Hobbs House Theme Music ("Smoke Rings" by Henry Mancini)

WCCO-AM (830) - Franklin Hobbs (Hobbs House) remote broadcast from Wisconsin State College in River Falls playing dance music for the students on December 7, 1962. 5 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

Includes commercials for Miller, Goodman Jewelers, Downtown Minneapolis, and Uncle John's Pancake House,


WCCO-AM (830) - Hobbs House with Franklin Hobbs including weather reports with Ray Christensen from July 11-12, 1966. 12 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)

Includes commercials for Grain Belt Beer, Isle Royale National Park, Midas, North Central Airlines, DeLaria's Kentucky Fried Chicken, United Furniture Showrooms, Paul Bunyan Center, Quarterback Deodorant and Men's Hair Spray, and Red Lodge Montana.


WCCO-AM (830) - Franklin Hobbs final show/hour on March 14, 1981 - 12 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)

Includes commercials/promos for Jelarco, Octopus Car Wash, State High School Hockey coverage with Steve Cannon, Minnesota Heartland, EndoTherm, and Banks.


KLBB-AM (1400) - Franklin Hobbs Tribute - 1995  #1 - #2 #3 - #4 (mp3 files: 7 to 14 MB) - (provided by Missy Clark, Franklin's daughter)  

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