WLOL-AM (1330)


Mutual's election night news coverage with Gabriel Heatter - 12 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


Steve Cannon and Leigh Kamman - 15 MB. (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Broadway Plymouth, Local Owned, and Smith Bros. Black Cough Drops. Plus, "Yuck for a Buck."


Steve Cannon with the "Noontime Slump - 16 MB.(provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank, Klein Supermarket at Sun Ray Shopping Center, Royal Crown Cola, Jell-O, Roberts Family Shoe Store, Instant Fels Naptha, Bachman’s, Ralston Rice Chex and Neighborhood Theaters.


"Dance Party Show" - Interview with Guy Lombardo - 14 MB (provided by Stuart Held)

1960 (approximately)

Montage of recordings taken from various transcription records including commercials, station promo and a portion of a interview with comedian Jack E. Leonard. - 4 MB


Station ID - MOR Format - 229 KB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Sam Sherwood Interview - 27 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)

As a disc jockey, program director, and later general manager of KDWB-AM, Sam Sherwood was one of the key figures in the Top 40 era of AM radio, and eventually became vice president of parent company Crowell Collier Publishing. When KDWB was sold, Sherwood joined Entertainment Communications and pioneered the beautiful music format with WAYL-FM, where he spent ten years as general manager. (Description and photo courtesy of the Pavek Museum)

Includes commercials/promos for Mutual News, Robinson's Menswear, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (voiced by James Brown), Lake Street Bootery, and US Postal Service.



Current Line with Roy Fox and Ed Sharkey - 5 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Top of hour ID - Country music format - .5 MB (provided by Bob Rivard)

February 1977              

Michael O'Shay - Country music format - 2 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Tom Wynn Promo - 166 KB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

WLOL-FM (99.5 unless specified)


Beautiful Music format - 2 MB


Easy Rockin' format brief clip with jingle - .5 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Easy Rockin' FM 100 - Steve Shannon - 5 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


"Easy Rockin' FM 100" including Steve Shannon, Buddy Hollis, Karen Wong and Brian Acker - 6 MB (provided by Al Arneson)



"Get Me Up" Jingle Package

  • Jay writes, "When I left WLOL in August of '84, I went to KNBQ-FM in Seattle. Not long after I got there, I played the WLOL-FM 'Get Me Up' demo for my PD and OM and they loved it and bought the package. Aside from those two stations, I don't know of any others that carried the package. Here is the KNBQ-FM 'Get Me Up' full sing versions. What makes the 'Get Me Up' package so memorable is that it was completely homegrown in the Twin Cities, and not a package acquired from a bigger jingle house of the era , like PAMS of Dallas or JAM Productions. The 'Get Me Up' package was written and produced by Kyrl Henderson of Reel Good Productions. Today, Kyrl is still One Creative Guy at www.kyrl.com."
  • Jay Philpott tracked down another station that aired the "Get Me Up" jingle package and says, "Bill Shannon (who worked at WLTE from 1985-1988) sent me this group of jingles from WIXX/Green Bay (8 MB)   I'm not sure if they bought the whole package - all of the shorter "workhorse" cuts are here, but apparently they didn't buy the full sing version of "Get Me Up." Another "Get Me Up" station found! This is from WRKA Louisville, KY from 1987.  Bill Shannon found these as well. (3 MB)
  • Robyn Watkins provides the following additional stations that used cuts from Reel Good Productions WLOL package:
    • WQUT-FM in Johnson City, TN. (7/13/1989)
    • WHTX-FM in Pittsburgh, PA. #1 10 MB  - #2  8 MB
    • KWNR-FM in Winner, SD - 1 MB (full YouTube link)


Karen Wong - 7 MB (provided by Rick Schwartz)



John Hines and Bob Berglund with two contestants playing Happy Birthday on their music instruments from 1981 - 5 MB (provided by Mike Bares)



Phil Huston and Jay Philpott - 5 MB


Tac Hammer, Larry Linedecker and Pete Thomson - 2 MB (provided by Bob Rivard)


Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Pete Thomson, Karen Wang, Brian Acker - 11 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


John Hines & Bob Berglund with Huey Lewis "and the news" - 5 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)-


Brian Acker - 5 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)


Tac Hammer - 3 MB (aircheck provided by Brian Carlson, image provided by Jay Philpott)


Tac Hammer, Pete Thomson & Karen Wong - 2 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)



Jay Philpott - 7 MB


Jay Philpott - "Hot Hits Countdown" -  Songs 30 to 21 7 MB - Songs 20 to 1 15 MB


March 1983             

Jay Philpott - "Hot Hits Countdown"  - 12 MB (provided by Drew Durigan)

Hot Hits Countdown format design by Jay Philpott - PDF

A Hot Hits Countdown ratings recap (KDWB aired Casey Kasem's AT40 opposite the Hot Hits Countdown) - PDF


Bill Lee's First Show - 12 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Tac Hammer - 2 MB   


Karen Wong - 1 MB (provided by Paul Bergly)


Bob Lange including a number of classic commercials for Schaak Electronics, Sound of Music (explaining they are now also calling themselves "Best Buy Company," a WCCO-TV "News for Thinking People" spot with Dave Moore, WLOL "$100,000 Giveaway" and others. 13 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)

September 1983

John Hines & Bob Berglund Anniversary Show Live at Grandma's Saloon - #1 (8 MB) - #2 (11 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes Karen Wong (at the studio) and commercials for Powers (JR Style), Twin Cities Olds Dealers, Eddie and the Cruisers (movie), Gregory's Bar, Powers (JR Style), Circus Entertainment Centers, Rapid Oil Change, Great Luggage, and Country Stores.

12/31/83 to 1/1/84

Countdown '83 with Jay Philpott - counting down the top songs of 1983. Songs 36 to 1 including "Year in Review" segments with Bob Berglund and a New Year's countdown at midnight - 30 MB (provided by Ron Gerber and Eric P.)   - The 1983 Hot HIts Countdown list  - PDF (provided by Jay Philpott)


Profile with John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Bob Lange, Bill Lee, Phil Huston, Paul Douglas, Karen Wong, Buddy Hollis - 19 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


John Hines, Bob Berglund & Paul Douglas  - 9 MB (provided by Jay Philpott) 


Phil Huston with the "Top nine at 9:00" - 6 MB (provided by Brian Carlson)


John Hines & Bob Berglund - (24 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes newscast with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, traffic with John Lundell, "Up Your News" feature, Breakfast Quiz, and commercials for Arby's, Zantigo, Budget Power, Dayton's/Levi Jeans and Chrysler.

7/6 to 9/14/1984

John Hines, Bob Berglund, Paul Douglas & Sam (provided by Paul Douglas)

  • 7/6/1984 (8 MB) Starts with Rocky Rococo commercial
  • 7/19/1984 (5 MB) Starts with KITN-TV channel 29 commercial
  • 7/26/1984 (6 MB) Starts with Amoco commercial
  • 8/24/1984 (7 MB) Starts with Herman's World of Sports commercial
  • 9/4/1984 (6 MB) Starts with The Gallery Restaurant commercial
  • 9/9/1984 (7 MB) Includes Twin Cities Oldsmobile Dealers spot
  • 9/14/1984 (4 MB)


Bill Lee - 13 MB (provided by Stuart Held)


Jay Philpott - "Hot Hits Countdown"  Songs 35 to 20 13 MB - Songs 19 to 1 13 MB


John Hines and Bob Berglund (and Roger, too) broadcasting live from the Minnesota State Fair. #1 19 MB - #2 20 MB (provided by Chad Huderle)

Includes commercials for Heineken Beer, McDonald’s, Best Buy, Foot Locker, Coke, Sunkist, Ground Round Restaurant, and the Minnesota Beef Council.


John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (30 MB) - #2 (27 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes newscast with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, traffic with John Lundell, "Up Your News" feature, Breakfast Quiz,and commercials for Minnesota Strikers, JC Penney, Bermans, Giants Ridge, Chrysler, WCCO-TV 10 PM Report, Indian Head, Tom Thumb, Highland Hills, Dodge of Burnsville, Budget Power, Dial Lawyers and Hopkins Dodge.


John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (29 MB) - #2 (22 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, "Up Your News" feature and commercials for Michigan Travel Bureau, Learning Tree, Twin City Tours, Burnsville Dodge, Burnsville Sports Center, Tom Thumb, Minnesota Strikers, KITN-TV (channel 29), WCCO-TV 10 PM Report, Giants Ridge, Budget Power, Nexxus Shampoo, and Dial Lawyers.


John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (24 MB) - #2 (28 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, weather with Paul Douglas, "Up Your News" feature and commercials for Minnesota Beef Council, Valleyfair, OJ Orange Juice, Burnsville Sports Center, Big Wheel Rossi, Nautilus Swim and Fitness Center, The Connection, Levitz Furniture, Sea & Ski, Nair, Audio King, Coca Cola, Plywood Minnesota and News 11.


John Hines & Bob Berglund - #1 (21MB) - #2 (12 MB) (provided by Troy Woodruff)

Includes newscasts with Bob Berglund, traffic with John Lundell, weather with Paul Douglas, "Ask Hines & Berglund," and commercials for Minnesota Beef Council, Royal Nissan, Northland Divers, KITN-TV, Precision Tune and Main Motors.


Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Tac Hammer, Bob Lange, Buddy Hollis, Paul Douglas, Phil Huston, Karen Wong - 5 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


Paul Westby - #1 (14 MB) - #2 (8 MB) (Part 1 provided by Jay Philpott and Part 2 provided by Dan Gulino)

Paul passed away in February 2010 due to multiple sclerosis. The photo was taken in Paul's beloved 1957 Chevrolet (provided by David Westby) - click to enlarge.



WLOL-FM (99.5) - David Christian - August 8, 1986 - 8 MB (provided by Al Arneson)

Includes commercials for Brainerd International Raceway, California Cooler, Ragstock, Titus MacDuff, A Fine Mess (movie), and Sears.


Recent photo (as of 2015) of David Christian posted to the left.


Get Me Up Jingle - 1987 Jingle (:60) - 1 MB

February 1987


David Christian with a portion of the "Hot Hits Countdown" from February 1987 - 6 MB (provided by Dave Olson)

February 1987

Dave Thomson with Paul Magers, Paul Douglas, Tom Ryther, Don Shelby - 22 MB (provided by Jim Schrader)


John Hines and Bob Berglund - "Kids Day" - 23 MB


Denny Schaffer - 4 MB (provided by C. Vainio)



WLOL-FM (99.5) 1987 New Year's Eve Music Montage (edited) - (12/31/1987) This was a popular New Year's feature consisting of

music clips through the decades - 28 MB (provided by Jennifer Foxhoven)


Profile including John Hines, Bob Berglund, Karen Wong, Jon Drew, Dr. Dave, Denny Shaffer, David Christian, Pam Lewis - 14 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


John Hines, Bob Berglund, Paul Douglas - 1 MB


Top of the IDS Center ID (provided by Dan Kroening)


Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot (provided by Dan Kroening)


Denny Schaffer including John Drew with the announcement of a $50,000 winner in the WLOL $100,000 Cash Scavenger Hunt live from Burnsville Center - 2 MB (provided by Danny Sigelman)


Countdown '88 with John Drew - counting down the top songs of 1988 (scoped). Featured are songs 99 to 31 - Songs 99 to 62 26 MB - Songs 61 to 31 26 MB (provided by Ron Gerber and Eric P.)


JJ Fly and Tiffany - 29 MB (provided by Tom Wollenberg)


WLOL Go Twins with John Hines and Bob Berglund - 2 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


John Hines and Bob Berglund – 4 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)


Pam Lewis – 2 MB (provided by Jeff Sibinski)


John Hines and Bob Berglund -  #1 19 MB - #2 22 MB - #3 20 MB - #4 13 MB (provided by John Hines)

July 1989

Buck McWilliams and Chris O'Connor reunited for a Saturday morning show in July 1989. 17 MB (provided by Chris O'Connor) - Buck & O'Connor were hosts of a popular morning show on KDWB-FM in the mid-1980s.


John Hines & Bob Berglund - 26 MB (provided by Tom Wollenberg)

October 1989

John Hines & Pam Lewis - This aircheck was recorded a few days after the abduction of Jacob Wetterling and includes a message and song for Jacob that many Minnesota radio stations aired at the same time.  23 MB - (provided by Tom Wollenberg)

12/31/89 to 1/1/90

Countdown '89 with Denny Schaffer and John Drew - counting down the top 99 songs of 1989 (scoped) including a New Year's countdown at midnight - Songs 99 to 63 26 MB - Songs 63 to 27 28 MB - Songs 27 to 1 26 MB (provided by Ron Gerber and Eric P.) - Reference is made to the "Maximum Music Montage" after the countdown, which can be heard by clicking here.


Kick-off of the "New WLOL for the 90s" - 11 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


Profile - including Mike Miller, Eleanor Mondale, John Hines, Pam Lewis, Jeff St. John, Greg Thunder, Alan Kabel, Kelly Fox - 11 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)


"Vote" Election Spot - 1 MB (provided by Dan Seeman)

Early 1990s              

Jammin' in the 90s  #1 10 MB  -  #2 11 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


Chris O'Connor, Alan Kabel - Evening Operation Desert Storm began - 6 MB (provided by Jeff R. Lonto)


Composite - 11 MB (provided by Curt Copeland)


Mike Miller, Eleanor Mondale & John Hines - Winter Carnival - 2 MB (provided by Steve Ketelaar) 


Mike Miller, Eleanor Mondale & John Hines - News of the Wierd - 2 MB (provided by Steve Ketelaar) 

February 1991       

Mike Miller, Eleanor Mondale & John Hines - one of their final shows - #1 15 MB - #2  9MB

February 1991

Final Two Days including switchover to KSJN-FM (Minnesota Public Radio) - 13 MB


Final day / final hour of regular broadcasting - #1 13 MB - #2 28 MB (provided by Tom Wollenberg)


After end of regular broadcasting including commercials for KDWB-FM - 7 MB (Note: After ending regular broadcasting, the station late came back on the air for a few hours with just music and KDWB-FM commercials)


WLOL-FM (100.3) - Classic Hits 100 - Debut of Classic Hits format - 100.3 FM - 4 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)

September 1999 

WLOL-FM (100.3) - Classic Hits 100 - Jingles - 3 MB

September 1999 

WLOL-FM (100.3) - Classic Hits 100 - Jay Philpott - September 1999 - 5 MB (provided by Jeff Butler)


WLOL-FM (100.3) - Classic Hits 100 - Alan Kabel, Lee Valsvik and Governor Jesse Ventura - 1999 - 13 MB (by Jeff Butler)



WLOL-AM (1330) - Station programming and staff booklet from 1943 - PDF 3 MB

wlol 1941 cover.jpg WLOL-AM 1941 (41 pages / PDF 4 MB)
wlol war programming-1.jpg
WLOL-AM War Programming 1942


Newspaper ads from 1947 featuring Leigh Kamman, John MacDougal and others PDF File (2 MB)

WLOL-AM - Top 40 Surveys 12/15/1957   7/26/1959  

9/20/1959   11/1/1959  (PDF files, approximately .5 MB each)


Sales kit that shows the date of the switch to Top 40 (or CHR): 12/12/81 PDF File (provided by Jay Philpott)
Top 99 1/2 Songs of 1982 PDF 3 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


(1980/Early 1981)

Jay Philpott sent the following comment about the WLOL-FM poster

"WLOL....99 and a half FM.....Almost Perfect Radio. I'm pretty sure that was the idea of then-GM Doyle Rose. That poster is actually a screen shot of the TV spot that was inspired by 1979's hit movie "10" and featured a Bo Derek look alike running down the beach, inter cut with a kid building a huge sand castle. The shots went back and forth as she came closer and closer to the sand castle, finally ending in a freeze frame of her tripping over and falling into the kid's creation! One of the most notable and memorable uses of that slogan on the air was how Bob Berglund used it to close his newscasts when he was paired with Phil Huston (Huston & Berglund). Bob would be doing the weather, and at some point when he knew Bob had enough left to fill the intro time, Phil would start the next song, and Bob would hit the post by delaying the slogan until the beginning of the vocals, no matter how long the wait (Berglund with the weather after the song started: "... and a high tomorrow of 75. It's 62 now at WLOL .... 99 And A Half ..... Almost ............................................ Perfect Radio" The station was still AC then, and did some get nice awareness from the campaign - it certainly set the stage nicely for the shift to straight-ahead Top 40 in the Fall of 1981."       Audio to WLOL-FM "Almost Perfect Radio" TV commercial.


WLOL-FM (99.5) - Newspaper Scans - PDFs (provided by Jay Philpott)

Pioneer Press - 3/8/1982 - #1  #2 Pioneer Press - 7/9/1982 - #1  #2Star-Tribune - 7/9/1982Twin Cities Reader - 7/15/1982

R&R - 7/23/1982

Jay Philpott writes: "In the Pioneer Press article on 7/9/1982, Rick Shefchick interviewed me after WLOL got the 10 share. It was because I had just gotten off the air at Noon and was literally the only person left in the building. Everyone (except the noon-3 pm jock) including the receptionist had gone to the bar across the street!"
WLOL-FM - 1983 Music Surveys featuring  Jay Philpott - Debbie Sturges - Sharron Tollefson - Bob Lange PDFs
Article about John Hines and Bob Berglund - Minneapolis Tribune in 1983 - 2 MB PDF


WLOL-FM (99.5) - Introducing meteorologist Paul Douglas with John Hines and Bob Berglund (1984) - JPEG File

A look back at the 1987 WLOL-FM Incredible Prize Catalog Sweepstakes and the controversy it created including newspaper articles and a scan of the prize catalog. - 1 MB PDF


WLOL-FM (99.5) - Prince for Governor bumper sticker (1990) - JPEG File (provided by Alan Freed)


WLOL-FM T-Shirts from the Early 1980s - click on image to enlarge - provided by Bob Vesely

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