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The Cannon Mess Theme Music

Open Theme: (instrumental) (vocal

Title: What d'ye mean you lost yer dog

Alternative Title: Where's that dog-gone dog-gone dog of mine



Close Theme: "The Groove" By Rodney Franklin

Fight On For 'Ol  - 2 MB (provided by Brian Keenan)

WLOL-AM (1330)

Broadcast Date


Steve Cannon and Leigh Kamman - 15 MB. (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Broadway Plymouth, Local Owned, and Smith Bros. Black Cough Drops. Plus, "Yuck for a Buck."


Steve Cannon with the "Noontime Slump - 16 MB.(provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank, Klein Supermarket at Sun Ray Shopping Center, Royal Crown Cola, Jell-O, Roberts Family Shoe Store, Instant Fels Naptha, Bachman’s, Ralston Rice Chex and Neighborhood Theaters.

KGO-AM (810 San Francisco)


Steve Cannon with the "Steve Cannon Slump" from - 13 MB. (provided by Tom Mischke). Includes appearances by Cannon's less known characters including Jethro Caulfield (sp?) and Alavain. Plus a newscast by Hartley Sader.

Includes commercials for Ford Edsel, Guardian Thrift and Loan, and Ford Dealers.

KSTP-AM (1500)



Steve Cannon - This aircheck includes one of Cannon's less known characters, Contemporary Collins, along with Ma Linger. In addition, Bob Ryan with the news. - 12 MB  (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Winston cigarettes, Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank, Field-Schlick Shoes and Tidy House "Spring Rain" water softener.


Steve Cannon - #1 18 MB#2 18 MB  Aircheck Includes appearances by Morgan Mundane & Ma Linger, Joe Garagiola Sports Show, plus news by J.B. Eckert and Bob Ryan. (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for a land public auction at the Thunderbird Motel, Welcome Wagon International, Wickes Lumber and Building Supply Center, Camel Cigarettes, Midas, Firestone, Chrysler (read by Joe Garagiola), NBC Monitor Promo (ready by Gene Rayburn), Public Finance, Hormel Holiday Glazed Ham, Pepsi Cola Sweepstakes Contest, Metropolitan Home Investment Association, First National Bank of St. Paul, Northern Pacific Railway, Method Master, Field-Schlick and Skellet Van & Storage.


Steve Cannon - #1 14 MB#2 14 MB  - Aircheck Includes an appearance by Ma Linger, Joe Garagiola Sports Show, and news headlines with Bob Ryan. (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Welcome Wagon, KSTP Midas Mufflers Ticket Sweepstakes, New Made Magazine, LeVander for Governor Volunteer Committee, Pure Oil Jackpot, No Tax Increase Committee, State Farm Mutual, Public Finance, "Texas Across the River" with Dean Martin at the Northstar Theater, MLS Home Survey Week and First National Bank of St. Paul.


Steve Cannon - Aircheck Includes appearances by Morgan Mundane and Contemporary Collins. (Cannon's final show on KSTP-AM was a few weeks later on 10/8/1971) - 18 MB (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Mr. Joe's Supper Club, The Hang Up in St. Paul, University of Minnesota Football, Phillips 66 Tires, Badger Factory Discount Paint Stores, KSTP Vikings Football Promo and Preparation H.

WCCO-AM (830)


Steve Cannon, Morgan Mundane, Backlash LaRue and Ma Linger - 2 MB


Steve Cannon's first appearance on WCCO Radio - 13 MB



The Cannon Mess - 10 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


The Cannon Mess - Steve Cannon & Dan Hertsgaard - 4 MB (provided by Jay Philpott)


The Cannon Mess with Steve Cannon including CBS Radio news and local news with Eric Eskola and Dick Chapman - 10MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)


Steve Cannon from 6-7 PM - #1   #2 (20 MB each) (provided by Todd Kosovich)

Includes newscast by Steve Cannon, Sports with Tim Moreland, Sports Hero (Kevin McHale) with Sid Hartman, CBS Today in Business with Doug Poling, Weather with Mike Lynch, CBS News with Douglas Edwards, United Can Lines (with Stiller and Meara), appearance by Morgan Mundane, and News with Dan Rather. Includes commercials for Chanhassen Dinner Theaters, American Express Card, Air Canada, First Federal, SuperAmerica, Fritos Corn Chips, Canon PC Copiers, Murine Eye Drops, True Value Hardware, Sears Financial Network, Howard Johnson Hotels and Lodges, Ruffles Potato Chips, Almaden Golden Chablis, Merit Chevrolet, Chuck E. Cheese, Bloomington Chrysler Plymouth, MCI Car Phone Service, Explore Minnesota and Smucker's Strawberry Preserves.


Steve Cannon at the Minnesota State Fair talks with Mike Miller from New Prague - 5 MB

(provided by Fr. Michael Miller)


Steve Cannon and Herb Brooks with Gopher Hockey (vs. Providence) play-by-play (first period) #1 21 MB -  #2 18 MB     

(FYI: The Gophers won this game 4 to 1) (provided by Tom Mischke)

Includes commercials for Pine Tree Apple Orchard, Cherokee Power Equipment and Army Reserve.

June 1989

The Cannon Mess with Mike Lynch and James St. James - 8 MB


Steve talks sports with Sid Hartman and Mark Rosen - 8 MB

August 1991

James St. James and Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon with James St. James "Alive in Hollywood," traffic with

Jerry Peterson, Dan Hertsgarrd with the "CCO Radio Fitness Factor," Wall Street Journal Report, Ginger Sisco with a public service message, Ray Christensen with the news including Paul Wellstone's comments on the Soviet Coup. - 24 MB (provided by Dave Olson)

Includes commercials for Discover Card, "The Body Shop" at Methodist Hospital, Extra Strength Rolaids, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Sears Siding, "Lies of the Twins" movie on USA Network, and the BizMart MegaCenter


The Cannon Mess - #1 20 MB  #2 26 MB


The Cannon Mess - #1 15 MB  #2 28 MB


The Cannon Mess - #1 30 MB - #2 25 MB


The Cannon Mess - #1   #2   #3   #4 (each segment 10 MB) (provided by Keith Schad)


The Cannon Mess - MP3 files range from 11-18 MB (provided by Keith Schad)

3-4 PM Hour: #1  #2  #3  #4   -  4-5 PM Hour: #1  #2  #3  #4  -  5-6 PM Hour: #1  #2  #3  #4


The Cannon Mess - (3-5 PM) - #1   #2   #3   #4 (each 30 minute segment 21 MB) (provided by Brian Carlson)


The Cannon Mess - Final "Cannon Mess" before retiring (3-6 PM) - #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  (each 30 minute segment approx. 21 MB) (provided by Brian Carlson)


Steve temporarily coming out of retirement filling in for Dave Lee

6-7 AM 21 MB - 7-8 AM 24 MB - 8-9 AM 21 MB


WCCO 80th anniversary broadcast with Steve Cannon and Don Shelby

#1 20 MB - #2  22 MB - #3 19 MB - #4 11 MB - #5 14 MB

All of the following broadcast on 4/7/2009:

WCCO-AM - John Rash interviews former WCCO Radio General Manager, Steve Goldstein - 5 MB

KSTP-AM - Patrick Reusse and former Pioneer Press reporter Greg Wong talk about Steve Cannon - 8 MB

KSTP-AM - Garage Logic - Joe Soucheray and The Rookie talking about Steve Cannon - 20 MB

CityPages.com - TD Mischke Podcast - 39 MB



Broadcast on 4/7/2009


Broadcast on 4/7/2009


Broadcast on 4/7/2009


Broadcast on 4/7/2009

TPT - Almanac

Broadcast on 4/10/2009

Full interview on next video

TPT Almanac

Broadcast in 1997

(provided by David Ocar)

KMSP-TV - Part 1

Broadcast in 1997

(provided by David Ocar)

KMSP-TV - Part 2

Broadcast in 1997

(provided by David Ocar)


STEVE CANNON PHOTOS (provided by Paul Bergly)

(Mike Lynch)

   (Bud Grant)