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KLBB-AM (1220) - Above tribute hosted by Reed Hagen - 1/5/2015  #1  #2 (40 MB each)


Joyce Lamont passed away on December 28, 2014.

Joyce Lamont received as many as 10,000 letters a month, more than any other broadcaster at WCCO Minneapolis/Saint Paul, even though when she started she was not allowed to say her name on the air. Her career began in 1950, on the other side of the microphone. As WCCO's continuity director, she wrote copy for others to read on the air. Pressed into service as a substitute host on the air, she eventually became the voice of "Dayton's Musical Chimes" and other programs, sharing news, music, recipes, community events, and travel notes with the radio audience, and becoming one of the best loved personalities on the most successful station in the region. In her more than fifty years in broadcasting, she has been like a part of the family for millions of listeners throughout the Midwest, and a role model for women in the industry. She has worked with many of the best known personalities in Minnesota broadcasting, and rejoined some of her old colleagues when she moved to KLBB Minneapolis/Saint Paul in 1989. (from the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting website)

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First Bank Notes with Joyce Lamont and Ed Viehman - 4 MB - Recording is scratchy

October 1985

Joyce with "Special Events News"  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  - cuts range 1 to 2 MB (provided by David Ocar)

October 1985

Joyce reading Oreck Vacuum Commercial - 1 MB each (provided by David Ocar)

October 1986

Joyce Lamont and Paul Stagg with "Special Events News" - 10 MB (provided by David Ocar)


Joyce's Final Day on WCCO Radio - 13 MB


Joyce Lamont - WCCO Radio 80th Anniversary Appearance  - 10 MB


Joyce Lamont Montage - 2 MB


KLBB-AM (1220) - Joyce Lamont Tribute on Flashback Twin Cities - 10 MB (provided by Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow)








(Joyce & Jergen Nash)






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Paul Bergly

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