Remembering Charlie Boone (1927-2015). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Steve Cannon (1927-2009). For airchecks and more (click here)

  Remembering Dick Chapman (1930-2015). For airchecks and more, inluding many "Honest to Goodness" shows (click here)

Remembering Ray Christensen (1924-2017). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Bill Diehl (1926-2017). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Roger Erickson (1928-2017). For airchecks and more (click here)

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Remembering Joyce Lamont (1916-2014). For airchecks and more (click here)

Celebrating the career of Dave Lee (Retired). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Chuck Lilligren (1928-2017). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Dark Star / George Chapple (1946-2012). For airchecks and more (click here)

Remembering Howard Viken (1924-2021). For airchecks and more (click here)

WCCO Radio Tornado and Severe Weather coverage airchecks (click here)

Learn more about many of these WCCO broadcasters who have been

inducted into the MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame on the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website

Page Featuring WCCO Radio Sports Airchecks and more!



WLAG-AM (720 kHz) The earliest recording of a program known to be carried by a Twin Cities station, "The National Defense Day Program."  The program begins with a reading of a list of stations in the "chain" and thereby contains the only known recording of someone saying "WLAG Minneapolis" that was actually broadcast over WLAG.  WLAG had left the air on July 31, 1924.  This defense day broadcast was a really big deal in the USA that day, so the parties negotiating the funding and founding of WCCO (out of the ashes of WLAG) agreed to put station WLAG back on the air for this one night so that the station could join this early coast to coast experiment. 3 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)

1926 and 1929


Wheaties Quartet - One of the first singing commercials (both mp3 files less than 1 MB each):

1926 version

1929 version


St. Paul Winter Carnival Coronation Radio Broadcast  (810 kHz) 20 MB


WCCO-AM (830) - As heard on WCCO Radio, CBS Radio live coverage of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler's speech from Berlin Sportspalats before 15,000 cheering attendees demanding that Czechoslovakia hand over Sudeten territory to Germany as broadcast on September 29, 1938. Includes translation and analysis by H.V. Kaltenborn, a brief speech segment by Joseph Goebbels, and a WCCO Radio station ID during part six. This recently discovered historical recording is one of the most complete of this speech known. #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6 (mp3 files from 14-16 MB) (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)


In honor of those who perished during WWII, here is a link to the United States Holocaust Memoriam Museum.




WCCO-AM (810) - Broadcast of "Bill Carlson and His Band of a Million Thrills" from from the Minnesota Terrace at the Hotel Nicollet on November 20, 1938. Enjoy this unedited 25 minute recording. 12 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

Note: WCCO Radio was broadcasting at 810 AM in 1938. The station moved to 830 AM in 1941. In addition, the station's studios were located at the Hotel Nicollet until 1938.


Attack on Pearl Harbor including WCCO ID announcements 17 MB


WCCO's Paul Wann reads a flash and bulletin announcing the death of President Franklin Roosevelt  .5 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


"School of the Air" program produced by CBS Radio/WCCO Radio featuring students from Minneapolis West High School discussing "Is World Organization Possible?". This program aired eight days after the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 10 days before the death of Adolf Hitler and 18 days before the surrender of Nazi Germany. The recording ends with a WCCO Radio ID and a live commercial for Bulova watches. (8 MB). Note:  The recording audio quality is poor.


WCCO-AM (830) - Minneapolis Mayor Hubert H. Humphrey reading the newspaper comics from the Minneapolis Tribune during the "Stay At Home" campaign during a polio outbreak. Frank Butler hosts the show with music by Toby Prin. Humphrey's children, Skip and Nancy, also appear on the show. 21 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich) 

FYI: The Minnesota State Fair was cancelled in 1946 due to outbreak of polio.  The Star Tribune published a story about the above broadcast including photos:  www.startribune.com/local/blogs/116452338.html


"Stairway to Stardom" with Cedric Adams, Frank Butler and local contestants - #1  #2  (14 MB each)




Bob DeHaven's "Our Own Bob" show broadcast from the Our Own Hardware store in Little Falls, MN - 12 MB

July 1949



WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Bob Hope, Arthur Godfrey and Monica Lewis - 14 MB


Cedric Adams Memory Time Show - 9 MB


(Thanks to Todd Kosovich

for the above image)

8/6/1949 - Schmidt's City Club with Clellan Card, Ed Viehman, Mary Davies, Tony Grise, City Club Orchestra with Wally Olson and more - 7 MB

1950 - Schmidt's City Club with Clellan Card, Frank Butler, Mary Davies, City Club Band and more - 7 MB

1950 - Schmidt's City Club with Clellan Card with Frank Butler, Tony Grise, Mary Davies, Velvetones, Wally Olson Orchestra and more

#1 6 MB - #2 10 MB


People and Events of 1949 - 10 MB


Cedric Adams Production Room Bloopers  7 MB (contains adult language)


Cedric Adams - "Phone Call Bits" -  Sewer 5 MB - Taxes 6 MB

Early 1950s

"Your Home Town" with Cedric Adams profiling the city of Slayton, MN - #1   #2  (both 14 MB)

July 1950



WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Garry Moore, Eddie Cantor, Janette Davis, Tony Grise and more- 14 MB


Robin Hood Saturday Night Party - #1 14 MB - #2 15 MB


Melody Matinee including commercials - 7 MB

July 1951

WCCO Aquatennial Show with Cedric Adams, Ken Murray and more- 7 MB




Clellan Card brief introduction of himself. - 1 MB



"Cedric Adams Fast Five" - Cedric's weekday five minute feature broadcast over the CBS Radio  Network - 1 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)




Cedric Adams interviews Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin - 7 MB


Cedric Adams - I'll Never Forget - 13 MB

July 1953


WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Clellan Card, Victor Borge, George Jessel, The McGuire Sisters, Jeanne Arland, Tony Grise, Joan Iden, Minneapolis Choraliers, Wally Olson and more.  #1 28 MB  -  #2 35 MB


Good Neighbor Time show broadcast from 1954 with Bob DeHaven, Maynard Speece, plus music by the Wally Olson Orchestra and The Red River Valley Gang, and more - 21 MB


Saturday Night Party and Talent Parade with Jack Huston - 9 MB

July 1954


WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Art Linkletter, Jack Carson, Helen O'Connell, Ramona Gerhardt, Minneapolis Choraliers, Wally Olson and more.  #1 29 MB - #2 38 MB




"Sunrise Salute" with Allen Gray including newscast, conversation, music, etc. - 9 MB (Note: audio is a bit rough)


30th Anniversary Broadcast - #1 40 MB - #2 36 MB

Excerpt from 30th Anniversary Broadcast  4 MB


"Good Neighbor Time" - Bob DeHaven - 9 MB (provided by Aaron Mintz)


WCCO Aquatennial Show broadcast with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Bob Crosby (brother of Bing Crosby), Jan Murray (who was host of the television game show "Dollar A Second"), Guy Mitchell and much more.  #1 22 MB - #2 22 MB


First Bank Notes with Joyce Lamont and Ed Viehman 4 MB - Recording is scratchy


First Bank Notes with Clellan Card and Joyce Lamont sponsored by First Banks featuring music, time, temperature and news - 5 MB

January 1956

WCCO Winter Carnival Broadcast from 1956 with Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, Johnny Carson, Steve Lawrence, Warren Hull (host of the CBS television show "Strike it Rich") Richard Hayman, Mindy Carson, The Red River Band, Burt Hanson and others.   #1 24 MB  -  #2 30 MB (audio is a bit rough at times due to the poor condition of the transcription records



Ernie Martz with "Accent on Music" including 1:05 am sign-off - 14 MB (provided by Ernie Martz)

May 1958


On May 11, 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state to be admitted into the union. In 1958, WCCO Radio commemorated Minnesota's Statehood Centennial Year, bringing history to life in a twelve broadcast series. This series recreated the drama of Minnesota progress from the days of the first explorers into the frontiers of the space age. Narrators were Cedric Adams, Bob DeHaven, and Dr. E.W. Ziebarth. The recordings are approximately one-hour each, totaling 12 hours. MP3 files are approximately 28 MB each.  

Minnesota Milestones 1 - Ox Carts to Rockets: The Story of Transportation

Minnesota Milestones 2 - Sod Buster to Soil Bank: The Story of Agriculture

Minnesota Milestones 3 - The Towering Skyline: The Story of Forestry

Minnesota Milestones 4 - Faith of Our Fathers: The Story of Religion

Minnesota Milestones 5 - Minnesota's Marching Men: Military Affairs

Minnesota Milestones 6 - Frontiers of Enterprise: Business Labor and Finance

Minnesota Milestones 7 - Climate for Culture: Education and the Arts

Minnesota Milestones 8 - Pipestone to Taconite: Mining and Geology

Minnesota Milestones 9 - The 32nd Star: Politics and Government

Minnesota Milestones 10 - The State of Pleasure: Sports and Recreation

Minnesota Milestones 11 - Sight and Sound: The Story of Communications

Minnesota Milestones 12 - Medicine Man to Miracle Drug: The Story of Medicine


Open Mic Program - Listeners call in message to be later played on Russian radio - 2 MB




CBS Radio coverage of the flight of Freedom 7 piloted by Alan Shepard, the United States first manned mission into space.   #1    #2  - 12 MB each (provided by Todd Kosovich)

The flight of Freedom 7 lasted 15 minutes, 22 seconds and the spacecraft traveled 302 miles from its launch point.





For thirty years, the best known voice in the Upper Midwest belonged to Cedric Adams. He made his first newscast for WCCO in 1934. He soon became an institution, reporting the news and hosting such programs as Stairway to Stardom, The Phillips 66 Talent Parade, and Dinner at the Adams. Pilots claimed that they could see the lights go out all across the region promptly each night after Cedric signed off his 10:00 p.m. newscast. We are presenting a recording featuring Cedric Adams' laughs and bloopers that was made available as a record after his passing in 1961. - 18 MB


CBS Radio's pre, flight, and post coverage of astronaut John Glenn becoming the first American to orbit the Earth as he flew aboard Project Mercury's Friendship 7 spacecraft. Glenn circled the globe three times in a flight lasting 4 hours and 55 minutes before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean. Coverage anchored by Dallas Townsend at Cape Canaveral. Includes remarks by President Kennedy in part seven. - #1   #2   #3   #4    #5    #6    #7    #8  (mp3 files range from 12 to 17 MB) (provided by Todd Kosovich)



CBS Radio - CBS World News Roundup - Pre-Cuban Missile Coverage - Reports that President Kennedy and officials are planning something big today. “Extraordinary peace time secrecy shrouds this city.”  There will be a major announcement sometime today.  A lot of rumors and wonder:  Is it Cuba?  Is it Berlin?  Emergency Construction crews are working around the clock at Key West Florida.  Service men are flooding into the city.  Control Tower built and made working in one day! - 3 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)




WCCO Radio coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - Click Here


Honest to Goodness special "clear channel" coast-to-coast broadcast with Dick Chapman and Randy Merriman 13MB (by Mark Durenberger)

Many more Honest to Goodness shows are posted on Dick Champan's page.



Arthur Godfrey Show from Minneapolis Leamington Hotel with Charlie Boone, Roger Erickson and Howard Viken - #1 17 MB - #2 12 MB (provided by Donald Dornberg)




Portions of a raw tape recorded by then WCCO General Manager Larry Haeg Sr. interviewing former 'CCO Radio GM Earl Gammons about the early years at WLAG-AM / WCCO-AM. Mr. Haeg was off microphone but can still be heard asking the questions. 10 MB (provided by the Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland - thanks to Mark Durenberger for enhancing the audio)

October 1964



40th Anniversary Special - #1 15 MB  -  #2 17 MB

40th Anniversary Broadcast - Radio Voices of the Past - #1 18 MB  -  #2 15 MB


Honest to Goodness  - 13 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)


Honest to Goodness with Dick Chapman and Randy Merriman - 8 MB (provided by Larry Haeg, Jr.)




WCCO-AM (830) - The Last Days of Lincoln. A five part re-enactment series that aired in 1965 on the 100th anniversary of the death of President Abraham Lincoln. #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  (mp3 files approx. 15 MB each) - (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)


Farm City Day broadcast from Lake City, MN including Maynard Speece, Roger Erickson, Howard Viken, Joyce Lamont, Jergen Nash and

Jim Hill - #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6  (mp3 files range from 24-31 MB) - (provided by James Schrimpf)

The above recording features many vintage commercials (which we have also isolated) including (approx. 1 MB each):

Anacin     Camel Cigarettes     Camel Cigarettes     Copenhagen Tobacco     Corn Huskers Lotion     Fresh and Air Humidifiers

Gleem Toothpaste     Great Northern Train     Local Florists     Lucky Strikes Cigarettes     Mustang     Mustang

Northwestern National Bank ("May We Help You Today")     O'Brien Paints     Pall Mall Cigarettes     Pure Oil     Sara Lee     Southdale

True Cigarettes     True Cigarettes     United Airlines ("Fly the Friendly Skies")     Vantage Watches  


Aircheck of Bob DeHaven with the Standard Oil News Roundup, Paul Giel with the sports and Roger Erickson - 6 MB - (by Mark Durenberger)


Noon Hour - #1 22 MB - #2 25 MB (provided by Bob Rivard)




WCCO and CBS Radio breaking news coverage of the Apollo 1 tragedy Click Here.





WCCO Radio/CBS Radio - Lowell Thomas breaks up laughing- 1 MB

April-June 1968



WCCO Radio/CBS Radio Coverage of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Click Here




An extensive collection of airchecks covering the shooting, death, funeral mass and more of Senator Robert F. Kennedy - Click Here



CBS Radio coverage of the Republican National Convention roll call to Richard Nixon's nomination - 25 MB (by Stuart Held)



WCCO Radio and CBS Radio breaking news coverage of Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia on August 20-21, 1968. This scoped aircheck begins about two hours before news of the invasion broke and continues with excerpts from the following hours.  - #1 22 MB  #2 32 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - First Bank Notes with Bill Diehl and Joyce Lamont. This program was broadcast on the same day of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's funeral in Washington DC, a national day of mourning, and features newscasts, patriotic music, weather forecasts, and commercials for First National Bank, RCA Color TV and Northwest Heating Oil Council - 12 MB (provided by Helen Diehl)

July 1969

Coverage of the launch, moon landing, first steps on the moon of Apollo 11 - Click Here

November 1969

Coverage of Apollo 12 - Click Here


Sales demo sample tape - 15 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

April 1970

Coverage of Apollo 13 - Click Here


Sales Demo -   #1 10 MB      #2 11 MB

October 1974

50th Anniversary Broadcast - #1 22 MB - #2 24 MB - #3 25 MB - #4 23 MB




CBS Radio and WCCO Radio news coverage on the fall of Saigon - Click Here -  3 MB



President Ford assassination attempt - CBS Radio Net Alert 2 MB  -  CBS Radio Special Report 8 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)




CBS Radio News: Jimmy Carter wins presidential election -  2 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


Charlie Boone and Joyce Lamont - 5 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)




Coverage of the death of Elvis Presley as the news broke on during the Cannon Mess with Steve Cannon including Dan Hertsgaard, Jergen Nash, Dick Chapman, Bill Diehl and CBS Radio. Recording also includes a CBS Radio newscast and "Newsbreak with Charles Osgood" feature that aired the following morning - 23 MB


CBS Radio 50th anniversary special (portion) and WCCO Nighttime News with Dan Hertsgaard including a report from WCCO Government Correspondent Arv Johnson - 25 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)

January 1978



Death Coverage of Hubert Humphrey (click here)


Aircheck from from 7-8:30 am with the CBS World News Roundup and WCCO Radio news with Howard Viken, Dick Chapman and Jergen Nash. Sports with Ray Christensen and weather and more with Glen Olson. Howard Viken show during the final 30 minutes with news with Glen Olson and special events with Joyce Lamont. #1 23 MB - #2 20 MB - #3 21 MB - #4 17 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Northwest Orient Airlines, Toro, Twin City Federal, Minnegasco, Standard Oil, Amoco, 3M Secretary 2 Copier, Minneapolis Star Newspaper, Dayton’s, Ray Eliot Buick, NSP, Western Airlines, Kline Oldsmobile, First Banks, Rosemount Inc., AC Spark Plugs, Pennzoil, Firestone, Yoplait Yogurt, Northwestern Banks, Peterson Pontiac, North Central Airlines and Nature Valley Granola Bars.

Includes commercials for Northwest Orient Airlines

October 1979

Airchecks during announcer/engineer strike. Station managers, sales people, etc. took over airshifts - 10 MB

Star Tribune article on IBEW strike - (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Announcement by Jon Quick and station VP and General Manager Phil Lewis that the 28 day IBEW strike had ended and engineers and announcers would be returning to work - 2 MB


Joe McFarlin and Franklin Hobbs  11 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)


"Real Radio Story" Sales Demo  8 MB

"Real Radio" programming demo - 9 MB

January 1981



Curtis Beckmann (News Director) talks with Bruce Laingen shortly after the release of Americans held hostage in Iran - 7 MB

March 30-31, 1981



WCCO/CBS Radio coverage of the shooting/assassination attempt on President Reagan - Click Here




CBS Radio breaking news coverage of the shooting/assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II - Reid Collins 6 MB  -  Richard C Hottelet 4 MB -  Reid Collins 9 MB





CBS breaking news coverage on the death of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat - 11 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)

April-May 1982



Extensive collection of CBS Radio newscasts covering the Falklands War - Click Here


Farm City Day broadcast from Hutchinson, MN including Roger Erickson, Chuck Lilligren, Curt Zimmerman, Bill Endersen, Dean Spratt, Denny Long, Joyce Lamont, Ray Christensen and others including Sid Hartman interviewing Minnesota Vikings head coach, Bud Grant - #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6  (mp3 files range 21-28 MB)


Breaking and continuous news coverage of the 1982 Minneapolis Thanksgiving Day fire that destroyed the 16-story headquarters of Northwestern National Bank (now Wells Fargo) and the vacant, partially demolished location formerly occupied by Donaldson's department store. Includes Steve Cannon, Rich Holter, Dan Hertsgaard, Jim Rogers and Joe McFarlin #1 7 MB  -  #2 7 MB  -  #3 7 MB  -  #4 9 MB.


Sign-Off Announcement  .5 MB




CBS Radio breaking newscasts of the Beirut barracks bombing resulting in 241 American servicemen deaths- 19 MB

(provided by Todd Kosovich)




Staff photo taken in 1984 celebrating WCCO's Steve Murphy winning a George Foster Peabody Award for a series of special reports he wrote and produced titled "Debbie Pielow: Waiting for a Heart that Never Came."

Debbie Pielow: Waiting for a Heart that Never Came - Murphy's Peabody Award winnng reports (1983) 10 MB   

Peabody Award News Release - PDF

Back row: Larry Haeg, Karin Mengar-Davis, Howard Viken, Dick Monn and Chuck Lilligren. Front/middle rows: By Napier, Jerry Miller, Barb Piazza, Clayt Kaufman, Bruce Hagevik, Gordon Mikkelson, Steve Murphy, ?, Tom Gavaras, Curt Beckmann, ? (partial face), Betty Hammond, Sue Frase, Judy Thorpe, Maureen Mulvaney, Linda Paulson, ?, and Steve Woodbury.




Morning show with Chuck Lilligren. A CBS Net Alert bulletin breaks in at 17:40 announcing the death of Russian leader Yuri Andropov. 19 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)




Coverage of the first launch of space shuttle Discovery along with regular WCCO Radio programming with Chuck Lilligren, Roger Erickson, Bill Farmer, Bill Endersen, Dick Chapman, Howard Viken and others. -   #1 8 MB   #2 18 MB   #3 18 MB  #4 8 MB.  Plus, ABC Radio's coverage of the launch with Bob Walker and Vic Ratner - 8 MB.  (All provided by Todd Kosovich)

October 1984

1984 - 60th Anniversary Broadcast - #1 15 MB  -  #2 16 MB

October 2, 1984 -WCCO Radio celebrated its 60th anniversary with a special gala honoring 60 "Distinguished Good Neighbors" - one designated for each year the station had been on the air from 1924 to 1984. Appearing at the event included many of the honored individuals and/or their families, WCCO Radio personalities, Charles Osgood, Harry Reasoner, the president of CBS Broadcasting Gene Jankowski, and local dignitaries. Event Program (PDF) - Speech by Jergen Nash (8 MB) about what makes WCCO Radio special and a closing speech by Charles Osgood (8 MB).



WCCO Radio/CBS Radio Election Night Coverage - President Ronald Reagan defeats Walter Mondale in a landslide, Senator Rudy Boschwitz defeats Joan Growe and more.   #1     #2    #3   (each aircheck 22 MB) (provided by Todd Kosovich)




Jim Rogers - 11 MB (provided by David Ocar)


Paul Stagg, Joyce Lamont, Bill Diehl - 31 MB (provided by David Ocar)



Howard Viken - 27 MB (provided by David Ocar)




Coverage Of The Challenger Shuttle Disaster - Click Here

October 1987



Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series celebration coverage - Click Here




Ruth Koscielak - 2 MB




Tim Russell - 2 MB



CBS Radio - Douglas Edwards' final hourly news broadcast - 6 MB




Paul Stagg - 4 MB


Tom Bodett - The End of the Road  - Old Log Theater

#1 17 MB - #2 13 MB - #3 15 MB - #4 18 MB - #5 15 MB

This show was recorded at the Old Log Theater (near Minneapolis) in 1989 starring Tom Bodett and Johnny B along with special guests including WCCO Radio's Boone and Erickson. In addition to hearing the show as it was broadcast nationally, you will also hear the interaction and dialog with the audience before the show started and between the segments that radio listeners never heard including retakes, audience instructions, recording of show promo, off-air performances and much more. Radiotapes has been granted permission by Tom Bodett to post this copyrighted recording.


Sports Programming demo - 2 MB



Tiananmen Square protest coverage from CBS Radio and WCCO Radio's Rich Holter, Denny Long and guests - #1 (19 MB) - #2 (16 MB) - #3 (10 MB)



CBS Radio World News Roundup and WCCO Radio's coverage of the fall of the Berlin wall - 14 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


The New Music Challenge sampler with Dan Hertsgaard, Alan Lotsberg, Pat Proft and Wayne Luchau. This show aired on WCCO Radio from 1990-1997, RBN Network from 1998-1999, and syndicated on the Minnesota News Network and on KLBB Radio from 1999-2003. - 19 MB (provided by Dan Hertsgaard)



"Moscow to Minnesota" with coverage of the visit to Minnesota by Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev including Ruth Koscielak, Roger Erickson, Dimitri Simes, Eric Eskola, Steve Murphy, Bruce Hagevik, Jan Jirak, Mark Ginther and Mary Ann Rentas.   #1 21 MB - #2 17 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


Includes commercials for Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, Quality Lincoln Mercury, Fuller O'Brien Paint, Delta Faucets, Thompson Oak Furniture, Blaine Dodge, Minnesota Beef Council, Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray, Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly, and Flintstones Vitamins.



Coverage of the start of Operation Desert Storm - Click Here

October 1991



Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series celebration coverage - Click Here



WCCO-AM (830) – Coverage of WCCO Ag Director Roger Strom taking the fifth grade class from Snail Lake School in Shoreview, MN to a farm near Balsam Lake, WI. 3 MB  (provided by Joe Younglove)


Timothy D. Kehr on the Denny Long Show - 8 MB (provided by Dave Olson)

Timothy D. Kehr passed away in September 2013. In the mid 1960s, Kehr produced “Liar, Liar,” by the Castaways (Billboard #12). He also arranged and produced “Nowhere to Run” By the More-Tishans, secured recording contracts for Crow (“Evil Woman Don’t Play Your Games With Me”), Northern Light (“Minnesota”) and others. Kehr managed two music publications: the Music Scene and the Insider. In 1967 and '68, Kehr wrote the column "Musically Yours" for the local TV Digest. From 1968-1980, Kehr worked for Columbia and Epic Records, Motown, 20th Century, and Polydor. During this time, Billboard Magazine named him executive of the year 1972 Through 1978. In 1980, Kehr left the record business to open his own advertising agency in the Twin Cities. Kehr also developed himself as a local television personality as a host of late night television from 1976-1986. In 2010, Kehr broadcast the True Oldies Christmas Show on WDGY-AM.


Tim Russell's Final Show (first time) - 5 MB (provided by Keith Schad) - Note: Aircheck has some technical problems.

March 1993



Tribune to Jergen Nash aired shortly before his death - 24 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)



  • March 25, 1993 - First show on WCCO-AM - #1 21 MB - #2 22 MB - #3 27 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)
  • March 1991 - Phil Hendrie Show - 7 MB
  • November 4, 1993 Phil Hendrie - A rare show when Phil explains and re-introduces his characters due to criticism and misunderstanding by station listeners - #1 20 MB - #2 20 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)
  • 1994 - Phil Hendrie - More than 3 Hours!  #1 37 MB  #2 25 MB  #3 29 MB  #4 22 MB  #5 25 MB  #6 27 MB - (provided by Anthony Thompson)
  • March 12, 1994 - Phil Hendrie Final Show on WCCO Radio - #1   #2   #3   #4  #5   #6 (14 to 28 MB) (provided by Don Roux)



WCCO Radio/CBS Radio coverage of the O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase - #1 19 MB - #2 26 MB - #3 23 MB




Wes Minter - Promo/contest tape - 6 MB (provided by Irwin "Irv" Schreiner)


Tim Russell - 14 MB (provided by Al Arneson)



Coverage of Years midnight as 1999 turned into 2000 2 MB (provided by Brian Keenan)




Coverage of the attacks on 9/11 - Click Here 




Coverage of the death of Paul Wellstone 10 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)





Coverage of the capture of former Iraq leader, Saddam Hussein

  • CBS Radio/WCCO News  #1  26 MB  #2  26 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)
  • Jack Rice and Eric Eskola. - 25 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)




35W Bridge Collapse Coverage - Click Here




Barack Obama wins presidential election - CBS Radio/WCCO Radio coverage - 4 MB




Coverage of the death of Michael Jackson - Click Here




Coverage of the reporting of the death of Walter Cronkite by WCCO Radio's Jeff McKinney, Mike Max and CBS Radio - 9 MB



Shootings at Fort Hood - Starting with the news breaking on WCCO Radio followed by CBS Radio reports throughout the afternoon - 20 MB




Breaking news coverage of the verdict announcement in the Tom Petters trial - 16 MB



Final Minutes of the last Don Shelby Show - 5MB

1/12 to 1/18/2010

WCCO Radio/CBS Radio Haiti earthquake coverage starting when the news first broke on 1/12 followed by reports that aired later that day and the following six days:  1/12/2010  1/13/2010  1/14/2010  1/15/2010  1/16/2010  1/17/2010  1/18/2010 (mp3 files range from 1 to 6 MB)

A catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake struck Haiti on January 12,2010. The epicenter was near the town of Léogâne approximately 16 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital. By January 24, 2010, at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater had been recorded. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake. Death toll estimates range from 100,000 to about 160,000 to Haitian government figures from 220,000 to 316,000, although these latter figures are a matter of some dispute. The government of Haiti estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings had collapsed or were severely damaged.


CBS Radio news coverage of the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others including dozens of Poland's military, political and religious leaders - 2 MB. 


Coverage from the English language service of Polish Radio (4/10/2010) 11 MB




Excerpts from Eric Eskola's final day including Dave Lee, Sid Hartman, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Bruce Hagevik, Steve Murphy, Telly Mamayek, John Rash and Cathy Wurzer - 21 MB

July 2011


July 8, 2011 - CBS Radio coverage of the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis - 7 MB

July 21, 2011 - Coverage of the landing space shuttle Atlantis.

  • WCCO-AM: CBS Radio Coverage - 4 MB      * KNOW-FM: NPR Coverage - 9 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - Tribute to Eleanor Mondale by Susie Jones (9/17/2011) - 4 MB


WCCO-AM (830) - News & Views segment featuring Eleanor Mondale hosted by Susie Jones including the above tribute and comments from current/former WCCO staff and listeners #1 20 MB - #2 13 MB (9/18/2011)


Television Coverage:  WCCO-TV    KMSP-TV    KSTP-TV              Newspaper Coverage:  Star Tribune     Pioneer Press


DNR Loon Nongame Podcast with Eleanor Mondale (9/3/2010) - 1 MB

More airchecks of Eleanor Mondale are posted on the WLOL page.



Breaking news coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act including the first reports and speeches by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama. - 25 MB


Breaking news coverage of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado as broadcast on July 20, 2012 between 3-7 am central time including CBS Newscasts and special reports, coverage on Overnight America with John Grayson, WCCO Radio newscasts, etc. 24 MB


Breaking news coverage of the mass shootings at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis including Adam Carter, Daphne Adato, Edgar Linares, Susie Jones, John Hines plus reports on CBS Radio newscasts and simulcast coverage from WCCO-TV including Bill Hudson. - 20 MB



WCCO and CBS Radio coverage that President Obama has won re-election - 6 MB


Tribute to Steve Murphy, WCCO Radio news journalist and managing editor, on his retirement - #1  (14 MB)  - #2  (16 MB)

Appearing: Mick Anselmo, Charlie Boone, Adam Carter, Steve Enck, Roger Erickson, Eric Eskola, Bruce Hagevik, John Hines, Susie Jones, Denny Long, Mike Lynch, Telly Mamayek, Steve Murphy, Tim Russell, John Williams.


John Hines broadcasts his final regular show (from the WCCO Radio Broadcast Center at the Minnesota State Fair) and is joined by many special guests including Bob Berglund, Tom Barnard and others9-10 AM (14 MB) - 10-11 AM  (28 MB) - 11 AM-12 PM (29 MB).


WCCO-AM (830) - A collection of Minnesota Hospital skits with Charlie Boone, Roger Erickson, Dave Lee, Sid Hartman, Eric Eskola, Mike Lynch, Tim Russell, Mike Max, Herb Carneal, John Gordon, Paul Flatley, Roger Strom, John Rash, WCCO Marketing Department, and more.

Minnesota Hospital Open and Close Theme Music - 1 MB



Sign Off - 1 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)


Clellan Card (undated) - 2 MB (Provided by Todd Kosovich)


Jergen Nash - 2 MB

Mark Durenberger

Jerry Miller

1996 and 2001

An "audio tour" of WCCO's Coon Rapids transmitter plant with Mark Durenberger and former WCCO Radio Chief Engineer Jerry Miller (2001) -  27 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger).  Plus, an aircheck of Jerry Miller with Steve Cannon talking about Jerry's retirement from WCCO Radio (July 1996) - 9 MB

WCCO-AM (830) - Show Opening Theme Music

CBS RADIO - News Hourly Sounders

WCCO-AM (830) / CBS Radio - CBS Radio recordings (provided by Jeff Miller) - All clips <1 MB unless specified

  • 4/17/60         - CBS News broadcast sponsored by Chevrolet
  • 7/13/68         - CBS News Morning report intro
  • 1970             - Douglas Edwards CBS Radio newscast
  • 11/14/1970    - Richard C. Hottelet CBS newscast on Marshall University (Huntington, WV) airplane crash
  • 6/18/1973      - CBS World News Roundup with Dallas Townsend
  • 5/14/1976      - Lowell Thomas' last broadcast on CBS Radio - 5 MB
  • 7/13/1977      - CBS Radio Net Alert on York City Blackout


CBS Radio - Newsmark:  50th Anniversary of the CBS Radio World News Roundup

Klaxon Weather Sounder

WCCO-AM Klaxon as it sounded in 1965 (used for more than two decades afterwards)

WCCO-AM Klaxon as heard during severe weather coverage on June 25, 2010

(KQRS-FM Klaxon Parody - Undated)





News Hourly Sounder 


Jingles - 4 MB


"Real Radio"   Full Vocal   -   Instrumental


"60 Years Strong"  Full Vocal   -   Instrumental

Mid 1980s

"Welcome to the Real World"   Full Vocal   -   Instrumental


"Turn to a Friend" jingles: Full Vocal (long version)   -   Instrumental (long version)   -   Soft Full Vocal   -   Soft Instrumental   -   R&B Full Vocal

R&B Instrumental   -   Rock Full Vocal   -   Rock Instrumental   -   Pop Full Vocal   -   Pop Instrumental   -   Promo Bed Music

News Jingle/Sounder   -   Weather Jingle/Sounder   -   Traffic Jingle/Sounder   -   Sports Promo Music  

Early 1990s

News You Want People You Know Jingles


Minnesota's 830 Jingles - 5 MB (provided by David Ocar)



WLAG-AM (720 AM) - 1924 *

    WCCO (720 AM) -

Mid 1920s


 WCCO-AM (720 AM)

Radio Digest 4/25/1925

WCCO-AM (720 AM) - 1925 Verification Card

WCCO (810 AM)

1929 *

WCCO-AM (810 kHz)

Newspaper ad (approx. 1930)

(provided by Mark Durenberger)

WCCO (810 AM) - 1930

WCCO (810 AM) - 1938

Img197.jpg   Img199.jpg

CBS Radio - The Magic of Radio Transmission (1940) - PDF File - 13 MB

"Calling All Women" studio ticket (3/28/1945)

WCCO-AM (830AM) 

25th Anniversary - 1949


WCCO-AM (830 AM)

1950s Cedric Adams

cedric cover.jpg

WCCO-AM (830 AM)

30th Anniversary - 1954


WCCO Radio (830 AM)

News Parade

August 1952

August 1953

August 1954

August 1955

August 1956

August 1957

September 1958

WCCO Radio (830 AM) - 1955

Illustrated programming guide

WCCO Radio (830 AM) - 1964

A Content Analysis of WCCO Radio during 1967 - Master's Thesis (120 Pages) 9 MB PDF

WCCO-AM (830 AM) - 1968 *

WCCO-AM (830 AM)

Program Brochures

(MN State Fair 1970 or 1971)

1971 ad promoting MN North Star broadcasts (provided by Brian Carlson)

WCCO Radio (830 AM)

Rate Card - 1977

Article about Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson

Minneapolis Tribune in 1981

Article "Tapping the Strengths of WCCO" (9/14/1984) PDF**

Welcome to the Real World "Evolution of Modern Man" magazine ad (approx. 1985)



(Star Tribune mention)

Newspaper Ad 1987

Newspaper Ad 1987

Newspaper Ad 1988

Newspaper Ad 1988

WCCO-AM (830) - Oversized Marketing piece from 1988 with detailed programming listing (measuring 28"x 21"). 

Magazine ad 1991 PDF file**

Marconi Award

Magazine ad 1991 PDF file**

Good Morning Show

Magazine ad 1991 PDF file**

Tim Russell Show 

Magazine ad 1991 PDF **

Twins Baseball

WCCO Insider - Feb. 1994

WCCO Insider - Fall 1994

WCCO Newsletter Fall 1988

WCCO Newsletter Fall 1989

WCCO Tune In - Newsletter Parody - 1990

WCCO-AM (830 AM)

Program Brochures

(Minnesota State Fair)

1970     1983     1984     1985

1986      1987**  1991**    1992**

1993**    1999  

* = Provided by the Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications        ** Provided by David Ocar     

RESEARCH PAPER - Is WCCO Radio’s beginning October 2, 1924 as their record suggests … or was it really September 4, 1922?

This research paper (31 pages) was written by Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee, Mark Durenberger, who has six decades of radio, television and satellite broadcast engineering experience, including having previously worked at WCCO Radio. Mark takes us back in time to the start of WCCO Radio and the two preceding years when the station was known as WLAG Radio. - 6 MB PDF


WCCO-AM (830) - An article from the April 1969 issue of Greater Minneapolis magazine, which was published by the Chamber of Commerce. A script of WCCO Radio's Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson at the 1969 Mid-Winter Baseball Banquet predicting what the Twins opener would be like ten years in the future in 1979. (provided by Jeff R. Lonto) - PDF file



A very early early recording of WCCO-FM (One of the station's first evenings) - Steve Edstrom - 25 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)


Jingle - .5 MB


Paul Stagg - 7 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren) Includes a commercial for K-Mart. Includes a WCCO-FM newscast.


Greg Gears - 5 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren) Includes commercials for Music of the Big Bands promo with Tom Ambrose and Arts and Science Fund. Starts with newscast.


Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Kline Oldsmobile in Roseville, Spaghetti Emporium, Schaak Electronics, Sears Men’s Store, Leon & Mary Russell and Firefall at St. Paul Civic Center, Shirt Shack, The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings (movie) with Richard Pryor, Apache Plaza Craft Show, Jennie-O Brand Turkey Roast, Iten Chevrolet, NSP, Zantigo Mexican restaurant (name change from Zapata), Sure Footing, Dayton’s RCA and Zenith TV sale, Musicland and Turquoise Turtle in Richfield. Plus ABC Contemporary Newscast, Sven Skarnasdag and more.


Peter May - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Including newscast ready by Peter May, ABC Contemporary newscast plus commercials for Pizza Factory, Wally McCarthy's Lindahl Olds, Venus Waterbeds and Knights Formal Wear


Insider Newsletter - PDF


Tom Ambrose7 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Carl Lensgraf with Captain Buzz Studley 5MB - Curt Lundgren 6 MB - Paul Stagg/Tim Russell/Bill Henderson 7 MB - Peter May 9 MB - Terri Davis 5MB - Tim Russell 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

August 1977

Tom Ambrose - 4 MB (provided by Ron Gerber)


Jerry Brooke - 13 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren) Includes commercials for Wally McCarthy Lindahl Oldsmobile, Schaak Electronics, Veterans Administration and K-Mart. Includes ABC Contemporary newscasts.


Peter May - 21 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren) Includes commercials for Sun In (hair lightener), US Navy, Contac, Rudy Boschwitz, Horizon Townhomes, Musicland, Shivers (movie), Saint John's Preparatory School, Winwood Edina Condominiums, Grease (movie), Audio Warehouse, JC Penny’s Summer White Sale, North Central Florists and Super America. Also includes WCCO-FM newscast.


Terri Davis  #1 10 MB   #2 13 MB   (provided by Curt Lundgren)  Includes local WCCO-FM newscasts, ABC American Entertainment Network newscasts, and commentary by Pat Chapman of ABC News on the kidnapping and death of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Plus, commercials for Firestone, Wally McCarthy's Lindahl Olds, Northwestern Banks, Pannekoeken Huis, Hartz 2 in 1 Plus Collar, Master Charge, Contac, Jim Christy Pontiac and GMC Truck, Oxy Scrub, and Public Libraries.

1979 (provided by Al Arneson)


Paul Stagg, Ray Scott newscasts, plus character voices by Carl Lensgraf & Tim Russell including Captain Buzz Studley, and more. #1 19 MB - #2 19 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)

Includes commercials for Video Den (read by Ray Scott), Consumer's Guide '79, Wild Wings, Dayton's Energy Consultants, Larry Reids Bloomington Chrysler Plymouth, Borton Volvo, Award Realty, US Post Office Express Mail, RW London & Co., Minneapolis Star, Toyota, Hubert W. White, IBM (get a small business computer starting at $18,000), 7-11 and Schaak Electronics (read by Ray Scott).


Terri Davis - 5 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


Sales Demo - 5 MB


"The Rude Awakening" with Tim Russell and Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)


Johnny Canton, Charlie Bush, Tim Russell - 6-7 AM -  #1 10 MB  -  #2 11 MB

WCCO-FM  (1981) - Photo

The Rude Awakening

Tim Russell, Carl Lensgraf

(Provided by Curt Lundgren)

Remembering Carl Lensgraf, who previously worked at WCCO-FM, WCCO-AM and KSTP-FM (KS95).


WYOO-AM: Bill Lake (aka Carl Lensgraf) - 14 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)


WCCO-FM: Carl Lensgraf with Captain Buzz Studley 5MB - (provided by Curt Lundgren)



WCCO-FM: "The Rude Awakening" with Tim Russell and Carl Lensgraf - 23 MB (provided by Tom Oszman)


KSTP-FM: Carl Lensgraf and Michael J. Douglas. Plus weather with Karen Filloon and traffic with Art Reeder - #1 17 MB - #2 15 MB



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