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Bill Diehl was a newspaper columnist, radio broadcaster and pioneer television broadcaster. He worked at the St. Paul Dispatch/Pioneer Press for 53 years. He was at WMIN (1948–1949, 1951–1955), WTCN (1955–1956), WDGY (1956–1966), and WCCO (1967–1995). At WDGY, he was "The Rajah of the Records," "The Deacon of the Disks," "The Purveyor of the Platters," and "The Wizard of the Wax" with all the musical facts. Along with his broadcasting duties, he was a popular emcee for musical acts, including Buddy Holly. He played a significant role in bringing The Beatles to Minnesota in 1965.

WTCN-AM (1280):

"Twin Cities at Night" interviews by Bill Diehl on Sputnik 1 with calls from listeners including one listener playing audio from Sputnik 1 as heard on his shortwave radio. Sputnik 1 audio can be heard about 4:20 into the recording. 5 MB. (provided by Helen Diehl)

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on October 4,1957, orbiting for three weeks before its batteries died, then silently for two more months before falling back into the atmosphere.

WDGY-AM (1130):


Bill Diehl Show - 9 MB (provided by Helen Diehl and Tom Oszman of TCMediaNow) 

Includes commercials for Hi-Spot Lemon Soda from Canada Dry, Dodge Dealers and Red Devil Soot Remover.


Bill Diehl - 23 MB


Bill Diehl - 8 MB (provided by Phil Kitchen) -

February 1964

Bill Diehl interviews Bob Reed and Tony Andreason from The Trashmen (a popular 1960s Twin Cities rock & roll band) - 5 MB


Bill Diehl - 5 MN (provided by Curt Lundgren)

WCCO-AM (830):


Announcement of the death of Halsey Hall with Bill Diehl interviews with Calvin Griffith, Paul Giel, Charlie Johnson, Rollie Johnson and Dr. E.W. Ziebarth.  #1 28 MB  - #2 28 MB (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)


Bill Diehl - "The Class of 1969" - 10 MB


Viking Feedback (post-game show) with Bill Diehl, Paul Flatley, Paul Giel & Dick Enroth - 20 MB (provided by Kurt Rosselit)



Bill Diehl - Wally McCarthy's Lindahl Olds Commercials - 7 MB (provided by David Ocar)


Bill Diehl broadcasting from Wally McCarthy Oldsmobile - 2 MB

KLBB-AM (1220):


A tribute to Bill Diehl that aired on the Stan Turner Wolf Brewing All Request Show. This show aired a few days after Bill's passing. Stan's guests included Rick Shefchik (writer/author), Don Effenberger (journalist), Tony Andreason (The Trashmen), and Bob DeFlores (DeFlores Film Project). Plus airchecks and interviews with Bill. #1 21 MB -  #2 21 MB

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