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Q:       Who runs RadioTapes.com?

A:       RadioTapes.com a collaborative effort of many individuals. The website is operated by Tom Gavaras. Tom has been an avid radio historian for many years.

The majority of the un-credited airchecks on RadioTapes are from his collection. Tom previously worked in marketing and operations at WCCO Radio/ Midwest Radio Networks, at a division of American Public Media Group, and at WWTC-AM when the station was known as "The Golden Rock." Thank you to the many contributors (see below) who have provided airchecks to this website. Special appreciation to Mark Durenberger, Jay Philpott, Todd Kosovich and others for their inspiration and guidance.

Q:       What is the best way to listen to the audio files on RadioTapes?

A:       Due to the large size of some of the MP3 audio files, the recordings are best played using a high-speed connection. Some web browsers will start playing audio

files when you click on them. Others won't start playing until the file loads (which can take a while with large files). You can also download the audio files to your computer (see below).


Smartphones - Most of the audio and video files can also be played on many smartphones especially when you have a faster connection.


Q:       Can I download and save the audio mp3 files to my computer for later listening?

A:       Yes. If you are having problems playing audio files, this is your best option to avoid long delays.

•  PC: Right click the file with your mouse. Be sure to note the default directory to which it downloads or create a special directory of your own for

   this purpose. Click "save."

•  Mac: Press “option” key and click your mouse over the file name

Q:       How can I contribute airchecks and materials?

A:       We are grateful for all aircheck and printed material contributions. Our primary focus is the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. We are always looking

for good quality historical recordings (audio and video). We accept various types of audio formats (CD, cassette, reel-to-reel, transcription record, etc.). If you send us an original tape, we will carefully transfer it to a digital format and promptly return it to you along with a flash drive. Or, you can e-mail mp3 recordings and scans. For more information, please contact us.

Q:       Why are all the songs edited/scoped?

A:       In respect of the licensed use of copyrighted music, we are unable to include full songs in the airchecks.

Q:       Do you accept financial donations?

A:       As noted on the home page, we recommend that if you wish to make a financial donation, please send it to the Pavek Museum.

RadioTapes.com features airchecks/materials provided by the following people. Thank you!

Steve Aggergaard

Jeanne Andersen

Al Arneson

Michael J. Ashwood

Glenn Austin

Mike Bares

David Becker

Curtis Beckmann

Jim Beer

Jerry Berg

Paul Bergly

Jeff Blakeslee

Charlie Boone

Craig Broden

Steve Brown

Bob Bundgaard

Rick Burnett

Joe Busetto

Jeff Butler

Johnny Canton

Brian Carlson

David Carlson

Henry Clark

Missy Clark

Curt Copeland

Helen Diehl

Donald Dornberg

Paul Douglas

Tim Dunbar

Mark Durenberger

Drew Durigan

Jon Ellis

Peter Erdman

Jennifer Foxhoven

Alan Freed

Mark Fuller

John Galt

Jerry Geist

Ron Gerber

Glenn Griffin

Dan Gulino

Larry Haeg, Jr.

Jacob Hammond

Caleb Hanson

Paul Harner

Family of Raymond and

     Muriel Harrington

Al Heiden

Stuart Held

Dan Hertsgaard

John Hines

Mark Hopkins

Chad Huderle

Bob Hupfer

Larry "Hutch" Hutchinson

Martin Jacobson


Ben Patrick Johnson

Scott Johnson

Jason Karnitz

Brian Keenan

Steve Ketelaar

Phil Kitchen

Robert Konshak

Ken Kops

Todd Kosovich

Dan Kroening

Darryl Kuka

John Lassman

Tom LeVasseur

Jeff R. Lonto

Bill Lund

Curt Lundgren   

Donald K. Martin

Ernie Martz

Bob Mayben

Buck McWilliams

Roger Meyer

Jeff Miller

Fr. Michael Miller

Aaron Mintz

Tom Mischke

Kirk Morgan 

Erin Murphy

Don Nickel

Jacob Niemand

David Ocar

Chris O'Connor

John Oleson

Patrick Olsen

John Oleson
Bryan Olson

Dave Olson

Kenny Olson

Tom Oszman

Jeff Paletz

Brian Person

Nyal Peterson

Mark Pfeifer

Jay Philpott

Pat Puchalla

Tom Ring

Bob Rivard

Tammy Rodriguez

John Rohow 

Lawrence Ronglien

Kurt Rosselit

Mark Rotenberry

Don Roux

Cindy Saba-Stoewer

Bill Satre

Keith Schad

Jim Schrader

Irwin "Irv" Schreiner
James Schrimpf

Rick Schwartz

Dan Seeman

David Senechal

Bob Shannon

Arne Shulstad

Jeff Sibinski

Danny Sigelman

Richard Sigurdson

Bick Smith

Eric Sorensen

Chuck Spear

Kevin St. John

Rick Stephenson

Scott Stevens

Cindy Saba-Stoewer

Alan Stone

Jonathan Sucha

Tom Swezey

Bruce Thalhuber

Anthony Thompson

Scott Todd

C. Vainio

Ray Valdovinos

David Valento

Bob Vesely

Robyn Watkins

David Westby

Bill Wilken

Tom Wollenberg

Troy Woodruff

Joe Younglove


Plus donors who have requested to be anonymous

Ownership/copyright of airchecks, videos and printed materials posted on this website remain with the radio and television stations that produced them. The purpose of RadioTapes.com is educational and is intended only for private, non-commercial use. Public reposting of airchecks and materials from this website is not permitted without the permission of RadioTapes Inc. and the originating source.

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