahon, and lots more. #1 22 MB - #2 17 MB - (provided by Tom Oszman - TC Media Now)



Tom Barnard announces his retirement in 2012 - 3 MB


Tributes to Dave Dworkin: 


The WJJY Cash Call 4 MB  


Thanks to John Lassman and Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow for many of these hilarious recordings of The Chucker on P-P-Power 92!   MP3 file sizes range from 2 to 5 MB

Interview with John Lassman (The Chucker) on the KQRS Morning Show on March 21, 2014 - #1 29 MB - #2 30 MB - #3 22 MB

Greetings from Chuckerland

Alan Ray (comedian)

Amy Block Joy (nutritional science)

Andy Andrews (Christian comedian)

Baby from Dinosaurs

Barry White (musician)

Benny Andersson (musician - ABBA)

Bernie Koppell (actor The Love Boat, etc.)

Bob Dylan (trying to reach))

Bob Guccione (founder of Penthouse)

Bob Lurtsema (athlete - former MN Viking)

Bob Schwartz (author)

Bob Weir (musician - Grateful Dead)

Bobby Goldsboro

Buddy Hackett (comedian)

Calvin Griffith (former owner MN Twins)

Carl Reiner (comedian)

Carl "The Truth" Williams' Brother

Carrot Top (comedian - Scott Thompson)

Charlene Tilton (actor)

Chef Tell (Friedemann Paul Erhardt)

Chinese Acrobats (translator)

Chris Ocasek (musician)

Chuck Woolery (trying to reach)

Danny Bonaduce (actor)

David Crosby (musician)

David Fisher (author)

Dennis Miller (comedian)

Dennis Miller (comedian)

Dick Van Patten (actor)

Dick Wilson (Mr. George Whipple)

Donald Trump (trying to reach)

Dr. Dean (hypnotist)

Dr. Judy Kuriansky (sex therapist)

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist)

Eddie Albert (actor)

Eddie Murphy (actor)

Edwin Newman (news anchor/reporter)

Eric Beanstalk (author)

Fred Savage (actor)

Gary Coleman (actor)

George Carlin (comedian)

George Lindsey (actor)

George Takei (actor)

Geraldo Rivera (reporter)

Herschel Walker

Imelda Poppins

Irwin Blye (author, private eye)

James Brown's Brother (Joseph)

James Buster Douglas (boxer)

James Kottak (musician)

Janet Jackson (singer, song writer)

Jeopardy! (trying to reach Alex Trebek)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jesse Jackson (civil rights activist)

Jim Baker

Jim Nabors (actor)

John Chancellor (news anchor/reporter)

John Tesh

Kathleen Turner

Ken Berry (actor)

Keanu Reeves (actor)

King Boreas (Winter Carnival)

King of Iraq

Leo Buscaglia (author)

Leslie Nielsen (actor)

Mama June (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)

Maury Povich (talk show host)

Michael Jackson

Michael Storm (actor)

Mick Jagger

Mike Farrell (actor)

Mike Reilly (game show host)

Mikhail Gorbachev

Morton Downey Jr. (talk show host)

Edwin Moses (athlete)

Naura Hayden (actor, author, singer)

Olga Korbut (athlete)

Ozzy Osbourne

Planet Hollywood Premier

Paul Hogan (actor)

Paul Shaffer (musician)

Pearl Bailey (actor)

Phil Lamar (MAD TV)

Phyllis Diller (actor)


Red Strangland (radio broadcaster)

Rob Schneider

Rob Lowe (actor)

Robert Conrad (actor)

Ron at Power 92

Sam Kinison (comedian)

Sandra Margot (porn star)

Shirley MacLaine (actor)

Star Search

Steve (DJ) Gives The Chucker Radio Tips


Victor Brooks (dancer Chippendales)

WCCO Radio Audition

Will Steger (actually Paul Schurke)

Woody Harrelson (actor)

We Will Rock You

Yakov Smirnoff

Playhouse Farewell

100 commercials that aired on KQRS from 1973-1976 promoting record album releases (provided by Alan Stone and Tom Oszman)

Ace - Five-A-Side -1975

Ace - Time for Another - 1975

Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters - 1973

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Stacked Deck - 1975

Ambrosia - Ambrosia - 1975

Asleep at the Wheel - Asleep at the Wheel - 1975

Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounter - 1975

Billy Cobham - Total Eclipse - 1974

Blue Oyster Cult - On Your Feet or on Your Knees - 1975

Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties - 1974

Brian Auger - Reinforcements - 1975

Charlie Daniels Band - Nightrider - 1975

Charlie Pride - The Happiness of Having You - 1975

Chicago - Chicago 9 – 1975

Climax Blues Band - Stamp Album - 1975

Danny OKeefe - So Long Harry Truman - 1975

Dave Mason - Dave Mason - 1974

Dave Mason - Split Coconut - 1975

Dave Mason - Split Coconut - 1975

Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams - 1975

Elvin Bishop - Juke Joint Jump - 1975

Eric Anderson - Be True to You - 1975

Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All - 1975

Gary Wright - The Dream Weaver - 1975

George Carlin- An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo -1975 (5 spots)

Gregg Allman - The Gregg Allman Tour - 1974

History of British Rock Vol 2 - 1975

History of British Rock Vol 3 - 1976

Hoyt Axton - Fearless - 1976

Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky - 1974

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow - 1975

Jerry Jeff Walker – Ridin’ High - 1975

Jesse Colin Young - On the Road - 1976

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust - 1975

Joan Baez - From Every Stage - 1976

Joe Walsh - So What - 1974

Johnny Winter - John Dawson Winter III - 1974

Johnny Winter - John Dawson Winter III - 1975

Joni Mitchell - Miles of Aisles - 1974

Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns - 1975 - AM Station Version

Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns - 1975 - FM Station Version

Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Kate and Anna McGarrigle - 1975

Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge - Breakaway - 1974

Laura Nyro - Smile - 1976

Leonard Cohen - New Skin for the Old Ceremony - 1975

Melissa Manchester - Better Days and Happy Endings - 1976

Melissa Manchester - Better Days and Happy Endings - 1976

Melissa Manchester- Melissa - 1975

Mick Ronson - Play Don't Worry - 1975

Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn - 1976

Monty Python - The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 1975

National Lampoon - Gold Turkey - 1975

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Brujo - 1974

New Riders of the Purple Sage - Oh What a Mighty Time - 1975

Orleans - Let There Be Music - AM Station Version - 1975

Orleans - Let There Be Music - FM Station Version - 1975

Ozark Mountain Daredevils – It’ll Shine When It Shines - 1974

Pablo Cruise - Pable Cruise - 1975

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 1975

Poco - Cantamos - 1974

Poco - Head Over Heels - 1975

Poco - Poco Live - 1976

Pure Prairie League – Bustin’ Out - 1975

Pure Prairie League - Two Lane Highway - 1975

Ray Manzarek - The Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll Now It's Out

of Control - 1974

Renaissance - Scheherazade - 1975

Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior - 1976

Rita Coolidge - Its Only Love - 1975

Robert Palmer - Sneaking Sally Through the Alley - 1974

Roxy Music - Siren - 1975

Rusty Wier - Rusty Wier - 1975

Shawn Phillips - Do You Wonder - 1974

Shawn Phillips - Furthermore - 1974

Stanley Clarke - Journey to Love - 1975

Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent - 1975

Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent - 1976

The Band - Northern Lights Southern Cross - 1975 (2 spots)

The Outlaws - Outlaws - 1975

The Outlaws - Outlaws - 1976

The Who - The Who By Numbers - 1975

Tim Weisberg - Listen to the City - 1975

Tim Weisberg - Tim Weisberg 4 - 1974

Tomita - Pictures at an Exhibition - 1975

Tony Williams - Believe It - 1976

Tracy Nelson - Tracy Nelson - 1974

Weather Report - Tale Spinnin’ - 1975

Wishbone Ash – There’s The Rub - 1974

BONUS ... Concert Commercials

Climax Blues - Leonard Skynard - Elvin Bishop - 1975

Frank Zappa - 1975

Melissa Manchester - 1975

Movie Commercials

Monty Python - Monty Python & the Holy Grail - Inaccuries - 1975

Monty Python - Monty Python & the Holy Grail - Queen of England 1975


KEYD-AM (1440) - Station Profile (1949)

PDF file - 6 MB

Note:This PDF File is best viewed if you "right click" the file and save to your computer for viewing.  AM 1440 later became KQRS-AM.

KQRS-FM Street Sheets 1978-1980

Sept '78 (front) (back) *     

Dec '78 (front) (back) *

Jan '79 (front) (back) *

Dec '79 (front) (back) *

Sept 1979 **         Oct 1979 **

Nov 1979 **          Apr 1980 **

May 1980 **         Oct 1980 **

* Provided by Jay Philpott 

** Provided by John Oleson

KQRS-AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) - Rate Card from April 10, 1977

JPEG File (provided by Alan Freed)

KQRS AM/FM Coverage Map (undated)


KQRS T-Shirt from the late 1970s-early 1980s

click on image to enlarge

Provided by Bob Vesely

Sales Kit from 1986

PDF File (1 MB

(provided by Jay Philpott)

"I Ain't Got Time to Poop" poster (1999)

PDF File



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