(all 1130 AM unless otherwise noted)



 Remembering Bill Diehl (1926-2017). For Bill Diehl airchecks and more (click here)) -



WDGY's (1180 AM) coverage of Howard Hughes landing at Minneapolis' Wold-Chamberlin Field to re-fuel for the last leg of his around the world flight. This coverage was also broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting System - 21 MB - (provided by Todd Kosovich)


Live broadcast from Don Leary's Record and Radio Store in Minneapolis - 5 MB (audio quality is a bit rough)

   (provided by the Minnesota Historical Society with special assistance from Greg Borgen of WDGY-AM)


Jingles - 2 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Herb Oscar Anderson including WDGY's attempt to contact the planet Mars and more - 16 MB



(click to enlarge)

WDGY-AM (1130) - Programming aircheck sampler including the Don Kelly Show (includes Ray-O-Vac battery

commercial),Dan Daniel Show (includes Burnett’s Vanilla commercial), Stanley Mack Show (includes Grandma's Molasses commercial), Bill Armstrong Show (includes Phillips 66 commercial), Bill Bennett Show (includes Coca-Cola commercial), and Bill Diehl Show (includes Hi-Spot Lemon Soda commercial). Plus, weather cast, police radar report, “Front Page News” with Joseph Della Mava including a commercial for Twin City Federal, a bulletin, “Quarter Hour Headlines” with Ralph Martin, and Night Beat with George Rice including an interview segment with Jayne Mansfield. - 19 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


CRC Jingles - 3 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger and Mark Fuller)



CRC Jingles - 6 MB (provided by Mark Fuller)


Early 1960s

PAMS - "Little Girl" Liners - 6 MB (provided by Mark Fuller)


Various jingles from the 1960s including singing jingles for Perry St. John, Johnny Canton, Scott Burton, Diamond Jim Dandy, George Young and more

1 MB (provided by Jonathan Sucha)



Tom Wynn including jingles and commercials - #1 12 MB - #2 12 MB


Bill Diehl including lots of great jingles - 23 MB



Peter May from 1961 - 10 MB - Includes commercials for US Navy and US Marines (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Peter May from July 27, 1961 - 17 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Peter May from July 31, 1961 - 9 MB - Includes commercial for the Furniture Barns (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Perry St. John - 6 MB (provided by Mark Fuller)



Hal Raymond - 14 MB (provided by Stuart Held)



Bill Diehl - 8 MB (provided by Phil Kitchen) -


Sam Babcock with a portion of the "Tall Tiger Top 50 Survey" from 1964 - 11 MB  (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes a partial newscast and commercials for Firestone, Greater Minneapolis Safety Council and Danceland in Excelsior

February 1964

Bill Diehl interviews Bob Reed and Tony Andreason from The Trashmen (a popular 1960s Twin Cities rock & roll band) 5 MB

At the very end of the above WDGY interview with Tony Andreason, Bill Diehl references the new Music Survey that has Freddy Cannon's Abigail Beecher at No. 13.  Here is a link to the WDGY Music Survey on Oldiesloon from Sunday, February 22, 1964 which shows the song in that position. 



Bill Diehl - 5 MB  (provided by Curt Lundgren) 

Includes a newscast and commercials for Vern Donnay's Brookdale Estates and Dayton's Top 10 Club.

July 7 & 8, 1964
Sam Babcock counting down the "Tall Tiger Top 50." Included are many commercials and jingles. You will also hear the influence The Beatles had on the station's programming. #1  29 MB  -   #2  27 MB  (provided by Phil Kitchen) Phil says that the aircheck was recorded on a Wollensak tape recorder with an audio cable clipped to the speaker terminals of a Setchell Carlson tube table radio.


Wonderful WDGY jingles - 3 MB


All American Jingles - 2 MB


Mort Crowley -  #1 - 10 MB  - #2 - 11 MB

December 1966

Johnny Canton - 8 MB (provided by Aaron Mintz)


Johnny Canton - 1 MB


Johnny Canton - Interview with Roger Miller and Andy Williams - 2 MB


Johnny Canton - Interview on Dick Clark's American Bandstand - 1 MB (intro by Canton)


1959: KCMO-AM (710 Kansas City, MO) with actor Eddie Bracken,

singer/actor Johnny Desmond (7/13/1959) - 3 MB

1962/1963: WRAW-AM (1340 Reading, PA) - Production elements

voiced/produced by Canton - 3 MB

1963: KUDL-AM (1380 Kansas City, MO) Aircheck - 1 MB

1964: WHAM-AM (1180 Rochester, NY) Aircheck - 1 MB

1965 : WHAM-AM (1180 Rochester, NY) Interview on Dick Clark's

American Bandstand - 2 MB

1966: WIXY-AM (1260 Cleveland, OH) Aircheck - 1 MB

Canton personalized jingles and liners - 3 MB (intro by Canton)

Various interview (snippets) - 3 MB (intro by Canton)


George Young - 2 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Diamond Jim Dandy (final show). Part 1 with newscasters George Young - Part 2 with newscaster Curtis J. Johnson. - #1 16 MB - #2 9 MB



Diamond Jim Dandy - 8 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Minnesota Dragways, Mennen Dry Deodorant and Schells Beer.


Jimmy Reed - 8 MB


(Canton Appearance in

the 1970 movie Airport)


Johnny Canton (includes Schaak Electronics commercial) - 7 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren


Donald K. Martin - 16 MB (provided by Donald K. Martin)

December 1972

Boom Boom Bailey - 9 MB


Charley Van Dyke and Donald K. Martin - 10 MB (provided by Donald K. Martin)


Mark Anderson - 4 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

March 1973

Mark Anderson - 7 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Boom Boom Bailey - 5 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Michael - 15 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Curt Perry - 4 MB (provided by Al Arneson




WDGY-AM (1130) - Charlie Van Dyke and Donald K. Martin - 10 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman

Includes newscast and commercials for Anacin, Eastern Airlines, GAC Finance, Target, Fairview Chrysler Plymouth, Joyous Christmas LP at Beneficial Finance, Hansord Pontiac, Xerox, Sears, First Minnehaha National Bank, and Quality Mercury.


Michael with newscast - 4 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Charlie Van Dyke & Donald K. Martin - 16 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Johnny Canton & Donald K. Martin - 11 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Michael + newscast with Burt Ross - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


Boom Boom Bailey - 4 MB (provided by Al Arneson)


September 1974

Wolfman Jack live in studio on the Jimmy Reed Show - 7 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


May 1975

Catman (Tom Barnard) - 2 MB

July 1975

Catman (Tom Barnard) - 8 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Johnny Canton - 6 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman) Includes a newscast, WDGY promos, and commercials for Schuler Shoes, Larry Reid's Bloomington Chrysler Plymouth, Craft Village, Montgomery Ward, and West Photo. Note: There is storm static on the recording.


October 1975

Catman (Tom Barnard) - 6 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Diamond Jim Dandy and Johnny Canton - 26 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes a newscast with Mark Anderson and commercials for Pannekoeken Huis, WDGY Incredible Contest, Holiday Village Stores, Dayton's, Levi's for Feet, Goodman Jewelers, 1977 Subaru, Northwestern Bell, Winn Stephens Datsun North, Dolomite ski boots and WCCO-TV Scene Tonight.


Johnny Canton - 7 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)



Catman (Tom Barnard) - 2 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)



Catman (Tom Barnard) Final show - 7 MB. (provided by Alan Stone)

Includes commercials for Y-11 Album Special, Coca-Cola, The Amazing Rhythm Aces at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium, Y-11 Count The Winners weekend, 7-11 fight against Muscular Dystrophy, Supertramp "Even in the Quietest Moments" album discounted with Butterfinger or Baby Ruth wrapper, and Black Sunday (movie).


Format change from Top 40 to Country - #1 8 MB  -  #2 8 MB (provided by Jay Philpott & Bob Rivard)



Gary Stone - Country - 3 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)





WDGY-AM (1130) - Paul Johnson including newscasts with Ron Rohr - 7 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

October 1978

Jimmy Reed - Country - 5 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

June 1981

Hal Hoover - 10 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

Jay Philpott writes, "Hal worked at KQRS from about May 1977 to February 1981. On his last show, he hinted that he would be back on Tuesday "somewhere over the radio." That turned out to be a six-month stint at WDGY. He debuted on Stereo 101 during the Minnesota State Fair exactly six months after leaving KQRS. Apparently, KQ was OK with him working at WDGY, but held him to the six month non compete before he could go to KDWB-FM. He stayed at 101 for about three years and went back to KQ in '84 as KDWB-FM started sliding back to CHR. He left KQ about '85 or '86 and worked at KJJO Hot Rockin' 104 for a couple of years there before heading up to Duluth where he worked for KKCB, B-105. He's out of radio now and in the automotive business."


Paul Johnson - 10 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes an NBC Radio newscast plus commercials for Rapid Sports Center, Anheuser Busch LA Beer, Sanka Brand Decaf Coffee, and Mita Copier


Rick Stephenson, James Doohan (Star Trek's Scotty) and an excited caller - 3 MB (provided by Rick Stephenson)


Rick Stephenson and Charlie Bush - 4 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)



Station Promo - (courtesy of Jacob Hammond)



Sports Warp with Guy Green and Greg Harrington - 28 MB (provided by Brian Veys)

January 1991

Sports Warp with Guy Green and Greg Harrington (1991) - #1 14 MB -  #2 14 MB (provided by Brian Keenan)


News Radio/Sports Radio IDs and various promos - 2 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)



WDGY-AM - KDWB-FM (630/101.3) Rase station IDs that mention both call letters - .5 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


WDGY Radio Rey ID (630 AM) - Spanish Programming


WDGY Jingle (740 AM) - True Oldies Channel


WDGY (740 AM) - "The WDGY Classic Weekly Countdown" with Larry Ravenswood featuring the top 10 songs from the WDGY 30 Star Survey from Sept 4, 1970. 13 MB. The actual WDGY survey featured can be found at Oldiesloon here.


WDGY radio personality Paul Geiger retired retirement after 43 years on the air. Geiger spent most of the last decade working at WDGY-AM/FM. He previously spent 26 years at WLTE where he hosted the "Saturday Night Cruise" program. He kicked off his career in Montana and later worked in Menomonie, WI.

WLTE-FM (102.9) - Paul Geiger - Saturday Night Cruise 1992 - 8 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)

WDGY-AM (740) - Paul Geiger - October 18, 2013 - 10 MB (provided by Jacob Hammond)

WDGY-AM (740) - Paul Geiger and Jeff Butler live at the Back To The 50's car show - June 17, 2016 - 29 MB (provided by Jacob Hammond)

WDGY-AM/FM (740 - 107.1 HD2) - Paul Geiger's final show including special guests - February 12, 2021 - Part 1 42 MB - Part 2 - 49 MB (large files!) (provided by Jacob Hammond)


(Click on Images to Enlarge)

(Canton appearance in

the 1970 movie Airport)


From The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website: When Johnny Canton visited a Warrensburg, Missouri, radio station as a teenager, it inspired him to begin a broadcasting career that has lasted nearly fifty years and has made him an important figure in Twin Cities radio and television. He got his first on-air job at age 16 at KLEX AM in Lexington, Missouri, and for the next several years worked in radio at stations in Colorado, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Rochester, and Cleveland. In 1966 he joined the staff of WDGY as music director and became a much-loved and widely popular rock ‘n’ roll disc jockey and concert emcee. After 11 years at WDGY, he moved to WCCO FM (WLTE 102.9 Lite FM). The former host of Bowling for Dollars on KSTP TV and Bowlerama! on KMSP TV, he has appeared in numerous national and regional television and radio commercials, as well as such films as Airport and Mad Dogs and Englishmen. He has participated in many charity golf tournaments and other community events, and has been president of the advertising and production firm Canton Communications. One of his many claims to fame is that he was the first DJ to play John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

A video and photos of Johnny Canton, who was inducted into the MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2006, can be found on the Pavek Museum website.

Star Tribune Story       Star Tribune Obituary

   (Click on button for WDGY music surveys)

Happy Hollow Boys brochure (1930) - PDF


(provided by CPRV)

Station profile



The History of WDGY Radio - 126 page 1970 master's thesis Jerry Verne Haines 5 MB PDF

Billboard - 1990 (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)



Promo card from early 1960s WDGY-AM T-Shirt from the 1970s-1980s - provided by Bob Vesely:


wdgy bumper sticker.jpg


The following WDGY-AM North Country Radio images are scanned from a children's book called "Careers with a Radio Station" (written in 1983 by Mark Lerner with photographs by Milton J. Blumenfeld). Click on photos to enlarge.

Andrea Jo Atkinson, Announcer

announcer - s.jpg

Ron Rohr,

News Directornews director - s.jpg

Jim du Bois,

Music Directormusic director - s.jpg

Russ Bohaty,

Sports Directorsports director - s.jpg

Bonnie Vogan,


researcher - s.jpg

Gary Stone,

Program Director

program director - s.jpg

Rose Nebo, 

Account Executive

account executive - s.jpg

Ken Stone, Sales Manager

Sheri Ettinger, Account Exec.

sales manager - s.jpg

Barry Siewert,

Production Director

production director - s.jpg

Don Dahl, 

Chief Engineer

chief engineer - s.jpg

Barb Gehlen,

Traffic Manager

traffic manager - s.jpg

Paula Halker,

Steve Douglas, Continuity

continuity director - s.jpg

Judy Dibble,

Promotions Director


Lucy Meyers,

Promotions Assistant

promotions assistant - -s1.jpg

Dale Weber,

General Manager

dale weber general manager - s.jpg


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