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                   KDWB "Rock & Roll" patch by Jay Philpott




EARLY 1960s

KDWB-AM "Color Radio/Channel 63" Chuck Blore Jingles (630 AM) - #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  (provided by Bill Wilken)


A sample of "Image Part 1" by Hank Levine, the instrumental that was based on the KDWB/KEWB/KFWB jingle signature. (1961) 1 MB. This song reached

#98 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #19 on the KDWB Fabulous Forty. The song is a tribute to Chuck Blore's "Color Radio" image campaign, which can be heard above.  Here is the flip side of the record, a sample of "Image Part 2" - 1 MB


The following recordings feature many "color radio" jingles and liners. Audio quality varies, but is definitely worth listening to. (provided by Darryl Kuka)

Bob Friend - Includes commercials for Twin City Federal, Griswold Typewriter Company, Northwest Direct Center, KDWB Disc/Coveries album (see part of album cover to the left) and "Hey, Let's Twist" (movie). Surprising to hear a few announcements saying, "... the best of Bob Friend. If you are keeping a rating diary, you may want to write that down." Includes newscast by Art Blaske and "Live Line to the World of Sports" with D. J. Leary.

James Francis Patrick O'Neill - Includes commercials for Twin City Federal, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Royal Crown Cola, Clark Gas Stations, RDI - Retail Discounts Inc and "Hey, Let's Twist" (movie). Includes newscast by Art Blaske and " Live Line to the World of Sports " with D. J. Leary.

July 1964

Aircheck including Donald K. Martin at the opening, a commercial for the movie "The Moon-Spinners," and a "KDWB Instant Discovery" jingle at the end -

2 MB (provided by Phil Kitchen)




KDWB-AM (630) - Charlee Brown from including various news/public affairs segments and a newscast with Henry J. Marcotte - 10 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for The Rounders (movie), Doublemint Gum, Robert Hall, Macleans Toothpaste, Two on a Guillotine (movie), Orrin Thompson/Riverview Terrace, and STP.




"Kelly" Bob Shannon including jingles, commercials and news with Stan Turner - 22 MB (provided by Bob Shannon)

1967 and December 21, 1966

Peter May - 12 MB

Including partial newscasts with Robert Morgan and Duane Engle, partial "Spot Check on Sports" with Don Riley plus commercials for The Arbors - A Symphony For Susan (album), J&B Furniture Mart and Donaldson's,



Jim O'Neill - 14 MB (provided by Aaron Mintz)


Tac Hammer - 23 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes two newscasts, Don Riley's Spot Check on Sports and commercials for Grain Belt Beer, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Sussel, St. Paul Life and St. Paul Suburban Newspapers and Dayton's, Ruffles.


Peter May - 15 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Including partial newscasts with Duane Engle, "Spot Check on Sports" with Don Riley plus commercials for Donaldson's, Crown Auto, Buck Hill, Bobby's (featuring the Castaways) and Hamm's Beer.

August 3-4, 1967




The Monkees were in the Twin Cities for a concert and broadcast from KDWB's "Secret City" with a remote from the hotel where the band was staying. Featuring Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones.


The recordings feature candid, silly and serious moments from The Monkees - a wonderful collection of recordings during the two days The Monkees took over the radio station.


August 3, 1967 to 4 am on August 4, 1967: Starting with coverage of the Monkees' airplane arrival at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport followed by Michael, Peter, Micky and Davy broadcasting from "Secret City" playing records, performing a skit, and some candid comments by Micky about criticism concerning the group not playing all instruments in their songs, thoughts about The Beatles, and more. Includes KDWB personalities Charlie Brown, Earl Trout, Tac Hammer, Bobby Davis and newscast by Robert Davis. #1 30 MB - #2 21 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


August 4, 1967 (3:00-6:00 pm): Mostly featuring Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork spinning records with Michael having fun insulting KDWB advertisers including Dayton's and J A Gerber Jewelers and Peter playing the banjo. Includes newscast by Don Miller.    #1 16 MB - #2 23 MB - #3 19 MB - #4 8 MB    (provided by Phil Kitchen and Jeanne Anderson)

Includes commercials for J A Gerber Jewelers, Durkee Seasoned Spices, Ray Conniff "This is My Song" album, Pedwin Shoes, Baskin-Robbins, Preparation H, Heileman Old Style Beer, Minnesota Dragways, NCC Drive-In Theaters, "The Big Mouth" with Jerry Lewis (movie), Dad's Root Beer, Mobile, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Schlitz Beer, Coca Cola (sung by Ray Charles), STP, Summer Blonde Hair Spray, Honda and Hamm's Beer.



James Francis Patrick O'Neill - 18 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes newscast with Ron Abernathy and commercials for Born Losers (movie), Grain Belt Beer, Crown Auto Stores, Conoco, Beneficial Financial, Schlitz Beer, Gulf Gas Stations, KDWB third annual Drag Festival at Minnesota Dragways and Kent cigarettes.


John Hamilton - 21 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes newscast by Don Miller and commercials for Diet Pepsi Cola, Gluek Beer, Dad's Root Beer, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, NCC Drive-In Theaters, Gulf Gas Stations, Hamm's Beer, Dayton's, Coke (sung by the The New Vaudeville Band), Kodak Instamatic Cameras, Milk/American Dairy Association (voiced by George Gobel), Prom Ballroom, Pedwin Shoes, Born Losers (movie), and KDWB Third Annual Drag Festival.



Tac Hammer - 19 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes two newscasts and commercials for Donaldson's Brookdale, Grossman Chevrolet, STP, First National Bank of St. Paul, Up With People, Wink soft drink, Lovable's Sweetheart Bra, Bimbo's Bar with Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs and The Happiest Millionaire (movie).



Bobby Davis - 13 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes newscast with Robert Summer and commercials for St. Joseph's Aspirin for Children, Chrysler, Grossman Chevrolet, Thoroughly Modern Millie (movie), Durkee Salad Seasoning, and St. Paul Civil Service Bureau.


Jimmy Reed - 12 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes newscast by Robert Summer and commercials for Grossman Chevrolet, Montgomery Ward, Coca Cola (sung by Los Bravos), Royal Oldsmobile and Sunshine State Orange Juice.





Lord Douglas (Phil Heuer) - 4 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes lots of jingles and a legal station announcement at 1:05 into the aircheck


"Dream Jingles" from the "21 All Time Dream Hits" album - #1   #2  (provided by John Rohow) 


January 1968

Tac Hammer - 8 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Grain Belt Beer, Crown Auto Stores, Marigold Foods Pennant Drink and More Downstairs.


May 1968

Earl L. Trout III including many commercials - 10 MB (provided by Bob Mayben)


October 1968

True Don Bleu - 12 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for "A Country Music Spectacular" from Nashville (album), Velvet Glove Malt Liquor, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Coca-Cola (sung by Gladys Knight & The Pips), Minnesota Drag Racing in Coon Rapids, True Don Bleu at Brady High School for the Pepsi Pop Hop and Furniture Barn.


October 1968

True Don Bleu - 8 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for 5th Avenue Candy Bar's "Uptight on 5th Avenue" album, The Prison Bar in Burnsville, Lancer, Dayton's Record Shop, Pepsi and Furniture Barn.



Ron Block - 4 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Sign on announcement (Undated) - (provided by Danny Sigelman)

EARLY 1970s



A Christmas Carol from the early 1970s including Rob Sherwood, Barry McKinna, Michael J. Douglas, Adam North, Charlee Brown, Marc Anderson and True Don Bleu. 17 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)


Rob Sherwood - 12 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for YooHoo chocolate energy drink and Arby's.



Bob Reed (aka Chuck Roast) - 17 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

An interesting aircheck with KDWB news director Bob Reed having to fill in for an ill overnight KDWB DJ, so he uses the name Chuck Roast. Includes newscast and commercials for J. A. Gerber Jewelers and Berman Buckskin.




KDWB-AM (630) - True Don Bleu including a newscast with Peter Huntington May - 7 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Merit Chevrolet, The Beatles' Hey Jude LP at JC Penney, Magoo's, Rosedale and Southdale Bridal Shops, and M.L. Novak Jewelers


True Don Bleu - 6 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)



Rob Sherwood - 3 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)



True Don Bleu - 22 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes a newscast with Michael J. Douglas and commercials for American Motors Dealers (Hornet), Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Bright Side Shampoo, Mountain Dew, Protein 21 Hair Spray, Brown's Clothing in Minneapolis, Wrigley's Spearmint Gum, Tanya Hawaiian Sun Tan Lotion, Clairol Lemon Go Lightly, GAC Finance, Grain Belt Beer, Global Van Lines, Milk: First Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Race, Black Sabbath and Bloodrock at the St. Paul Civic Center, Schmidt Beer, Coca-Cola (sung by Aretha Franklin), Budweiser and The Big Doll House (movie).





Rob Sherwood - 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Chris Roberts - 7 MB





True Don Bleu- 13 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes newscasts by Michael J. Douglas and commercials for 7-UP, Auto Radio Specialists, Minnesota Dragways, Boone's Farm Apple Wine, Berman Buckskins and Willard (movie)



Demo Tape featuring Charlie Brown, Adam North, Barry McKinna, True Don Bleu, Dick Austin, Rob Sherwood, Chris Roberts, Bob Lange - 10 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)




KDWB-AM (630) - True Don Bleu (March 31, 1972) - 7 MB

Including commercials: Super America, K-Tel 20 Dynamic Hits, Coke (Quincy Jones & Orchestra), Cycle Rama at the St. Paul Armory, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Clairol, Ford (Pintos, Mavericks and Mustangs), Earl Brown Farm Apartments (remote with Michael J. Douglas), Milk, Certs, and Purple Barn.


New Year's Party broadcast from with Rob Sherwood, True Don Bleu, Bob Lange and Michael J. Douglas. Includes commercials for Jeremiah Johnson (movie), Pepsi, Quaker State Motor Oil, Ultra Brite and General Motors Corporation. Note: Audio quality is fair as it was recorded off-air. 12 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)


Bill Gardner & Michael J. Douglas - 6 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


Adam North - 21 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Dixie Mobile Homes, Hudson Sports & Travel, Solarcaine, Schell's Beer, Doublemint Gum, Country Club Malt Liquor, JC Penney, Sisters (movie), Twin City Honda, Vega car show Rosedale Center, Melanie at Carnegie Hall record at Musicland,Como Park Apartments, RC Cola, St. Croix Valley Sports, Old Style Beer and Burnsville Burningham Apartments.



Rob Sherwood - 1973 - 15 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show and Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids at the Minneapolis Armory, Hals Sportswear, Sun Scene '73 Fashion Show, The Godfather (movie), Everynight Shampoo, Zayre Shoppers' City, Coca-Cola (sung by The Fortunes), Atlantis and 7-Up.

Rob Sherwood - Live at the Minnesota State Fair - August 25, 1973 - 21 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials Merit Chevrolet, Goodman Jewelers, Leon Russell at Parade Stadium, Robinson's Clothing, Coca Cola (sung by the Four Tops), The Hong Kong Cat (movie), Levi's, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Lancer's Warehouse, Donaldson's, Heavy Traffic (movie), United Stores, 7-Up, Turf Club in Houlton, WI and Instant Homes.


Rob Sherwood live at the Minnesota State Fair on September 3, 1973 - 5 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Townhouses of Woodbury Woods, Rosedale Center, Coke (sung by The Spinners), Castle Mobile Homes, Hal's Sportswear, Cedars Edina Apartments, Pepsi, RC Cola, and Robinson's Clothing Store.


Bill Gardner - 21 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes newscast by Michael J. Douglas and commercials for Brookdale Pontiac, Goodman Jewelers, Eveready Batteries, Trinity Boys (movie), S&H Green Stamps, Cherokee Village Apartments, Beneficial Finance, Lake Marion Ball Room in Hutchinson, Grand Pre West Apartments, JC Penney, Schweigert, Lafayette Radio Stores, Akavan Imports, KDWB Haunted House, and Patty Mobile Homes.


Bill Gardner (his final show) - #1 16 MB -  #2 12 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes Michael J. Douglas with Weatherball weather and newscast. In addition, commercials for Jim Croce - I Got A Name (album), JC Penney, Beneficial Finance, Neil Diamond: Jonathan Livingston Seagull (album), Listerex, Dial Finance, Isabel Rosé Wine, Northwestern Banks, Surdyk's, Delmonico's House of Stereo, and Genie Garage Door Opener. 



Bob Shannon - 8 MB (provided by Bob Shannon)


True Don Bleu - 4 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for KDWB Burger King Popularity Poll, Stridex Medicated Pads and Body All Powdery Spray w/out Talc.



Steve O'Brien -  4 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Rob Sherwood's final day - 5 MB - (provided by Danny Sigelman)


Composite - 10 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


True Don Bleu - 8 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

Includes commercials for Rudy Luther's Hansord Pontiac, Ronco's "I Love Music" album, Froggies Family Restaurant, WCCO-TV The Scene Tonight, Texas Sweet Grapefruit and Midwest Federal.


Mike Butts - 18 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Towns Edge Ford, KDWB Orange Crush Conversion Van, Musicland, Dayton’s, Northland Ford Dealers, A&W Root Beer, Snyder’s, The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (movie), Crown Auto, Suzuki, Toyota, Goodman Jewelers, Knight’s Formalwear, and Brookdale Boulevard Chrysler Plymouth Toyota.



True Don Bleu -14 MB (provided by Bruce Thalhuber)

Includes commercials for Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo, Schaak Electronics, Dayton's, Coppertone, Pepsi, Schlitz Beer, Sun In, Mudd, Minnesota Dragways, H. Salt Fish & Chips, Spokes and Sports, and White Castle.


True Don Bleu - 18 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for New Horizon Townhomes; Henry Gross, Jeff Beck and Fleetwood Mac at Parade Stadium, K-Tel Mind Bender album (22 original hits), That's Entertainment Part II (movie), Stayfree Mini Pads, McDonald's McFeast, Goodman Jewelers, Southtown Shopping Center Summer Fair, GiGi's Summer Sale, Coppertone Tropical Blend, White Castle, Mountain Dew, Sun In, Mudd (Zaps Zits), Sklar's Furniture in St. Paul, H Salt Fish & Chips and Olympia Beer (sung by Jose Feliciano).


Jeff McKay - 3 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


60s At Lunch - 1 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


9/16/1976 - 6 AM

Start of simulcast on 630 AM and 101.3 FM (KDWB AM/FM)  - 1 MB (provided by Bob Rivard)



Bob Lange -- 7 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Venus Waterbeds, George's Sports City, Fox and Hounds Restaurant, Orange Blossom Diamond Center, and Blitz Bar



Dave Thompson - 4 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Dave Thomson, Bob Lange, True Don Bleu, Smokin' Joe, Tim Kelly, Dave Cooper, John Sebastian - 13 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Ed O'Brien - 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Ed O'Brien, Marc Elliott, Dave Thomson, True Don Bleu #1 11 MB - #2 11 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Dave Kirby - 15 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Seewald Jewelers, Kentucky Fried Movie, Musicland, White Castle, 22nd annual GSTA Rod and Custom Show, Park Music, Becklund Jewelers, Jim Christie Pontiac GMC Trucks, Osman Temple Shrine Circus, The Limited, and Jackson Brown and Karla Bonoff at the St. Paul Civic Center.


Bob Lange - 13 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Pannekoeken Huis, Crown Auto, HFC Household Finance, 10,000 Auto Parts, Northwestern Bell Yellow Pages, Dayton's Hi-Fi Show, Coach (movie), A&B Sporting Goods, and Williams Uptown Bar



Smokin' Joe Hager - 7 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for St. Paul Citizens for Human Rights, Bootsy's Rubber Band at the St. Paul Civic Center, United Stores, La Casa Coronado restaurant, Bonnie Bell cosmetics at Dayton's, and 7UP


True Don Bleu - 17 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Hopkins Honda, St. Paul Citizens for Human Rights, Super America, Schaak Electronics, Bootsy's Rubber Band at the St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press, Busch Beer and Flicker Women's Shaver.



Dave Kirby - 12 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for St. Paul Citizens for Human Rights, Bootsy's Rubber Band at the St. Paul Civic Center, Montgomery Wards, Jackson Brown and Karla Bonoff at the St. Paul Civic Center, Jordan Ford, Marco Cellar Disco, and Waterbed World.



True Don Bleu - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for 10,000 Auto Parts, 7-Up, Army Reserve, Anacin, Preparation H, Baby Ruth, The Pearl Diver Restaurant in Minnetonka, Rockford House, Busch Beer, Valleyfair, Southtown Freeway Toyota and Hurrah.


Sept. 1978

True Don Bleu "Going away party" tribute by Michael Christian - Not Aired - 7 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) (contains explicit language)


True Don Bleu Final Show - #1 19 MB - #2 15 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

Includes commercials for The Brothers Deli, 7-Up, Farrah Fawcett Shampoo, Dayton's JRS Sale, Dad's Root Beer, Pickwick International (needing warehouse employees), Wrangler sportswear, Max Factor Pure Magic, Super America, Aspen League Ski Sale, Palmolive dishwashing liquid, US Army, Busch Beer, Aqua Night waterbed store, Pepsi US Women's Indoor Tennis Championship, Donaldson's, Red Owl grocery stores, Valley Fair, US Air Force, Long Cadillac, Dunwoody Institute, Goodman Jewelers, Southtown Freeway Toyota, K-Tel The Hot Ones album, Burger King, Burnsville Bowl Entertainment Center and Excedrin.

True Don Bleu Goodbye Song / from above aircheck  - 2 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

July 1979

Smokin' Joe Hager - 13 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Chris Edmonds - #1 11 MB - #2 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)  


Chris Edmonds Great Moments in Top 40 - 3 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Mark Seger - 2 MB


"Real Rock 101" including Jack Hicks and Mark Seger - 2 MB (provided by Don Roux)

February 1982

Chris Edmonds "Morning Sickness" with news, weather, sports and commentary - 11 MB

February 1982

Chris Edmonds "Backwards Music" feature - 5 MB  

May 1982

Chris Edmonds "Backwards Music" follow-up - 7 MB  




Chris Edmonds - Includes a newscast with Chris Edmonds and the following commercials: Rapid Sports Centers, MMRA / Morgan Associates Motorcycle Insurance, XEROX Store, Water Bedroom, Graham Parker (album), Haircut 100 (album), Twin City Tire, McDonalds, Toyota City, Kill and Kill Again (movie), Valleyfair, Oldsmobile, and Countryside Condominiums by Orrin Thompson.

Summer 1982

Chris Edmonds & Pam McManus - 10 MB (provided by Rick Schwartz)






Chris Edmonds and Pam McManus "Morning Sickness" - 18 MB (provided by Eric Sorensen)


Michael Fox - 4 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)



Buck & O'Connor interview with comedian Tim Conway - 6 MB (provided by Buck McWilliams)

(click on image to enlarge)



Buck McWilliams & Chris O'Connor with comedian Jerry Seinfeld (before his Seinfeld television show) - 23 MB (provided by Buck McWilliams)


Buck & O'Connor the day after the Minnesota Twins won the American League Championship Series by beating the Detroit Tigers ... with Buck McWilliams, Chris O'Connor and Linda Evans (news) and includes the full version of a "Rev it Up" Twins Baseball tribute - 27 MB (provided by Todd Fairbanks)

Listen to more recordings when the Minnesota Twins won the 1987 World Series and 1991 World Series. Click here.


The New Morning Zoo with Tim Walkoe, Dave Anthony, Mr. Lee, Linda Evans, Pete Busch - 1 MB


Humble Billy Hayes - 18 MB - (provided by Tim Dunbar)


Greg Thunder - 15 MB - (provided by Tim Dunbar)


Steve Cochran - 1 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)


Steve Cochran and Lee Valsvik - 14 MB - (provided by Tim Dunbar)


KDWB-FM - WDGY-AM (101.3 / 630) - Rare station IDs that mention both call letters - .5 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


35th Anniversary Special (1994) - Lots of great memories, interviews and jingles. Appearing: Mark Anderson, True Don Bleu, Chuck Buell, Lou Buron (General Manager), Bill Dorweiler (Chief Engineer), Paul Hedberg,"Bullet" Bob Lang, Jeff McKee, Donald K. Martin, Don Michaels, Barry McKinna (Barry Siewert), Lou Riegert  (Lou Waters), Domino Rippey, Chris Roberts, Jackson Ross, Rob Sherwood, Sam Sherwood, Mike Sigelman and Bobby Wilde#1 27 MB - #2 21 MB - #3 20 MB - #4 18 MB - #5 24 MB - #6 15 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)

(Undated - 1990s)

Tone E Ely - 3 MB


Tone E Fly - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Zannie K - 8 MB
(provided by Al Arneson)


Scotty Davis - 2 MB


Corey Foley farewell - 23MB (provided by Caleb Hanson)


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KDWB-AM Coverage Map (undated) JPEG

Verification letter - 1960 JPEG (provided by CPRV)

kdwb all time hits.jpg

"Big 630 All Time Hits" Brochure - 1966 PDF

Beat magazine - 9/23/1967 (Super Sunday) - PDF File

Beat magazine 10/21/1967 (Earl L. Trout III Jailed for Charity) - PDF File

KDWB-AM (630) - Minneapolis Tribune - Aug. 17-23, 1969. PDF file (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)

Dashboard Detectives: Intrigue from a Minnesotan's Ford Falcon Radio - written by Shannon Huniwell - PDF File 1 MB

This article spotlights the history of KDWB-AM and WDGY-AM.

Published in the June 2011 issue of Popular Communications magazine. This article is posted with permission and includes images and references to RadioTapes.com.



  Photos from approximately 1973 - (Click on photo to enlarge)

Rob Sherwood - 7 pm-Mid

Chris Roberts - Mid - 6 am

True Don Bleu - 3-7 pm

Adam North - 9 am-1 pm

Barry McKinna- 1-3 pm

Charlee Brown - 6-9 am

Bob Lange - Weekends

KDWB-AM (630) - Photos from 1976 (Provided by David Senechal)  (Click on photo to enlarge)

KDWB Building
Brian Phoenix
Dynamite Dave
Jeff McKee
Joe Hager

KDWB T-Shirts from the 1970s-1980s - click on image to enlarge - provided by Bob Vesely

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