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5/7/1988 - Del Roberts at the Frogtown Diner - 17 MB (provided by Aircheckairwaves)

1995 - Franklin Hobbs Tribute  #1 - #2 #3 - #4 (mp3 files: 7 to 14 MB) - (provided by Missy Clark, Franklin's daughter)  

1998 - Paul Stagg - 1 MB - (provided by Al Arneson)

2004-2005 - "KLBB's Sessions at the Times" with Bick Smith - 2 MB (provided by Bick Smith)

KLBB-AM 1220


Most of the mp3 audio files are about 23 MB in size.


The following "Flashback Twin Cities" shows with Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow aired on KLBB-AM (1220) between 2012-2015.

Louie Anderson 10-18-2014 (BIO)

Dana Benson 1-24-2015 (BIO)

Andre and Sally Bernier 1-5-2013 (BIO)

Mike Binkley 4-6-2013 (BIO)

Tim Blotz 1-4-2014 (BIO)

Bob Bruce 2-9-2013 (former KSTP-TV sports anchor)

Kevyn Burger and Julie Kramer 6-5-2015 (Burger-BIO) (Kramer-BIO)

Johnny Canton 5-18-2013 (BIO)

Barbara Carlson 9-21-2013 (BIO)

Steve Carroll 9-7-2013 (BIO)

Jason Davis 6-8-2013 (BIO)

Paul Douglas 12-6-2014 (BIO)

Deborah Ely-Lawrence and Mike Walcher 12-21-2012 (Ely/Walcher - former WCCO-TV news anchors)

Deborah Ely-Lawrence and Robb Leer 5-4-2013 (Ely - former WCCO-TV news anchor) (BIO-Leer)

Deborah Ely-Lawrence 12-14-2013 (former WCCO-TV news anchor)

Mike Fairbourne 11-23-2013 (BIO)

Dennis Feltgen 2-26-2013 (BIO)

Karen Filloon and Dennis Feltgen 7-13-2013 (BIO-Filloon) (BIO-Feltgen)

Roy Finden 3-2-2013 (BIO)

Marcia Fleur 6-28-2014 (BIO)

Ralph Jon Fritz 10-19-2013 (BIO)

Rusty Gatenby 5-10-2014 (BIO)

Mike Stretch Gelfand 12-13-2014 (former member of the KQRS-FM Morning Show)

Bernie Grace 8-17-2013 (BIO)

Ron Handberg 8-10-2013 (BIO)

Tom Hendrick and Shannon Farnon 10-26-2013 (Hendrick - former WCCO-TV reporter) (Farnon - voice of Wonder Woman)

Bud Kraehling and Allan Lotsberg 6-1-2013 (BIO-Kraehling) (BIO-Lotsberg)

Brian Lambert 3-9-2013 (BIO)

Allan Lotsberg 3-22-2014 (BIO)

Ron Magers 7-27-2013 (BIO)

Ernie Martz 10-12-2013 (BIO)

Randy Meier 1-18-2014 (BIO)

Pat Miles 6-15-2013 (BIO)

Tom Mischke 4-26-2014 (BIO)

Neil Murray 12-7-2013 (BIO - former consumer advocate/reporter for KSTP-TV)

Ron Rosenbaum 8-31-2013 (BIO)

Turi Ryder 3-8-2014 (BIO)

Tom Ryther 1-11-2014 (BIO)

Tom Ryther and Dr. Walt Lyons 2-16-2013 (BIO-Ryther) (BIO-Lyons)

Joe Schmit 6-7-2014 (BIO)

Paul Stagg 8-24-2013 (BIO)

Joan Steffend 5-11-2013 (BIO)

Alan Stone 1-12-2013 (former KQRS-FM announcer and Program Director)

Alan Stone 12-21-2013 (former KQRS-FM announcer and Program Director)

Lindsay Strand and Chris Meltved 4-13-2013 (BIO-Strand) (Meltved - former manager, news operations & director at KSTP-TV)

Stan Turner 12-1-2012 (BIO)

Stan Turner and Peter Thiele 9-29-2013 (BIO-Turner) (BIO-Thiele)

Barry ZeVan 3-30-2013 (BIO)

Barry ZeVan 6-29-2013 (BIO)

Barry ZeVan 4-12-2014 (BIO)



KLBB-AM - A tribute to Bill Diehl that aired on the Stan Turner Wolf Brewing All Request Show on July 21, 2017. This show aired a few days after Bill's passing. Stan's guests included Rick Shefchik (writer/author), Don Effenberger (journalist), Tony Andreason (The Trashmen), and Bob DeFlores (DeFlores Film Project). Plus airchecks and interviews with Bill. #1 21 MB -  #2 21 MB

KLBB-AM - Sample of holiday music programming broadcast on Dec. 22, 2017 (provided by Jacob Hammond)

KLBB ceased broadcasting on March 31, 2018 as the 3.6 acres of land in Stillwater, which has been the location of the station's radio tower, had been sold.

KLBB-AM (1220) - Stan Turner's final Wolf Brewing All Request Show

broadcast on March 30, 2018  #1   #2  #3  #4  (25-28 MB files)

KSTP-TV Coverage KARE-TV Coverage

KLBB-AM - Final minutes before the station signed-off including an announcement by the owner, Dan Smith -  March 31, 2018 - 5 MB


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